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Merv and Joie

Eat Static

This nOde last updated November 27th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
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static (stÓt┤ţk) adjective
1.a. Having no motion; being at rest; quiescent. b. Fixed; stationary.
2.Physics. Of or relating to bodies at rest or internal linkforces that balance each other.
3.internal linkElectricity. Of, relating to, or producing stationary charges; electrostatic.
4.Of, relating to, or produced by random radio noise.
Information in formation

1.Random noise, such as crackling in a receiver or specks on a television screen, produced by atmospheric disturbance of the signal.
2.Informal. a. Back talk. b. Interference; obstruction. c. Angry or heated criticism.

[New Latin staticus, relating to weight, from Greek statikos, causing to stand, from statos, standing.]
- stat┤ical adjective
- stat┤ically adverb


static (stat'ik) noun
In communications, a crackling noise caused by electrical interference with a transmitted signal.


static (stat'ik) adjective
In internal linkinformation processing, fixed or predetermined (e.g., a static internal linkmemory buffer remains invariant in size throughout program execution). Compare dynamic.

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internal linkbrain is a machine...a machine that is able to react to it's world...electronically...with the illusion of internal linkreality." ~Eat Static

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Joachim: "They're requesting communications, sir."

Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban):  "Let them eat static."

- film internal link_Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (avi)atomjacked inventory cache(1982) 

boundary dissolution...

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Eat Static is a space techno group formed in 1989 by Joie and Merv,  but also includes Steve Everret on some releases. The band originally formed around the Club Dog scene in London, spinning interesting techno between acts, but in the recent years opened for internal linkOzric Tentacles and developed quite a large following. The Eat Static live experience is not to be missed, as the internal linkpsychedelic images common at the Ozrics show continue here, but with that technologically driven bass beat and some extra spacey keyboard samples thrown in.   Eat Static--Bath based Ozric Tentacles off-shoot formed in 1989, more renowned for utilising their layered techno collages into powerful turbo-boosted, internal linksci-fi internal linkdance scripts and tuning them up into internal linkintense live performances, the area in which they prefer to display them. The spontaneous element that fuels their productions has been captured on three singles and an albums _Abduction_ and _Implant_-  Planet Dog. Contact  Planet Dog c/o 271 Royal College Strteet, London NW1 9LU

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former members of Ozric Tentacles

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_Prepare your Spirit_ (cassette only release, later released on Mesmobeat (2000))
Eat Static - Prepare Your Spirit

Monkey Man 12" (1992)

Inaana 12" (1992)

Almost Human 12" (1992)

_Lost in Time EP_ (CDs) on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1993)
Eat Static - Lost In Time CDs
internal link_Gulf Breeze_ 12" (Planet Dog)
  _Bony Incus_ CDs on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1996)
Eat Static - Bony Incus CDs
_Interceptor_ CDs on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1997)
Eat Static - Interceptor CDs

_Gulf Breeze - The Sasha remixes_ 12"

_Hybrid_ CDs on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1997)
Eat Static - Hybrid CDs
_Contact_ CDs on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1998)
Eat Static - Contact CDs
Intrusion (video only) release internal link_Critical Mass_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache/Second Sight_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache 12" on Atomic (2000)
release _Bondo Mondage MP3atomjacked inventory cache/Wall Banger_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache 12" on Mesmobeat (2000)

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_Abduction_ CD atomjacked inventory cache on Planet Dog/Mammoth (1993)

Eat Static - Abduction
  • reference: planet dog "dogstar" aka internal linkSirius)

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    internal link_Implant_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Ultimate (1994)
    Eat Static - Implant

    recorded and mixed atinternal linkShakta and Heliosphere Studios February/March 1994

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    _Epsylon_ 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1995)
    Eat Static - Epsylon

    Eat Static - Science Of Gods

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    _Science Of  The Gods_ promoCDatomjacked inventory cache on Planet Dog (1997)

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    _B-World Live_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1998)
    Eat Static - B-World

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    _Decadance_ CD (1999)

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    _Crash And Burn_ (2000)

    Eat Static - Crash And Burn

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    release _In The Nude!_ on internal linkMesmobeat (internal link2001)

    Eat Static - In The Nude!

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    Eat Static at Return To The Source February 2000

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    _Transmissions From The Planet Dog_ compilation CDx2atomjacked inventory cache on Planet Dog (1995) liner notes:
    Eat Static - Watchers of the sky and interpreters of internal linkalien knowledge.  Originated in 1989 as a side project for internal linkOzric Tentacles internal linkdrummer Merv and keyboard player Joie, Eat Static were one of England's first groups to explore the sounds of energy-internal linkintensified trance and internal linkdub-influenced techno, through releases on their own label Alien Records as well as at their multitude of live performances at England's free festivals, Megadog events, and as opening act for the Ozrics.  In March of 1993, Eat Static signed to Planet Dog and released their debut album "Abduction", which reached number one in the indie charts;  last year's follow-up _Implant_ went on to do the same.  Merv & Joie have left their posts in the Ozrics to concentrate on Eat Static full time, to develop their unique internal linkfusion of psychedelic complexities, incessant techno internal linktrance    internal linkgrooves, & outerspacy sound snippets.  The cross section of their material here (tracks from both "Abduction" and "Implant") demonstrate their amazing ability to co-mingle dub heavy rhythms, soaring trance melodies, tripped-out atmospheric soundscapes, and utterly energetic alien internal linkdance feasts: extraterrestrial internal linkcontact is a theme that permeates their musical output, & the alien influence internal linkbubbles to the surface in many passages.  Deejays frequently transmit their recorded signals on dancefloors around the world, giving their music many opportunities to influence humans into internal linkmass, frenetic displays of absolutely tremulous body movement.

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    Joie contributes naga synths to internal link_Dream  internal linkMatrix Telemetry_ CD  by internal linkTerence McKenna and internal linkZuvuya

    Zuvuya and Terence McKenna - Dream Matrix Telemetry Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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    external linkEat Static

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