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Feng Shui
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The internal linkmagical art of Feng Shui is a holistic practice that is over 5,000 years old.  Today its wonderful healing property is as important to modern life as it was to the ancients.  Our society is beginning to rediscover how, by paying internal linkattention to the energy of our environment and working with it instead of against it, our quality of life and healthy is infinitely improved and indeed is enhanced beyond our wildest expectations.

The name Feng Shui is literally translated as Wind and internal linkWater and the practice studies the science of energy internal linkflowinternal linkharmonics and placement.  All around us energy moves in spirals, this flow is never constant, we are aware of this movement instinctively through our own bodies' unique harmonic pattern.  However, often, just because we can't see it, we go against this basic instinct and ignore the natural cause and effect this energy has upon us.  In doing this we set up a cycle of stress which manifests itself in many ways, the most common of which being illness, emotional imbalance and external - internal linkchaoshail Eris!.

This energy known as "chi" constantly works on our systems and environment, imaging blowing smoke into a match box, then watch how the smoke spirals around within the space, this is exactly how Chi behaves, swirling around hitting high points and low, seeping into all structures it encounters, Our own bodies vibration responds to the Chi and therefore it is vital that we recognize where Chi peaks and troughs and manipulate space accordingly to maximise the affect on our lives.

By taking a building and treating it as a living body, Chi can be reprogrammed to remove past influences and vibrations left behind by other people, both living and dead.  This then allows the inhabitatnts to move forward.  By using Five Element diagnosis and applying tile rules of the relationship between these elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, the harmonics and energy of a space and body are calculated, and then through use of of colour and placement are balanced and corrected.

- Sadie Moore Fellow Of The Shen Dao Institute

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Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift Q-Burns Abstract Message - Feng Shui on Astralwerks (1998)
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