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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ is an abbreviation for "Frequently Asked Question(s)". The term refers to listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. Since the acronym originated in textual media, its pronunciation varies; both "fak" and "F.A.Q." are commonly heard (and therefore, when used with an indefinite article, it is either "a FAQ" or "an FAQ"). Depending on usage, the term may refer specifically to a single frequently-asked question, or to an assembled list of many questions and their answers. An alternative suggestion is that FAQ is actually a clumsily-constructed three letter acronym purported to have come from computer IT specialists, frustrated with answering over and over again the same, internal linkperceived stupid questions from computer users, and which secretly stands for the pronunciation "fah-queue". For example: "Please read the FAQ list to ensure your question has not already been answered before bothering the overworked IT department".

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internal linkfUSION internal linkAnomaly. FAQ

tracing the internal linkmemetic roots of the name "fusion anomaly." - it was based on a record label called Anomaly. that me and a friend, a. ward, started in the early nineties. we put out a few emo-based internal linkpunk records for our friends. realizing that business and music didn't mix within my personal realm, i abandoned it, mainly due to lack of distribution channels. little did i know that the internal linkinternet would soon change everything. the other important thing internal linki learned was that my role was solely based on capital. i learned that spending money wins you a lot of temporary friends and internal linkattention, but it is neither fulfilling unto itself, nor is it very progressive in the sense of accomplishment. you can do a lot with money, but you can do a lot more when you substitute it with internal linktime and craft.

i got the word anomaly from the film internal link2001: a space internal linkodyssey, which had a tremendous impact on my life. the internal linkmonolith discovered on tycho clavius internal linkmoon was TMA-1, or "tycho magnetic anomaly-1".

after abandoning punk and the scenes attached to it, i revived the word and added "fusion" to make it more internal linknew edge, not to mention incorporating my new taste in electronic music.

current modalities were initiated when i got into internal linkpsychedelic trance. i wanted to know what the hell "internal linkGreen Nuns Of The Revolution" meant. when i found out, i wanted to do this for everything goa-related. currently, the internal linkfocus is no longer on goa, but anything internal linkatomjack related...

   * @Om* 8/31/02

The F A Q/S C

frequently asked questions/stated comments

Q : what is it?

@Om: i don't know

Q : where did you get the idea for it?

@Om: i made it up as i went along

Q : what is the purpose?

@Om: to find personal fulfillment in the internal linkprocess

Q : it's huge. how long did it take you to do it?

@Om: as it states on the front page, i started it late 1997. a primitive form of it existed in various manifestations since 1995. it is never "complete". i work on it a little bit every day. it just seems vast because you're trying to take it all in at once. it really isn't.

C : i was (shocked/surprised) that you did not include (x/y) under your (x/y) section.

@Om: you shouldn't be.

C : i want you to include (x/y) in your (x/y) internal linknode.

@Om: feel free to make your own web site.

Q : who runs the site?

@Om: @Om*

Q : how many people run the site?

@Om: 1 (2 including my admin)

C : your design sucks, it looks like it's from the mid nineties

@Om: that's because it was started in the mid nineties. i don't claim to be a designer, and i would never want to be. besides, it internal linkfilters out people who only look for design, or want to see some flash, or something or other... if you don't like the way it looks then please don't look at the site.

C : those animated .gifs are giving me a headache.

@Om: i recommend advil.

C : you should check out (url) as you will find it very interesting.

@Om: if i have time, i might check it out.

C : if you would advertise our product (x) under (y) node it would be great. a link exchange would be mutually beneficial.

@Om: there will be no internal linkintentional advertising on the site. it is one big advertisement for stuff i like anyway, and i decide what i like to show and what i don't. asking for accommodations only decreases your chance of mention. my emphasis is on internal linkpull technologies, not the traditional push/marketing approach. this process filters out unnecessary hype and those who actively participate and seek out what they are looking should be able to find it, instead of something else like spam or marketing research teams pushing it in their face.

Q : i see links to mp3's, but i can't seem to download the song... what am i doing wrong?

@Om: nothing. they aren't available for download because bandwidth and storage are limited at this point. if you would like to pay for a server with more favorable credentials, please email me. :) if you are interested in obtaining the mp3's, get on gnutella and download them. that is where i got them. p2p is here and running. the web internal linkinterface is not a good medium for sharing files.

external linkhttp://gnutella.wego.com/

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