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circadian rhythms
Full Moon Gathering

This nOde last updated December 17th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(3 Ix (Jaguar) / 17 Mac - 94/260 -

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Full Moon Gathering - Mayan Stargate dancefloor... atomjacked Jan. 1, 2002

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"Don't think; feel. It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory."  - internal linkBruce Lee in _Enter The internal linkDragon_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1974)

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December 31, 1998
Rare Full Moon Succession Begins
When the full moon takes its place in Friday night's cold winter sky it will begin an unusual series of full moons not seen in more than internal linkeight decades.

There will be two full moons in January, none in February, and two again in March. That last occurred in 1915, reported Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

January's first full moon, the moon after Yule or old moon, becomes full at 8:30 p.m. EST Friday.
The month's second full moon occurs at 11:07 a.m. Jan. 31. When a month has two full moons the second is known as a ``blue'' moon, though it only rarely has a blue tint that unusual atmospheric conditions can supply. Occasionally the moon takes on unusual colors, but most often it tends to be reddish, reports Guy Ottewell of Furman University in Greenville, S.C.

The occasional blue or bluish-internal linkgreen moon can take place when a lot of dust is present in the air, such as after a volcanic eruption, Ottewell notes in his Astronomical Calendar 1999.

After January's double full moon, February manages to skip a full moon. At 28 days, it's the only month short enough to accomplish the feat. The moon's cycle varies from 29.2 days to 29.9 days, averaging 29.53. Thus, a month with 30 or 31 days has a complete cycle of all four phases of the moon. February last lacked a full moon in 1961 and will miss one again in 2018, Chester said.

After January, the first full moon will be March 2 at 1:59 a.m. EST.
The full moon of March is variously known as the sap moon, crow moon or Lenten moon. And at 5:49 p.m. March 31 will come another blue moon, the second in the same month.

The remaining full moons of 1999 will be:
--April 30, called the grass moon or egg moon.
--May 30, the planting moon or milk moon.
--June 28, the rose moon, flower moon or strawberry moon.
--July 28, the thunder moon or hay moon.
--Aug. 26, the green corn moon or grain moon.
--Sept. 25, the harvest moon or fruit moon.
--Oct. 24, the hunters moon.
--Nov. 23, the frosty moon or beaver moon.
--Dec. 22, the moon before Yule.

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full moon vibe

                                    Pray to the Moon,
                                 When She is rounde,
                                   Luck with you,
                                 shall then abounde,
                                What ever you seek for,
                                   Shall be founde,
                            In Sea, or Sky, or Solid Grounde
                                --traditional wiccan rhyme

The universe operates on two governing principles, one is Reason, the other is Rhyme, which is very close to rhythm.

Our culture is fixated on Reason, the Sea is fixated on Rhyme.

We arrive, drive through the town and out to the cool and the dark. I find the appropriate hidden turn off and discover that there are quite a few cars already at the site, though it isn't overcrowded. I find a good place to park, take out my back-pack and my new instrument, a internal linkdigeridoo and start the descent of the cliff The night is beautiful, the Moon is internal linkshining in a clear sky, the reflection on the sea is almost otherworldly.   This is the full moon before the Solstice, the most powerful full moon of the year. As far as one's ability to internal linktrance and to "bridge the worlds" this is a most auspicious internal linktime. Perhaps that is why a certain Kind Soul choose this time to bless  several of us with a drop or two of an absolute sacrement.

The beach was in full effect, it was about 3:15 when the  music started, Spun at the helm. Starts off with some internal linkambient music to set the tone and to dissipate some of the alcohol energy that was prominent. As he goes along I take some moments out to walk along the beach, the ultimate chill-out  room, I go over by the cliff and sit up on the rocks playing my didgery-do to the surf. As the music picks up, I decide that it's time to internal linkdance but as I go back over to the speakers, I began to experience the full on internal linkrush. I climb up out of the beach and walk along the the top of the cliff, the top has been tilled and planted with some form of leafy internal linkgreen vegetable.

The whole country side is bathed in moonlight, giving a silvery sheen to the ground and the plants. As I walked closer to the edge I looked out and saw the ocean in all its magnificent  beauty and power. Initially, it was frightening, (I was up  pretty high, I could look out for miles and the sea was so vast and some of the internal linkwaves offshore were easily about 30 feet in height); as I watched, I became less afraid and realized the  the sea has a story to tell and a song to sing, and if you listen carefully you can hear it. I grew bolder and went out to the  very edge of the cliff, to a little power spot "between the  worlds," it jutted out and was not more than 12 feet wide, but  provided a place to stand or sit where you could see all of  Panther beach below on one side and all of the coast on the  other. As I looked down on the revellers and looked out into  the sea, I began to realize that what we were doing was not particularly new at all but, in actuality it is very old: creatures,   especially sea creatures, are very linked to the lunar cycle,  and at the full moon there is more activity then at any other   time. As I watched the incessant approach of the waves, I finally understood about music and rhythm, House music in  particular. We as a species have a long way to go when it comes to rhythm, things like raving and trance dancing are  just at the gate of remembrance, so to speak. The sea and  the creatures that inhabit her are far more "with it" when it  comes to this fact of life. At one point when Tracy had come  on, her playing was perfectly in sync with the rhythm of the   approaching waves that were pounding the coast for miles in  both directions, the sound of the music blended with the  sound of the waves like an intricate internal linkfractal, I could feel the  energy on the beach, someone screamed and then I realized the lesson that our mother, the sea, was trying to tell us.

