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Serpent in the Sky presents a revolutionary, exhaustively documented re-interpretation of the civilization of ancient Egypt; it is a study of the life work of the philosopher, Orientalist and mathematician, the late R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

After two decades of study, mainly on site at the Temple of Luxor, Schwaller de Lubicz was able to prove that all that is accepted as dogma concerning Egypt (and ancient civilization in general) is wrong, or hopelessly inadequate; his work overthrows or undermines virtually every currently-cherished belief regarding man's history, and the internal link'evolution' of civilization.

Egyptian science, medicine, mathematics and astronomy were all of an exponentially higher order of refinement and sophistication than modern scholars will acknowledge. The whole of Egyptian civilization was based upon a complete and precise understanding of universal laws. And this profound understanding manifested itself in a consistent, coherent and inter-related system that fused science, art and religion into a single organic Unity. In other words, it was exactly the opposite of what we find in the world today.

Moreover, every aspect of Egyptian knowledge seems to have been complete at the very beginning. The sciences, artistic and architectural techniques and the hieroglyphic system show virtually no signs of a period of 'development'; indeed, many of the achievements of the earliest dynasties were never surpassed, or even equalled later on. This astonishing fact is readily admitted by orthodox Egyptologists, but the magnitude of the mystery it poses is skillfully understated, while its many implications go unmentioned.

How does a complex civilization spring full-blown into being? Look at a 1905 automobile and compare it to a modern one. There is no mistaking the internal linkprocess of 'development'. But in Egypt there are no parallels. Everything is there right at the start.

The answer to the mystery is of course obvious, but because it is repellent to the prevailing cast of modern thinking, it is seldom seriously considered. Egyptian civilisation was not a 'development', it was a legacy.

Following an observation made by Schwaller de Lubicz, it is now possible virtually to prove the existence of another, and perhaps greater civilization ante-dating dynastic Egypt - and all other known civilizations - by millennia. In other words, it is now possible to prove internal link'Atlantis', and simultaneously, the historical reality of the Biblical Flood. (I use inverted commas around 'Atlantis' since it is not the physical location that is at issue here, but rather the existence of a civilization sufficiently sophisticated and sufficiently ancient to give rise to the legend.) Proof of the existence of 'Atlantis' rests upon a simple geological internal linkfoundation.

Questions of chronology and cause remain unanswered. And it is still impossible to say how the wisdom of 'Atlantis' was preserved and handed down, or by whom. But its existence is now as difficult to deny as the completeness and coherence of Egyptian knowledge at its inception.

Therefore, it is probably safe to say that in providing this first true picture of ancient Egypt, Schwaller de Lubicz has also provided the key to the study of the wisdom of the earlier 'Atlantis'.

- John Anthony West - _Serpent in the Sky - The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt_

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Sphinx head on

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internal linkAlien Soap Opera was formed in Cairo, Egypt by Amir Abdel Magid and Greg Hunter. In the summer of 1993, Hunter was in Cairo recording an album with internal linkKilling Joke, and he met Magid, who was recording in the same studio. The day before Hunter was due to leave Egypt he went to the studio, where Magid asked him to do a mix of a track that evening. He agreed to do it, the mix went well, and in the morning Magid and Hunter decided to form a band which they later named Alien Soap Opera.

Over the next four years, Hunter lived in Cairo co-writing with Magid and collaborating on various projects, living with Arabs, producing/mixing Arabic music, and touring in the Gulf.   Magid is a musician/producer/arranger famous throughout the Middle East for his Kanoon (Egyptian Harp) playing, his recordings, and his live performances. He is a familiar sight on Arabic TV, and he regularly tours with his orchestra throughout the world, performing Arabic music.

Hunter is a musician/engineer/producer in the U.K. He is well-known for his engineering/production with many  artists such as, the Orband Killing Joke. More recently, he has been writing his own material -- as Alien Soap Opera on Electric Melt Records and as Subsurfing.

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It is painfully obvious to all those who witnessed the pathetic Fox tabloid specialatomjacked inventory cache, featuring Zahi Hawass exposing "big secrets" on network television in 1999, that he is nothing but a self serving ham.  Hawass' main objective is to highlight current "egyptian culture" as if it owned all the great treasure that happen to be located geographically within its borders.  Unfortunately for archaelogy, it has to take a backseat to hype and the stream of commerce that these awesome relics of the past must bring into the country through tourism.  It's basically a mental Berlin Wall.  It is now my solid opinion that "ancient Egypt" has nothing to do at all with current Egyptians.  Just like the Americas have nothing to do at all with Western European affluent white folk who own property.  But to Egypt, it is their main source of income.  and to keep the illusion intact, one must not expose the possibilities that civilizations of unknown origins built these monuments with great precision and strength, surpassing our own pathetic excuses for modern architecture.  these emblems were meant to last, and if it were meant to last, it carries an important message.  a message that is closely guarded by those that protect the virii known as commercial interests.  but internal linkinformation does indeed want to be free.  it's all there waiting for us to uncover it.  we'll chip at it one by one, and like a big dose of internal linkacid, those mental walls internal linkwill eventually dissipate.  - @Om* 5/30/02

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The skulls of 700 Egyptians from the twenty-seventh to thirteenth dynasty (525-332 B.C.) were  found to have a larger cerebral capacity in the right hemisphere, which strongly suggests they were internal linkleft-handed.

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Egyptian Hieroglyphics - "internal linkatomjack":

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The Egyptians believed that sound was the basis of creation; their most sacred ceremony, the Mystery of Mysteries, used sound internal linkfrequencies to create a connection between the earth's center and the pole star of the heavens.  The frequency codes of this sacred ceremony,  was called The Raising of the Djed'.  (The Djed is the earliest known World Tree internal linkarchetype and was the central internal linkfocus of the internal linkOsirian mysteries. )   A cylindric column of internal linklight, it was considered the cosmic axis that linked Earth to the Pole Star, the still-point around which the heavens revolved. The ceremony, prefaced by the reenactment of a mythic cosmological drama, was performed to evoke stability, continuity and regeneration during unstable periods between cycles. Historically, the Djed was raised at Winter Solstice, and was a time of internal linkintense joy and celebration. The event was orchestrated with resonant acoustic formulas performed by sacred drummers and chanters. Rhythms of systrum and cymbal filled the air, along with the percussive clapping of hands and beating of feet. Research of the texts of the Temple of internal linkHorus indicate that the Djed served its greatest purpose at the endingof one world age and the beginning of another. According to ancient calendric reckoning, Winter solstice December 21, 1992 inaugurated such a period.

Osiris Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die Horus

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