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Please Don't Slam The Door by Jacek Yerka

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foundation (foun-dâ´shen) noun
1. The act of founding, especially the establishment of an institution with provisions for future maintenance.
2. The basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported.
3. a. Funds for the perpetual support of an institution; an endowment. b. An institution founded and supported by an endowment.
4. A foundation garment.
5. A cosmetic used as a base for facial makeup.
- founda´tional adjective


foundation (foun-dâ´shen), institution through which private wealth is contributed and distributed for public purposes. Foundations have existed since Greek and Roman times, when they honored internal linkdeities. The medieval European church had many foundations, and the Arab waqf (pious endowment) developed with the growth of Islam. Modern European foundations are generally smaller than those in the U.S. and are closely regulated by the state. There were a few early American foundations, e.g., those endowed by internal linkBenjamin FRANKLIN (1791) and by James Smithson (1846; to form the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION), but foundations in the U.S. developed rapidly after the Civil War. From 1896 to 1918 many wealthy Americans created private foundations for the public benefit, e.g., Andrew CARNEGIE and John D. ROCKEFELLER, Sr. Many of the larger modern U.S. foundations have devoted themselves to broad areas, e.g., the Carnegie Corporation of New York (est. 1911) concentrates on American education and underprivileged groups; the Rockefeller Foundation (est. 1913) works in the areas of hunger, overpopulation, education, equal opportunity, cultural improvement, and ecology; and the Ford Foundation (est. 1936) concentrates on world peace, democratic government, economic well-being, education, and the scientific study of humanity. More recent foundations include the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (est. 1979), best known for its annual awards to creative individuals (often called "genius" prizes).

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Foundation by Isaac Asimov
others in the series:
Foundation And Empire by Isaac Asimov
Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov


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internal linkPsychohistory deals with reactions of large human conglomerates to social and economic stimuli.    -- Asimov

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the series was later on internal linkfused with the _Robots_ series

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Planet in the Sayshell Sector, 10 parsecs from Sayshell Planet. internal linkGaia is an ancient word for "Earth".  Has one small (100km) natural satellite.  Population; 1,000,000,000.  Engineered by the humaniform robot R. Daneel in order to resolve the conflict of the internal linkZeroth Law.  In 498FE Gaia maneuvered Golan Trevize, Stor Gendibal and Harla Branno to the vicinity of Gaia in order that Trevize determine the future of the Galaxy.  A decision that Gaia couldn't make but believed that Trevize had a special aptitude that would enable him make the correct decision.

Although Gaia felt responsible for the internal linkMule, they allowed the Second Foundation to correct the problem.  Gaia
wanted Trevize to be convinced that he had made the correct decision in choosing Galaxia and so, through
one of their members, Bliss, assisted Trevize in his search for Earth.


Period of rotation: 22 hours.
Axial inclination: 12o

from Encyclopedia Galactica

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Naked Raygun - Jettison Enlightenment
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Burnin' Nusrate Fateh Ali Khan - Star Rise Remixes

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