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Fritjof Capra
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As far as the laws of mathematics refer to internal linkreality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
internal linkAlbert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born U.S. scientist. Quoted in: Fritjof Capra, _The internal linkTaoTao of Physics_, ch. 2 (1975).
Albert Einstein collage... The Tao Of Physics by Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra is a theoretical high-energy physicist, author, and writer of the screenplay for the film MINDWALK. Born in Vienna, Austria on February 1, 1939, he received his Ph.D. on the internal linkgravitational collapse of neutron stars from the University of Vienna in 1966 where he studied with Werner Heisenberg. He taught and researched theoretical high-energy physics at Orsay in Paris from 1966-1968, the University of California in internal linkSanta Cruz from 1968-1970, Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre, and at the Imperial College in London. Capra founded and served as Director of the Elmwood Institute, Berkeley, which is dedicated to nurturing new ecological visions and applying them to current social, economic and environmental problems. He has published many technical papers and lectured extensively on the philosophical implications of modern science. He does research at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and lectures at the University of California, Berkeley.
Dan Curtain - The Web Of Life 12x2 on Peacefrog (1995) Dead Can Dance - Passage In Time CD on Ryko (1991)


"The Tao of Physics,"atomjacked inventory cache London 1975
"The Turning Point," New York 1981
"Uncommon Wisdom," New York 1988
_The Web Of Life_atomjacked inventory cache

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At each level the system under consideration may constitute an individual organism. A cell may be part of a tissue by may also be a microorganism which is part of an ecosystem, and very often it is impossible to draw a clear-cut distinction between these descriptions. Every sub-system is a relatively autonomous organism while also being a component of a larger organism; it is a "holon," in internal linkArthur Koestler's term, manifesting both the independent properties of wholes and the dependent properties of parts. Thus the pervasiveness or order in the universe takes on a new meaning; order at one systems level is the consequence of self-organization at a larger level.

- Fritjof Capra - _The Turning Point_

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filminternal link_Mindwalk_ based on his writings.

Capra, Fritjof. internal linkDance of internal linkShiva. Main Currents, September-October, 1972, volume 29, pages 15-20.

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