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energy conversion - artificial photosynthesis

Electrical Transmission Towers / Pylons

This nOde last updated March 12th, 2006 and is permanently morphing...
(11 K'an (Lizard) / 2 K'umk'u - 24/260 -

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plasma ball...

most people hate these things.  i can understand why, since they are deemed an "eyesore" when one wants to get out of the city and see "untouched" nature.  this is a very easy reactionary observation.  in line with my thoughts about how there is no separation between humanity and nature, ergo no difference between technology and nature (i believe technology is the culmination of nature becoming self internal linkconscious), i find these things extremely beautiful.  i also got to thinking on these long drives out to desert parties (internal linkTAZ), that you simply cannot escape them.  i go to the internal linkGrand Canyon, and there they are.  i go to a secret party location and they are right there.  in fact, they are sometimes used for road guidelines to get to the site.  so why the fascination?  well, if you take an approach analyzing forms, they are quite intriguing.  they remind me of totems.  i haven't even begun to dissect what the geometry can represent.  you can hear the crackling of the power, esp. out in remote places.  i have yet to witness  legendary "internal linkplasma ball internal linklightning" that pass along the internal linkwires from electrical storms.  these towers are internal linknodes within the internal linknoosphere.  the computer is often thought of as "the internal linknetwork", but the internal linkfoundations are the internal linkubiquitous internal linktelephone, and even the more basic power lines.  now that there appears to be technology coming our way to access the net through power lines, these things take on an even more ominous symbolism.  there is something to these things, and because they are so common, they are ignored.  most people don't realize that these things connect and feed the juice that runs this era. - @Om* 6/28/00

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film internal link_Crop Circles: The Quest For internal linkTruth_ directed by William Gazecki - shown August internal link23, 2002 at the Nuart Theater, Santa Monica.

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Spring Equinox sunrise - Tempe, Arizona - 2001

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Aurora Pillars along Electrical Transmission Towers

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In Seattle, a 37-year-old woman climbed up an electrical tower, carrying electrical lines next to an interstate bridge over the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Wearing only shorts, she internal linkdanced, drank vodka, and spat the liquor out of her mouth while lighting it on fire. Seattle City Light cut power off to protect the woman, and stopped traffic for an hour. At the urging of police shortly before 9 a.m. she donned a halter top and descended. She was arrested for criminal trespass and indecent exposure. (AP)

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Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full - six Ofra Haza - Im Nin Alu - electrical power lines Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full - 4

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Ground Hog View - energy conversion wormhole through sacred geometry - atomjacked
Dusk Southern California Desert criss cross
San Francisco aerial green hue

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Christ - Pylonesque ep 12inch on Benbecula (2002) Quantum Leap - Passion on Elektrolux (2001)
Shimmer Kids Underpop Association - Bury Me At makout Point (2001) Vein - s/t on Ghenghis
Husker Du - New Day Rising
what's this humming in my head
was it something that someone said
it's connecting us with them
electric internal linkwires turned on again

it aggravates and it pacifies
hear the power in the lines
strung high on every pole
how can this power be bought and sold?
trying to internal linkharness solar rays
making minutes seem like days
it captivates and it hypnotizes
hear the power in the lines

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