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Canvasback Ducks


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duck (dk) noun
1.Any of various wild or domesticated swimming birds of the family Anatidae, characteristically having a broad, flat bill, short legs, and webbed feet.
2.A female duck.
3.The flesh of a duck used as food.
4.Slang. A person, especially one thought of as peculiar.
5.Often ducks  (used with a sing. verb). Chiefly British. A dear.

[Middle English doke, from Old English dce, possibly from *dcan, to dive.]


Duck, name applied to numerous species of a family of waterfowl. Ducks inhabit all continents except internal linkAntarctica. Their legs are generally far apart and toward the rear, making them awkward walkers but efficient swimmers. All ducks, except the merganser, have bills lined with bony notches for straining plant and animal matter from water. Most ducks of northern continents are migratory. Most males are bright colored with bold patterns. Ducks usually nest on the ground.

Ducks vary in their migratory distances. Among American ducks, the blue-winged teal (Anas discors) travels the farthest, nesting in North America and wintering as far south as Argentina. Disagreements exist about the classification of ducks, but there are a number of obvious groups. Most familiar are the surface-feeding ducks, which include the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos). They live primarily on fresh water. The pochards nest on fresh water but winter on inland lakes and along the coasts. Eiders and scoters nest in the far north and winter predominantly at sea.

Scientific classification: Ducks belong to the family Anatidae, order Anseriformes.


duck (dk) verb
ducked, ducking, ducks verb, transitive
1.To lower quickly, especially so as to avoid something.
2.To evade; dodge: duck responsibility; ducked the reporter's question.
3.To push suddenly under internal linkwater.
4.Games. To deliberately play a card that is lower than (an opponent's card).

verb, intransitive
1.To lower the head or body.
2.To move swiftly, especially so as to escape being seen: ducked behind a bush.
3.To submerge the head or body briefly in water.
4.To evade a responsibility or obligation. Often used with out: duck out on one's family.
5.Games. To lose a trick by deliberately playing lower than one's opponent.

1.A quick lowering of the head or body.
2.A plunge into water.

[Middle English douken, to dive, possibly from Old English *dcan; akin to Middle Low German and Middle Dutch dken.]
- ducker noun


duck (dk) noun
1.A durable, closely woven heavy cotton or linen fabric.
2. ducks. Clothing made of duck, especially white trousers.

[Dutch doek, cloth, from Middle Dutch doec.]

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5000 ducks

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