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fly (flė) verb
flew (flĄ) flown (flon) flying, flies (flėz) verb, intransitive
1.To engage in flight, especially:. a. To move through the air by means of wings or winglike parts. b. To travel by air: We flew to Dallas. c. To operate an aircraft or spacecraft.
2.a. To rise in or be carried through the air by the wind: a kite flying above the playground. b. To float or flap in the air: pennants flying from the masthead.
3.To move or be sent through the air with great speed: bullets flying in every direction; a plate that flew from my hands when I stumbled.
4.a. To move with great speed; internal linkrush or dart: The children flew down the hall. Rumors were flying during their absence. b. To flee; escape. c. To hasten; spring: flew to her students' internal linkdefense.
5.To pass by swiftly: a vacation flying by; youth that is soon flown.
6.To be dissipated; vanish: Their small inheritance was quickly flown.
7.past tense and past participle flied (flėd). Baseball. To hit a fly ball.
8.To undergo an explosive reaction; burst: The dropped plate flew into pieces. The motorist flew into a rage.
9.Informal. To gain acceptance or approval; go over: "However sophisticated the reasoning, this particular notion may not fly" (New York Times).

verb, transitive
1.a. To cause to fly or float in the air: fly a kite; fly a flag. b. Nautical. To operate under (a particular flag): a tanker that flies the Liberian flag.
2.a. To pilot (an aircraft or a spacecraft). b. To carry or transport in an aircraft or a spacecraft: fly emergency supplies to a stricken area. c. To pass over or through in flight: flew the coastal route in record time. d. To perform in a spacecraft or an aircraft: flew six missions into space.
3.a. To flee or run from: fly a place in panic. b. To avoid; shun: fly temptation.

plural flies
1.The act of flying; flight.
2.a. A fold of cloth that covers a fastening of a garment, especially one on the front of trousers. b. The fastening or opening covered by such a fold.
3.A flap that covers an entrance or forms a rooflike extension for a tent or the canopy of a vehicle.
4.A flyleaf.
5.Baseball. A fly ball.
6.a. The span of a flag from the staff to the outer edge. b. The outer edge of a flag.
7.A flywheel.
8. flies. The area directly over the stage of a theater, containing overhead lights, drop curtains, and equipment for raising and lowering sets.
9.Chiefly British. A one-horse carriage, especially one for hire.

- phrasal verb.
fly at
To attack fiercely; assault: The dogs flew at each other's throats.

- idiom.
fly high
To be elated: They were flying high after their first child was born.
fly off the handle Informal.
To become suddenly enraged: flew off the handle when the train was finally canceled.
let fly
1.To shoot, hurl, or release: The troops let fly a volley of gunfire.
2.To lash out; assault: The mayor let fly with an angry attack on her critics.
on the fly
1.On the run; in a hurry: took lunch on the fly.
2.While in the air; in flight: caught the ball on the fly.

[Middle English flien, from Old English flęogan.]
- fly´able adjective

fly (flė) noun
plural flies
1.a. Any of numerous two-winged insects of the order Diptera, especially any of the family Muscidae, which includes the housefly. b. Any of various other flying insects, such as the caddis fly.
2.A fishing lure simulating a fly, made by attaching materials such as feathers, tinsel, and colored thread to a fishhook.

- idiom.
fly in the ointment
A detrimental circumstance or detail; a drawback.

[Middle English flie, from Old English flęoge.]


fly (flė) adjective
Chiefly British.
Mentally alert; sharp.

[Probably from fly1.]


Fly, common name for members of an order of insects, the best known of which are the common house fly (Musca domestica) and mosquitoes. Other familiar flies are crane flies, gnats, black flies, horse flies, blow flies, fruit flies, and tsetse flies. True flies possess only a single pair of wings. Flies make up the fourth largest insect order, after the beetles, internal linkbutterflies and moths, and internal linkbees and wasps.
as a child i could walk on the ceiling... Bee

Physical Characteristics
Flies have large compound eyes composed of thousands of individual lenses. The eyes are very sensitive to sudden movement. Most flies have highly developed mouthparts that are used for specialized feeding. Mosquitoes have piercing-sucking mouthparts and feed on blood and nectar. Horse flies have scissorlike cutting blades. Many advanced flies, such as the common house fly, have a soft proboscis with a two-lobed tip that sucks up fluids.

The six legs of flies each have a clawed foot, and beneath the claws is an adhesive pad called a pulvillus, which allows the house fly to walk on surfaces at any angle, even up walls or across ceilings. Flies are the only major group of insects that have only one pair of wings. The rear wings are reduced to small knoblike structures known as halteres, which help the insect control its flight.

Flies go through a complete metamorphosis of egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The eggs are usually laid in a medium that ensures the larvae adequate food, such as decaying animal flesh, dung, pond water, or fruit. Larval growth in many species is rapid; in some species a maggot may develop into an adult within days of hatching from an egg.

