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electron spin resonance...

Electron Spin Resonance

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March 2, 1971

Further experiments with the psycho-audible warp phenomenon yesterday raise some interesting new questions and enhance our ongoing understanding.  I chose the term "audible" because my experience thus far, coupled with what I have been told, leads me to believe that this all has to do with vocally generating a specific kind of energy field which can rupture three dimensional space.  I do not understand if the field is internal linkelectromagnetic, but it seems to bend space in such a way as to turn it upon itself through a higher internal linkdimension.  Here is how it is done:

One must take enough internal linkpsilocybin to allow the sound to be audible.  This sound we understand to be the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of the psilocybin alkaloids within the internal linkmushroom.  The presence of rapid metabolizing high-energy tryptamines within the ayahuasca acts as an internal linkantennae that sensitizes the neural internal linkmatrix to the spin resonance energy of the Stropharia psilocybin.  It is this principle that allows the signal to be made audible.  It must then be amplified via the tryptamine admixture antenna to what is felt to be its fullest amplitude.  Then, via vocal sound, this energy is placed into the harmine complex within the body and within the mushroom which has been, in some small part, cooled to absolute internal linkzero - the temperature at which molecular vibration ceases, through absorption of the psilocybin ESR internal linkpulses.

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Once this ESR internal linkwave has been detected, it will be possible to amplify it within the neural circuits by channeling it through the harmine complex: i.e., by imitating the psilocybin ESR with the voice, causing the amplified sound to strike a internal linkharmonic tone with the harmine metabolizing in the brain and thereby exciting the harmine ESR.  Since harmine complexes are merely further down the same bio-synthetic pathway that converts tryptophane into psilocybin, it is possible to consider the ESR tone of the psilocybin as a harmonic overtone of harmine and vice versa.

Using harmonic overtones, it is possible to sound a tone which will cancel one or more of its octaves reflected in the harmonic scales above and below it.  This is easily demonstrated on a cello: Suppose a tone, say the open string A, is sounded, The sound is a wave vibration of air molecules caused by the string, which then acts as a internal linkresonator.  The tone is heard mostly loudly in the key in which it was sounded, but it also sounds every other key of "A" in the octaves above and below it.  It is possible to cancel out the original tone by touching the string very lightly at certain harmonic points.  When this is done, the overtones in the higher and lower registers become audible.  If one understands the theory of harmonic resonators well enough, one can determine which overtones will be resonated if certain points on the string are touched.

When this understanding is applied to molecular ESR resonation, it remains essentially the same in principle.  What the ESR tone of the psilocybin is heard via tryptamine antenna, it will strike a harmonic tone in the harmine complexes being metabolized within the system, causing its ESR to begin to resonate at a higher level.  According to the principles of tonal physics, this will automatically cancel out the original tone, i.e., the psilocybin ESR, and cause the molecule to cease to vibrate;  however, the ESR tone that sustains the molecular coherency is carried for a microsecond on the overtonal ESR of the harmine complex.  This leaves the momentarily internal linkelectrically canceled and superconductive psilocybin suspended in a low energy electromagnetic field generated by the harmine ESR.  In so doing, it will regain its original but now superconductivity amplified, ESR signal, which will permanently lock it into a superconductive state.

As this phenomenon proceeds, it will automatically trigger the inverse of the initial internal linkprocess.  The psilocybin, superconductively charged by mind, will harmonically cancel the ESR resonance of the harmine within the brain.  The energy of the harmine-psilocybin complex ESR will be absorbed instantly into the matrix of the mushroom.  This will cause those molecules metabolizing within the body and bonded to the neural internal linkDNA to instantly drop to absolute internal linkzero.  Clearly this harmine-psilocybin-DNA complex must internal linkimmediately separate itself from the cellular internal linkmatrix.  There is a great danger at this moment, but pathways exist to deal with it.  We will find that these molecules condense out of our bodies accompanied by a sound.  This sound will be the harmonic ESR tone of this complex amplified superconductively and broadcast and frozen into the superconductive matrix of the mushroom.  The superconductively charged psilocybin acts as an internal linkantenna which picks up the amplified ESR signals of the complex and condenses vibrational signals into a superconductive matrix.

The opus can now be briefly summarized:

- Dennis McKenna - _True Hallucinations_atomjacked inventory cache

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