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the wiring of the noosphere


"Music is the electrical soil in which the Spirit
 lives, thinks and invents."
                         --Ludwig van Beethoven

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"Man is beginning to wear his brain outside his skull, his nerves outside his skin.  New technology breeds new man.  When he is surrounded by electric media, he enlarges his internal linknervous system, as the wheel extends his foot, the internal linkwired planet extends his nerves."  - internal linkMarshall McLuhan 

central nervous system... Marshall McLuhan

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To make a long story short, internal linkalchemy derived from the basic idea that matter is alive and that we can, by manipulating matter, increase its quality of organism and take advantage of that spiritual quality. The first time that electricity enters the English internal linklanguage is in a book by an alchemist. Often it is described---this is more in the 17th century---in alchemical terms: "the internal linkethereal fire," "the quintessential fire," "the desiderata," or the desired quintessence of matter. The idea in alchemy is that you take the nature of matter and by distilling it and changing it and forcing it and fighting it, you will create a spiritual essence from it. That essence was associated with electricity.

 - Erik Davis 


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54:44 A lexicographic sign found in dictionaries to indicate that a specific term belongs to the field of electricity.
   The ideogram commonly used to signify electricity is , but in lexicography it is, oddly enough, mostly used for mythological terms and concepts.

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Nikola Tesla

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electricity (-lk-trse-t), class of phenomena arising from the existence of CHARGE. According to modern theory, most ELEMENTARY PARTICLES of matter possess charge, either positive or negative. Two particles of like charge, both positive or both negative, repel each other; two particles of unlike charge are attracted. The electric FORCE between two charged particles is much greater than the gravitational internal linkforce between the particles. Many of the bulk properties of matter are ultimately due to the electric forces among the particles of which the substance is composed. Materials differ in their ability to allow charge tointernal linkflow through them. Those that allow charge to pass easily are conductors,  whereas those that allow extremely little charge to pass through are called insulators,  or DIELECTRICS. A third class of materials, called SEMICONDUCTORS, is intermediate. Electrostatics is the study of charges, or charged bodies, at rest. When positive or negative charge builds up in fixed positions on objects, certain phenomena can be observed that are collectively referred to as static electricity. The charge can be built by rubbing certain objects together, such as silk and glass or rubber and fur; the friction between these objects causes ELECTRONS to transfer from one to another with the result that the object losing electrons acquires a positive charge and the object gaining electrons acquires a negative charge. Electrodynamics is the study of charges in motion. A flow of electric charge constitutes an electric current. In order for a current to exist in a conductor, there must be an ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE (emf), or POTENTIAL difference, between the conductor's ends. An electric CELL, a internal linkPHOTOVOLTAIC CELL, and a GENERATOR are all sources of emf. An emf source with an external conductor connected from one of the source's two terminals to the other constitutes an ELECTRIC CIRCUIT. Direct current (DC) is a flow of current in one direction at a constant rate. internal linkAlternating current (AC) is a current flow that increases in magnitude from internal linkzero to a maximum, decreases back to zero, increases to a maximum in the opposite direction, decreases to zero, and then repeats this internal linkprocess periodically. The number of repetitions of the cycle occurring each second is defined as the internal linkfrequency, which is expressed in HERTZ (Hz). The frequency of ordinary household current in the U.S. is 60 cycles per sec (60 Hz), and electric devices must be designed to operate at this frequency. In a solid, the current consists not of a few electrons moving rapidly but of many electrons moving slowly; although this drift of electrons is slow, the impulse that causes it moves through the circuit, when the circuit is completed, at nearly the speed ofinternal linklight. The movement of electrons in a current is not steady; each electron moves in a series of stops and starts. In a direct current, the electrons are spread evenly through the conductor; in an alternating current, the electrons tend to congregate along the conductor surface. In liquids, gases, and semiconductors, current carriers may be positively or negatively charged.

Man Machine Symbiosis Wilhelm Reich

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The Italian anatomist Luigi Galvani (who inspired Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's classic novel _Frankenstein_ in 1818) discovered in 1786 that electricity was one of the essential secrets of life.  This discovery galvanised society, its future applications are only just beginning to be envisaged.  Its infiltration and uses are beyond calculation, its internal linksymbiosis presently is even greater than before as technology increases the use of electricity becomes even more fundamental to the workings of machines - Machine Breeds Machine. internal linkDuchamp's futuristic vision of allegorical machines is one of the true marriages between matter and spirit, art and technology, "the spirit is the bride".  Duchamp invented a new physics of his own, closer to Jarry's pataphysics than to conventional science, a fourth internal linkdimensional engineering that goes beyond the rational axiomatic rigidity of scientific law.  One of Duchamp's greatest works, _The Large Glass or the Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors Even_ (1915-23) represents the most difficult and mysterious of all domains, the fourth dimensional phenomenon of sex.  These theoretical suggestions which were later to be discovered by Baron Von K. Reichenbach and internal linkWilhelm Reich, isolate and demonstrate a tangible biological energy generated by the human body (particularly during sexual activity).  These discoveries can only enhance yet even more new possibilities in the future exploration of the man machine symbiosis in all levels of creation.  As technology accelerates and new knowledge formulates so does the spirit in its needs to expand its own awareness, only in the pursuit of knowledge of all things can we discover ourselves.
      - liner notes for track _Techno Geist_ byinternal linkClockDVA off of _Man Amplified_ CD atomjacked inventory cache on Contempo (1992)

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Shimmer Kids Underpop Association - Bury Me At makout Point (2001)
Mr. Electric Triangle - Kosmosis Of The Heart 12"x2

Brant Bjork - Brant Bjork & The Operators 12" (teal marbled vinyl)

Stereolab - _Super-Electric_ (music video) Stereolab - _Contact_ (audio)

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internal linkDNA as Conductor by Matti Pitknen
internal linkHow Electricity Travels To Your Home
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