For the sea, all there is, is Rhythm, it is the governing  principle of ocean life, the currents and the tides are rhythmic and repetitive, although the song changes from hour to hour,   month to month, season to season, eon to eon. When we    rave for 4, 5 or 8 hours we simulate something that has been    going on in the sea for millions of years, it will continue to go  on for millions of years more even though we have to stop  and do things like electronic funds transactions and building  Web sites, there is always a Full Moon Rave at the seashore   whether we bring our sound boxes or not. The sea calls to us and invites us to return to the perpetual party, to the  perpetual rhythm of her song. For some of us (internal linkdolphinsinternal linkwhales), the call was so inviting that we did return and remerged our lives with hers, we forgot what it was to "build" and make tools and reverted back to the Vibe.
Spinner Dolphins

As I stood up there I could see whole weather systems  come in from off shore, great clouds of moisture coupled with large wind-swept internal linkwaves would roll in to the beach and the  Vibe of the beach would get moist and soggy and wet, the  music would even change, but eventually it would drain out  and and the Vibe would change again, it made me wonder about mood and temperament and Vibe and how much of  this is generated by us or are we just responding to greater  natural forces. Humans are so vain, we think that because we  are on the top of the food chain that that is tantamount to  divinity, but it is not.

I listen to the sound of crashing waves, flying insects and calling birds and realize that all of life vibrates in around and through us, Tracy is throwing down some serious beats  below on the beach, I wonder if she realizes how tuned in she really is. Anyone can learn to be a DJ, many can become   great and accomplished but very few can gain the ability to  set aside their Ego and let Creation play through them, that what makes a DJ into a internal linkShaman or Shamaness.

As I bid farewell to my plant friends they invited me back,  "Don't worry, we'll be here tomorrow and the next day,  century and millenium. Party every night."

                                      --Geoff White
                                      15 June 1995

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Fortuen Cookie - melodic nature moon appointment

personal space/time relevancy - March, 1995 through March, 2003 - 42 full moon excursions.  thank you to the moon.

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There's nothing "natural" about the sounds echoing off the rocks. These melodies and beats are created, recorded, and reproduced in the digital internal linkether of micro-circuitry. Techno's frenetic datadense internal linkintensity seems totally contrary to Abé's air of bodhisattva calm. "So do you really like this music?" I ask him.      "Yes," he says, tapping a hollowed-out coconut mixing bowl hanging from his neck. "I  like primitive sounds."

And that's the paradox of the techno-freak. As we hurtle into the 21st century, these internal linktransient refugees from the First World have poached the internal linkinfo tech that's speeding up the march of progress and made an abrupt about-face towards the archaic. Technology  is mobile, so they drag it to the rocks and jungles. Technology loves connection, so they  sync it with the ancient wheel of the heavens. Technology simulates, so they make it  mimic the fear and splendor of internal linkshamanic internal linktrance. The internal linkGoan beaches that spawned this internal linkecstaticinternal linkdigital primitivism may be lost to media hype and packaged tours, but the hardcore technofreaks will just lose themselves in the porous Third World landscape.

After all, the full internal linkmoon follows you everywhere you go.

- Erik Davis - internal link_Sampling Paradise_

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Thomas: Let's consider sensitivity.  How do humans fail to evoke this power of sensitivity, this power of absorbing the universe? Let me ask you something: When you see the moon, are you seing an image of the moon or are you absorbing the moon? That is, what happens when you glance up at night and see the moon?

The Universe Is A Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

internal linkYouth: Well, the internal linklight from the moon comes to me and hits my retina and I get this awareness of the moon.

Thomas: So seeing the moon is like watching a television screen that has an image of the moon, right?  It's there for a while, then it's gone.

Youth: Well, yeah.

Thomas: Now, in actuality, something much different happens.  When you look at the moon, you are absorbing the moon just as the ocean absorbs minerals. In terms of internal linkquantum mechanics, you as an individual body are represented by a particular quantum state.  This includes the interactions of all the elementary particles of your body.  Nowinternal linkimagine a patterend internal linkwave of light flowing into you.  Some of the internal linkphotons of this light wave interact with your own elementary particles, and through this interaction your quantum state is changed.  This is the quantum "stickiness" we discussed before.  Your particles are new in the sense that they have absorbed something from the photons and entered a new state of being.

Imagine a great number of tiny bells hanging near each other.  If some of these are struck sharply, they will transmit their own internal linkresonance throughout the ensemble.  No bell will remain the same, thus creating a new state for the whole of them.  The same situation holds true for your body: interaction with the photonic shower creates a new quantum state.