Some flies are harmful to human beings, destroying crops and carrying such diseases as typhoid fever, anthrax, cholera, and dysentery. Mosquitoes carry malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, and elephantiasis. Most species, however, are harmless to humans and play an important role in nature, pollinating plants and speeding the decomposition of animal carcasses, manure, and vegetable matter. Flies also consume many other insects, and they are an important food source for animals such as internal linkfrogs, toads, lizards, and birds. Scientific classification: Flies constitute the order Diptera.

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The Fly,  the genetic splicing idea, and its subsequent developments represent a internal linkscience-fiction model of this ancient consciousness-expansion technique, which finds its modern equivalent in Austin Spare's 'atavistic resurgence' (Spare's art contains numerous internal linkshape-shifting motifs). Using various techniques, a state of consciousness is induced which allows total identification with a certain animal. This may be used for achieving certain effects in the world, but often it functions as a method of psychic integration - balancing. It seems clear that Brundle's experiences propel him through an unexpected and violent internal linkprocess analogous to many aspects of the traditional internal linkshaman's vocation. Aside from the shape-shifting aspect, the film also contains the following correspondences:

- What the internal linkteleporter does is what the shaman goes through during the initiatory experience - deconstruction/reconstruction, or death and resurrection. Like a shaman, Brundle (initially) becomes 'superhuman' as a result of this experience, incredibly strong and energetic. He says, "I'm beginning to think that the sheer process of being taken apart atom by atom and being put back together again... Why, it's like coffee being put through a internal linkfilter - it's somehow a purifying process."

- An almost certainly unintentional, but amusing hint sneaks into the script. After seeing Brundle go through the teleporter, a woman he's just picked up gasps, "Are you some sort of internal linkmagician?"

- The shamanic initiation is reversed in the film. Brundle gets taken apart and put back together, then experiences an 'initiatory sickness'. "I seem to be stricken by a disease with a purpose," Brundle quips, as any proto-shaman might.

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film _The Fly_ directed by internal linkDavid Cronenberg

David Cronenberg directing Crash

Fly, The (1986)

Directed by
David Cronenberg

Writing credits
David Cronenberg
Charles Edward Pogue

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Tagline: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Complete credited cast:

Jeff Goldblum .... Seth Brundle
Geena Davis ....Veronica "Ronnie" Quaife
John Getz   ....    Stathis Borans
Joy Boushel  ....  Tawny
Les Carlson  .... Dr. Cheevers
George Chuvalo .... Marky
Michael Copeman  .... 2nd Man in Bar
internal linkDavid Cronenberg .... Gynecologist
Carol Lazare   .... Nurse
Shawn Hewitt  .... Clerk

Runtime: USA:100
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color
Certification: USA:R / UK:18 / Germany:18 / internal linkFinland:K-18 / Sweden:15 / Norway:18 /France:-12

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Cyclobe - The Visitors CD on Phantom Code (2001) The Flying Luttenbachers - Infection & Decline on Troubleman Unlimited (2002)
Matt Darriau Paradox Trio - Flying At A Slant CD on Knitting Factory

The Locust live

The Locust - Flight Of The Wounded Locust 7"x4 interlocking coloured shaped vinyl
Wire - I Am The Fly 7" (1978)

Wire - Chairs Missing 12" (1978)
Wire - Chairs Missing 12" (black marble vinyl)

Misfits - Return Of The Fly 7"

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"When you internal linkdream there are no rules, people can fly, anything can happen.  Sometimes, there's a moment as you're waking, that you become aware of the real world around you, but you're still dreaming. You may think you can fly, but you better not try it..." Astral Projectin - People Can Fly mp3 sample stream  - David Duchovny's (of the X-Files) character in the film _Kalifornia_    - sampled in internal link604 track _People Can Fly_ by internal linkAstral Projection off of _Trust in internal linkTrance 3_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on internal linkTrust In Trance

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videogame _Yar's Revenge_ (ROM)atomjacked inventory cache(1982) for internal linkAtari 2600atomjacked inventory cache

yar's revenge

A highly original shooter, Yars' Revenge has players maneuvering a "fly internal linksimulator" around the screen, avoiding Swirls and guided missiles while firing at an energy shield that protects an enemy laser base (called a Qotile), which moves vertically along the right side of the screen. The objective is to shoot a hole through the shield (which is comprised of cells) and destroy the laser base. However, standard shots cannot kill the Qotile; players must activate the Zorlon Cannon, which appears on the left side of the screen when the fly simulator comes in internal linkcontact with (and thus devours) a cell. Destroying the Qotile requires strategy and planning as well as a nicely aimed shot from the cannon. The fly simulator moves with a sense of urgency and precision, making this a fun and fast game. Full-screen explosions and a no-fire neutral zone (a colorful, glittering strip down the center of the playfield) give the game graphical flare, but an annoying buzzing sound grates on the nerves. Despite audio deficiencies and the lack of a two-player simultaneous mode (oh, what could have been...), this is a great game with a huge following.

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