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"May the Entheogenic Reformation prevail over the Pharmacratic Inquisition…" - Jonathan Ott - _Ayahuasca Analogues_

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1.Plant sacraments or internal linkshamanic inebriants evoking religious internal linkecstasy or vision; commonly used in the internal linkarchaic world in divination for shamanic healing, and in Holy Communion, for example during the Initiation to the internal linkEleusinian Mysteries or the internal linkVedic internal linkSoma sacrifice.

En = Within, Inner
Theo = Divine
Gen = Becoming, Creating

Enthegeon: internal link604 affiliate to internal linkTwisted

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Theinternal linkinformed use of entheogenic, consciousness-enhancing plants and drugs presents a direct and powerful challenge to any system that seeks to spoon-feed the masses with false ideals of nationalism, racism, sexism or pre-digested religion, and this is precisely the reason they have been criminalized. One does not go back to being led around by the nose once the fullness of one's humanity is realized, nor to eating pap once the full pleasures of eating are learned; besides, we need roughage or we fill up with our own waste. Expanded consciousness is one internal linkgenie that can't be put back in the bottle and we're better off for it.

The cat is out of the bag. Pandora's box lies open.

  Clark Heinrich, "Last Word" in Strange Fruit

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With religion-inspired hatred on the loose, many see religion itself as a culprit for the September 11 troubles, and point to psychedelics - or entheogens, divine-generating agents - as a means of bypassing religion to get to the wellspring of spirituality. Because they produce the primary experience on which faith is inspired, "entheogens prove that no intermediary is necessary," states Clark Heinrich, author of _God Without Religion_ (yet unpublished) and _Strange Fruit_ (to be published in the US by Inner Traditions), a speculative history about the role of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom in several world religions. After his own drug-induced awakening, the late British Ecstasy advocate, Nicholas Saunders, surmised that religions may very well have been invented to explain entheogenic experiences.

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Entheogenic - s/t on 3D Vision (2002)
Joujouka - LP

Luna Psycle Albert Hofmann Moksha by Aldous Huxley Winona Ryder - alien resurrected

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