This means that when you stand in the presence of the moon, you become a new creation.  The photon's interactions have entered into the quantum state of your entire ensemble, and you are, through these interactions, a moon-person.  It is not something you HAVE, an image or an object, so much as it is something that you BECOME.  The elementary particles of your body have absorbed an influence and in that sense they - and you - are brand, spanking new, a human being resonating everywhere with moonlight.

There is no separate self "having" this image; rather, your totality is permeated with the moon's presence, and this totality, in reflecting upon and within itself, exists in a new awareness; the awareness of the moon.  You are the self, you are the moon.  Then there is only self-moon. That is your internal linkreality.  That is what cosmic sensitivity means for the human.

- _The Universe Is A internal linkGreen internal linkDragon_ atomjacked inventory cacheby Brian Swimme

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Both the empty and filled circles belong to the oldest ideograms and have been dated to the period internal linkimmediately after the emergence of the simplest conventionalized representations of humans and animals found on the walls of prehistoric caves and rock faces. 
   Sometimes 26:1 is a pictorial sign representing the internal linksun or the internal linkmoon. The empty circle is often used among primitive peoples to indicate such body openings as the eyes and the mouth. It has been in use in ideographic systems of writing for more than 5,000 years. As an internal linkEgyptian hieroglyph 26:1 was an ideogram for the pupil of the eye. 
  In astrology 26:1 represents the human spirit, the inner individual (as opposed to the personality, the outer individual, the individual as he or she is internal linkperceived by others). As a symbol for the human spirit 26:1 is the opposite of matter09:1 , the physical body, and earthly life. Both graphically and semiotically26:1 and 09:1 are almost diametrically opposed. 
  In Western ideography 26:1 is a general symbol for the eternal, the endless, that which is without beginning or end, all possibilities (within the confines of the system in which it is used). According to the law of the polarity of meanings of elementary graphs it can also mean nothing, no possibilites at all, as it does as a modern sign for internal linkprohibition. The activity prohibited is indicated by pictorial or alphabetical signs inside or outside 26:1
  The circle calls attention to those signs it encircles. The signs that are placed within it usually illustrate in what way the endless possibilities of the empty circle are limited.
  The empty circle is used in over 50 Western ideographic systems. In astronomy and calendars it indicates the full moon, in meteorology, a clear sky. As a cartographic sign it stands for town, community, center of communication; in internal linkelectrical contexts it stands for measuring instruments or electric motors. It is used in chemistry to denote the all-important element oxygen without which humans would not survive five minutes. In the old internal linkalchemy it was one of the signs for alum. In mechanics 26:1 means center of rotation. In biology and genealogy it sometimes denotes the female sex (then 28:5 stands for male). 
  On modern household appliances such as videotape recorders, it indicates selector for compact disc or selector for TV. On the main switch for electrical power in houses and apartments 26:1 means power off (as opposed to for power on). 
  In several of the systems of hobo signs 26:1 means here you get nothing, but in the French hobo or internal linkgypsy system of signs it can mean both here you must take care, and this is a hospitable house.

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poetry hip hop track _Coded internal linkLanguage_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Saul Williams off of _Amethyst Rock Star_ (2001)

Whereas, breakbeats have been the missing link connecting the internal linkdiasporic Community to its internal linkdrum woven past
Whereas the quantised drum has allowed the internal linkwhirling mathematicians to Calculate the ever changing distance between rock and stardom.
Whereas the velocity of internal linkspinning vinyl, cross-faded, spun backwards, and re-released at the same given moment of recorded history,
yet at a Different moment in internal linktime's continuum has allowed history to catch up with The present.


We claim the present as the pre-sent, as the hereafter.
We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the internal linksun.
We are not afraid of the darkness, we internal linktrust that the internal linkmoon shall guide us.
We are determining the future at this very moment.
We now know that the heart is the internal linkphilosophers' stone
Our music is our internal linkalchemy
We stand as the manifested equivalent of 3 buckets of internal linkwater and a hand full Of minerals,
thus realizing that those very buckets turned upside down
Supply the percussion factor of forever.
If you must count to keep the beat then count.
Find your internal linkmantra and awaken your subconscious.
Carve your circles counterclockwise
Use your cipher to decipher, Coded internal linkLanguage, man made internal linklaws.
Climb waterfalls and trees, commune with nature, snakes and internal linkbees.
Let your children name themselves and claim themselves as the new day
for Today we are determined to be the channelers of these changing internal linkfrequencies Into songs,
paintings, writings, internal linkdance, drama, photography, carpentry, Craft, love, and love.
We enlist every instrument: Acoustic, electronic.
Every so-called gender, race, and sexual preference.
Every person as beings of sound to acknowledge their responsibility
to Uplift the consciousness of the entire

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Too Dusty - Stardust (2014)


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internal linkJapan SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions)

Q. Many Japanese people have told me that instead of seeing a "man in the moon" in the moon's craters, they see a rabbit. Where exactly is the rabbit?

A. Both Japanese and Chinese people see a rabbit in the moon instead of a smiling face. Not only do they see a rabbit, but they believe it is making mochi (rice cakes). The origin of this idea comes from a play on words. The word mochizuki has a double meaning in Japanese. Although it is written with different kanji, it can sound like either "making ricecakes" or "full moon".

entity Rabbit In The Moon

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