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The realm of divine mind. Entheo-"space" is actually the "sense of place" one has at times when an exploration of one's inner landscape leads to the realization that this is much more than just a fascinating landscape, it is the entire universe. At internal linkmoments when this realization is so deeply interiorized as to be an essential part of one's being, one is said to be in entheospace. When the internal linkfocus of one's internal linkconsciousness is on entheospace, one experiences a deeply seated sense of being internal linkinfused with, and a part of, divine mind.

internal linkentheogen
A substance which, when ingested by humans, facilitates the realization that the divine infuses all of creation.

While a detailed discussion of the use of entheogens and other techniques used to enter internal linkshamanic  internal linkecstasy states is beyond the scope of this book, it is important to have a metaphorical understanding of these concepts. A comparable "space" in the world of computing would be the concept of an operating environment. This is a concept programmers use to describe the variable conditions in which a computer program executes, or runs. Much like the environment in which human biological activity takes place, a computer operating environment is a place where computer programs live, and most programs require certain  environmental variables to be in place so they can run (live) properly. I find it helpful to think of communications with non-human entities as requiring such an operating environment, and this is how I think of entheospace. Although there is debate in the internal linkpsychedelic community as to whether or not using entheogens is the only way in which to enter into such a state, I use the concept of entheospace here to more broadly describe the deeply seated sense of being infused with, and a part of, divine mind.
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To better understand pure mind-to-mind interactions, it helps to think of these communications as taking place in various environments, or operating spaces. In internal linkmetaphysics, this concept is sometimes referred to as a "plane," e.g., the astral plane. Unlike the physical environment on planet Earth, which facilitates face-to-face communications between humans, e-mail requires the environment of cyberspace in which to operate. When we move beyond the area of pure human-to-human communications, such as human-to-internal linkGaia communication, yet other environments, common to the different consciousnesses that want to communicate with each other, are required. One of these environments, or planes, is what I call entheospace.

Metaphorically, one can think of entheospace as an environment in which many disparate types of consciousness share a common internal linklanguage with which they may communicate. Shamans enter entheospace by ingesting entheogens, fasting, internal linkdancing or other such methods. Many psychonauts believe entheospace may also be entered by ingesting certain laboratory-produced chemicals, such as internal linkLSD.

Keep in mind that this is a discussion about communication with an internal linkalien intelligence. People sometimes mistakenly think that the only type of alien internal linkcontact possible is with mindful organisms from other planets. It is important to remember that there are many mentally and spiritually alien organisms, such as plants, animals, fungi, etc., all around us. Furthermore, contact with an alien intelligence does not necessarily imply contact through verbal exchanges. Just because the species of primate we call human uses sounds made by complex internal linktongue wagging to communicate with other members of its species does not mean other intelligent beings have internal linkevolved their system of communications along similar lines.

_The Spirit of the Internet_ by Lawrence Hagerty

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Which brings us back to the 50 million cultural creatives in the U.S. today and why they are so important. It should be the mission of all psychedelic thinkers to rally cultural creatives and encourage them to become prototypes of Homo cyber. By definition, cultural creatives are open to new ways of thinking and large numbers of them have already experienced what it means to be in entheospace. They should all be encouraged to return once again to that mystical internal linkdimension. Simply by entering into entheospace we become deconditioned from our culture. This decoupling from automatic responses to our culture is absolutely essential if we are to create new cultures. Of course, this is also why existing power structures are so fearful of substances and techniques that launch our minds into entheospace. To the existing order, any change from the status quo is a potential threat.

- Lawrence Hagerty - _Psychedelic Thinking And The Dawn Of Homo Cyber_

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