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electromagnetic field inside dialectric coaxial cable


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electromagnetism, electromagnetic interaction, or electromagnetic internal linkforce, a long-range force involving the electric and magnetic properties of ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. It is responsible for the repulsion of like and attraction of unlike electric charges and explains atomic structure and the properties of internal linkLIGHT and other forms of ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. The electromagnetic interaction is mediated, or carried, by internal linkPHOTONS. Because its effects can be easily observed, electromagnetism is the most thoroughly studied and best understood of the four fundamental forces of nature. The same laws that govern electromagnetism on the subatomic scale also apply on a large scale in motors, generators, and electronic equipment. A moving electric charge gives rise to a magnetic field, and if its motion changes the magnetic field varies and in turn produces an electric field; this is the origin of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are generated by electric motors and household appliances and by power transmission lines. It has been suggested that such fields, particularly those around transmission lines, may cause or promote childhood cancer. A number of studies have been conducted, but the results are contradictory and a generally accepted link has not been established.


     A magnetic field cause by an internal linkelectric current.
     Power lines cause electromagnetic fields which
     can interfere with nearby data cables.

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Whatever media we want to talk about, whether the internal linkInternet or television or radio, it all rests on two internal linkforces, which are  the electricity which powers the thing and the electromagnetic universe which we exploit in a variety of different ways in  order to produce our mediated world. These are very much the lifeblood of the media sphere: both electric power and the electromagnetic spectrum. These things are so ordinary to us that they are just part of the furniture. Superficially, they seem devoid of anything strange or uncanny. But this is not entirely the case. It is certainly the case that, while we  take for granted both electricity and the electromagnetism we exploit for radio and television signals, they are actually very strange things. The more you try to understand the signs behind it, the more you realize how bizarre and counterintuitive they are. We take them for granted because the stuff works very well and very obviously. But of the kinds of things we encounter in our ordinary day-to-day lives---you know we don't run into internal linkquantum physical phenomena directly very often, but we do bump into electricity and electromagnetism all the time---they are quite strange if you think about it.

- Erik Davis - _Spiritual Telegraphs And The Technology Of Communication_ lecture

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R.O. Becker, author of Cross Currents, has contributed a thought-provoking article on the mechanisms by which humans internal linkperceive the cosmos. From the many stimulating ideas he presented, we select his rationale for believing that an electromagnetic basis may exist for the reception and processing of internal linkpsi signals.

Information in formation

A key concept in Becker's scheme is his belief in the presence, in humans and other organisms, of a dual system for receiving and processing internal linkinformation arriving from the environment. The system we are all aware of and which scientists study in depth is the nerve impulse system, which transmits digital signals; i.e., internal link0s and 1s. This system connects to all our everyday senses and controls our motor functions. The second system Becker designates as "primitive." It transmits information in analog (continuously varying) form via electrical currents and magnetic fields, rather than as impulses along neurons. This second system is not recognized by mainstream science.

Becker advances the notions that: (1) Psi-type phenomena are actually handled by the "primitive" analogsystem; (2) The flood of information normally arriving from our sensory organs via the "modern" digital system masks the psi-type signals; and (3) These assertions are consistent with the elusive nature of psi phenomena in both everyday experience and the parapsychological laboratories. Becker's ideas also jibewith experimental evidence that the psi faculty is suppressed by electromagnetic storms, which (presumably) act only upon the "primitive" analog system. Becker readily admits that the physical basis for the generation, transmission, and reception of psi signals is unknown.

(Becker. Robert O.; "Electromagnetism and Psi Phenomena," American Society for Psychical Research, Journal, 86:1, 1992.)

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Lost electromagnetic
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internal linkTEMPEST [internal linkTransient ElectroMagnetic internal linkPulse Surveillance Technology] - Military espionage technology which reads the ones and internal linkzeros emitted by a computer monitor from as much as a kilometer away.

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Music has done so by making a pact with electricity, electronics and electromagnetic waves. These forces, at once technological and utterly cosmic, have shifted music into more abstract and internal linkvirtual realms. The growth of the soundscape, from tubular bells to dark internal linkambient drones, has everything to do with electronics and its relationship to the emergence of new virtual spaces. Most "virtual realities" today are constructed primarily with polygons and animation, but in the future we will tune into VR through 3D soundwaves as well. Sonic navigation. internal linkResonance as gateway.

The widespread electrification of music following World War II also came coupled with the rapid spread of rhythmicinternal linkmemes whose code could be traced back through slave-routes to the motherland. Roots became internal linkwaves, propagating in echo-internal linkpulses through the electronic internal linkdiaspora. Today,  billions of people across the globe explore heightened states of pleasure and consciousness by throwing themselves into internal linkintensely rhythmic dance.   As the Brazilian ethnomusicologist Hermano Vianna told me: Africa won.

Erik Davis - _The Future Mix_

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