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native american drums


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drum (drùm) noun
1.Music. a. A percussion instrument consisting of a hollow cylinder or hemisphere with a membrane stretched tightly over one or both ends, played by beating with the hands or sticks. b. A sound produced by this instrument.
2.Something resembling a drum in shape or structure, especially a barrellike metal container or a metal cylinder wound with cable, internal linkwire, or heavy rope.
3.Any of various marine and freshwater fishes of the family Sciaenidae that make a drumming sound.
4.Anatomy. The eardrum.

drummed, drumming, drums verb, intransitive
1.To play a drum or drums.
2.To thump or tap rhythmically or continually: nervously drummed on the table.
3.To produce a booming, reverberating sound by beating the wings, as certain birds do.

verb, transitive
1.To perform (a piece or tune) on or as if on a drum.
2.To summon by or as if by beating a drum.
3.To make known to or force upon (a person) by constant repetition: drummed the answers into my head.
4.To expel or dismiss in disgrace: was drummed out of the army.

- phrasal verb.
drum up
1.To bring about by continuous, persistent effort: drum up new business.
2.To devise; invent: drummed up an alibi.

[Middle English drom, from Middle Dutch tromme, probably of imitative origin.]


drum (drum) noun
A rotating cylinder used with some printers and plotters and (in the early days of mainframe computing) as a magnetic storage medium for data. In laser printers, a rotating drum is coated with a photoelectric material that retains a charge when struck by a laser beam. The electrically-charged spots on the drum then attract toner particles that the drum transfers to the paper as the paper passes by.

Drum (fish)

Drum (fish), any of several fishes capable of making a noise under internal linkwater resembling the roll of a muffled drum. The saltwater drum (Pogonias cromis) of the Atlantic coast of the United States frequents bays and shallow coastal waters, feeding on mollusks. A South Atlantic variety of drum (Pogonias curbina) is known by Brazilians as curbina, meaning "croaker." The freshwater drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) and the red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) are highly prized as a food fish in the southern United States.
Scientific classification: Drums belong to the family Sciaenidae.

Drum (musical instrument)

Drum (musical instrument), musical instrument consisting of one or two stretched membranes, called heads, held taut across a bowl-shaped or tubular frame, called a shell, and sounded by percussion- that is, by striking the instrument with the hands or with sticks. The drum shell holds the skin or skins taut and also acts as a internal linkresonator. Drum shells are commonly made of wood, metal, or pottery. The heads, made of animal skin or plastic, are fastened to the shell by nails, glue, buttons, pegs, laces, or a cord wrapped around the border of skin that overlaps the shell.

Drums are found throughout the world, in practically every culture, and are known to have existed since at least 6000 BC. The musical use of drums varies from simple internal linktimekeeping to the carrying of complex rhythms and counterrhythms. Almost everywhere they have strong ceremonial, sacred, or symbolic associations. In addition, drums are frequently used for signaling. Drums are formally classified as membranophones- that is, their sound is produced by a vibrating membrane.
There are several types of drum. The snare drum has wire-bound gut strings stretched across the lower of the two heads. These strings vibrate as the membranes are struck. The snare drum is related to the tabor, a double-headed drum that is often played in combination with a three-hole pipe in European folk music. The bass drum of Turkish military music was introduced into European music in the 18th century. The bucket-shaped, paired bongos and the cylindrical conga are single-headed drums of Afro-Cuban origin. The tom-tom is a shallow double-headed drum associated with Native American groups of North America.

Matter: Organic matter: Musical instruments
drum (noun)

drum, big drum, bass drum, tenor drum, side drum, snare drum, kettledrum, timpani, steel drum
war drum, tomtom, bongo
tabor, tambourine

Other Forms
vat: drum, cylinder
cylinder: drum, barrel, cask
call: drum, drumbeat, drum-roll, tattoo, roll

drum (verb)

strike: hammer, drum
internal linkoscillate: vibrate, pulsate, internal linkpulse, beat, drum
roll: roll, drum, tattoo, beat a tattoo
play music: drum, tattoo, beat, tap, ruffle, beat the drum, roll

Oh, the brave Music of a distant Drum!
Omar Khayyám (11th-12th century A.D.), Persian astronomer, poet. The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, st. 12 (tr. by Edward Fitzgerald; first ed. 1859).

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The Right Stuff - Aborigine beats The Right Stuff - dance of the fireflies...

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Early Communications: The Drum

In central and western Africa, there has long existed a sophisticated system of communications consisting of hollowed giant logs known as slit-gongs. These internal linkgongs were positioned to take advantage of the natural acoustic properties of rivers and valleys, and provided the people of the forest with a percussive telegraph system. This system predated many western communication methods, and was still in use when the Europeans arrived.

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Bill Stevenson drums for Black Flag keeping time to the Aztec calendar Richard Feynman plays the bongos

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favorite performance by a drummer: internal linkMichael Shrieve of Santana on the track _Soul Sacrifice (Live - 1969)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache from the documentary _Woodstock_.  

Michael Shrieve at Woodstock
Mario Rubalcava - Clikatat Ikatowi - Jabberjaw 1995 - photo by Ben Clark

a list of favorite analog percussionists/performances for various reasons:

Blondie - Dreaming on Midnight Special 05/10/1979
Dave Lombardo slayer
Dave Lombardo - slayer

RKL Live in Germany - _Blocked Out_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache

ginger baker

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you move like they do... Trinity
Chakra Green Tribal Dance Experience CD on Hommega (2001)
Ken Ishii - Flatspin 12inch x2 on Exceptional Current Value - Seeds Of Mutation CD on Position Chrome #037 (1999)
Blue Man Group - Audio (1999)
Psychic TV - Themes 12inch on Some Bizarre/WEG (1982) Psychic TV - Cold Dark Matter 12inch on Some Bizarre/WEG (1982)
Herbie Hancock - Dis Is Da Drum (1993)

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drum solo internal linkotter 

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external linkTachini Drums

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