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Edgar Cayce
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"It is impossible to study the monuments at Giza and the people involved with them without coming across The Edgar Cayce internal linkFoundation and its offshoot, The Association for Research and Enlightenment, ARE -- which internal linkHancock together calls the Edgar Cayce Organization -- and the prophecies made by Edgar Cayce. What is interesting about Edgar Cayce is that he talked about the internal linkSphinx and the internal linkpyramids at Giza on repeated occasions. He said that the Sphinx had been built in 10,500 BC by survivors of the vanished civilization of internal linkAtlantis, and that in the bedrock under the Sphinx they had built a ´Hall of Records´ containig all the wisdom of that civilization," says Hancock.
Graham Hancock

Edgar Cayce prophesied that that room, which contains internal linkinformation that will be revolutionary for humanity, was to be opened by some few chosen people sometime between 1996 and 1998. He also said that what was in that room would not be made public for the surrounding world in the beginning and that only a few chosen people would have access to this material, but that on a later occasion would be made available to the whole world.
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The world´s leading expert on the Sphinx is considered to be Professor Mark Lehner of Chicago University in the United States. He has made many public statements in which he defends the dating of the Sphinx at 2,500 BC, ridicules the link between Atlantis and the Sphinx, and rejects all thoughts of chambers under the Sphinx, says Hancock.

"Isn´t it remarkable, then, to discover -- and Lehner admits it himself -- that Lehner´s education was paid for by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and that for many years he was their man in internal linkEgypt, when you consider that the purpose of their activity is to show that Edgar Cayce´s  prophecies are true and that the Sphinx was built in 10,500 BC.

Hancock also relates that the leading Egyptian Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, who pulled West and his group out, also has a connection to the Edgar Cayce Foundation. In a biography by Hugh Lynn Cayce, son of Edgar Cayce, in which he relates his plans to fulfill his father´s prophecies, it is written that Zahi Hawass helped ARE in internal link1980 by making an excavation in front of the Temple of the Sphinx, near the Sphinx. He says that this investigation proved to be fruitless and that he decided then that Hawass needed to advance higher in the Egyptian system. The best way to bring this about was to see to it that he received a stipend and advanced training at an American university with the help of ARE. And so it came about, says Hancock.

"It looks as though ARE has been carrying out a secret operation in Egypt. What we see here is an influential American Egyptologist who is regarded as the world´s leading expert on the Sphinx, and an influential Egyptian Egyptologist who has had total control and access to these monuments for the past 20 years, and who both have the Edgar Cayce Organization to thank for their education, an organization that exists only to prove that the prophecies of Edgar Cayce are true."

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