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Gaea (je) also Gaia (ge) noun
Greek Mythology.
The goddess of the earth, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.

coined by James Lovelock

theory that the planet earth is one giant organism, and that we do not share its internal linkconsciousness because of our scaling (like the idea that our individual cells might be conscious but they (nor us) are not aware of the other's consciousness).  we as humans, might be the equivalent of the individual neurons of our brain, forming a internal linknetwork of communication for the entire planet.

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The internal linkFoundation Seriesatomjacked inventory cache by internal linkIsaac Asimov


Planet in the Sayshell Sector, 10 parsecs from Sayshell Planet.  Gaia is an ancient word for "Earth".  Has one small (100km) natural satellite.  Population; 1,000,000,000.  Engineered by the humaniform robot R. Daneel in order to resolve the conflict of the internal linkZeroth Law.  In 498FE Gaia maneuvered Golan Trevize, Stor Gendibal and Harla Branno to the vicinity of Gaia in order that Trevize determine the future of the Galaxy.  A decision that Gaia couldn't make but believed that Trevize had a special aptitude that would enable him make the correct decision.

Although Gaia felt responsible for the internal linkMule, they allowed the Second Foundation to correct the problem.  Gaia wanted Trevize to be convinced that he had made the correct decision in choosing Galaxia and so, through one of their members, Bliss, assisted Trevize in his search for Earth.


Period of rotation: 22 hours.
Axial inclination: 12o

from Encyclopedia Galactica

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boundary dissolution...

The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your internal linklanguage through a internal linksynergy between electronic culture and the internal linkpsychedelic internal linkimagination, a synergy between internal linkdance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and internal linkdissolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind.

- Terence McKenna

imagination manifests realities... Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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In one sense the sons & daughters of Gaia have never left the paleolithic; in another sense, all the perfections of the future are already ours.  Only insurrection will "solve" this paradox - only the uprising against false internal linkconsciousness in both ourselves & others will sweep away the technology of oppression & the poverty of the Spectacle.  In this battle a painted mask or internal linkshaman's rattle may prove as vital as the seizing of a communications satellite or secret computer internal linknetwork.  Our sole criterion for judging a weapon or a tool is its beauty.  The means already ARE the end, in a certain sense; the insurrection already IS our adventure; Becoming IS Being.  Past & future exist within us & for us, alpha & omega.  There are no other gods before or after us.  We are free in internal linkTIME - and will be free in SPACE as well.
 - internal linkHakim Beyinternal link_TAZ_atomjacked inventory cache 


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"Whole-system fine tuning.  If the phenomena associated with biological harmony and internal linkresonance could be understood, then such large scale systems as global banking or global food production and distribution could be more properly managed.  The Gaian biologists, Lovelock, Margulies, and others, have argued persuasively that the entire planet has been self-organized by microbial and planktonic life into a metastable regime favorable to biology and maintained there for over two billion years. Plan-based Gaia has kept a balance throughout internal linktime and space - and this in spite of the repeated bombardment of the earth by asteroidal material sufficient to severely disrupt the planetary equilibrium.  We can only admire - and we should seek to imitate such a internal linkTaoTao-like sense of the planet's multidimensional homeostatic balance.  But how?  I suggest we look at plants - look more deeply, more closely, and with a more open mind than we have done before."

  - internal linkTerence McKennainternal link_Archaic Revival_atomjacked inventory cache 

The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna

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The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

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internal linkTAZ - Gaia - 4/20/96

Gaia 4/20/96

The internal linkAmbient Temples of Imagination and Pyromania Arts present


internal linkP.A.N.
MYCELLIAL MIND (Pyromania Arts/ATOI Neuronal Mix)
MAHAKALIMA (for Diamanda Galas)

RICHARD internal linkSUN
Justin Beck & Jordan Cadogan
Johannes Ayres, April Dawn, Enrique,  & thee Siren was Kira Westfall
arranged & mixed by MARK WAYNE (E.A.R.)

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I have had a thought about this recently which I will tell you. One of the internal linkscience fiction fantasies that haunts the internal linkcollective unconscious is expressed in the phrase "a world run by machines"; in the 1950s this was first articulated in the notion, "perhaps the future will be a terrible place where the world is run by machines." Well now, let's think about machines for a moment. They are extremely impartial, very predictable, not subject to moral suasion, value neutral, and very long lived in their functioning. Now let's think about what machines are made of, in the internal linklight of internal linkSheldrake's   morphogenetic field theory. Machines are made of metal, glass, gold, internal linksilicon, plastic; they are made of what the earth is made of.  Now wouldn't it be strange if biology is a way for earth to internal linkalchemically transform itself into a self-reflecting thing. In which case then, what we're headed for inevitably, what we are in fact creating is a world run by machines. And once these machines are in place, they can be expected to manage our economies, internal linklanguages, social aspirations, and so forth, in such a way that we stop killing each other, stop starving each other, stop destroying land, and so forth. Actually the fear of being ruled by machines is the male ego's fear of relinquishing control of the planet to the maternal internal linkmatrix of Gaia.   - internal linkTerence McKenna


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internal linkTAZinternal linkPulse Of Gaia - November 11, 1995 

Pulse Of Gaia flyer

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The artist, Aristotle says, imitates Nature. The internal linktrickster, practical joker and counterfeiter also imitate Nature, if you think about it. Certain insects imitate Nature so successfully that they become invisible, except to those who look at all things with suspicious eyes; and internal linkPhilip K. Dick has memorably suggested that we may share space-internal linktime with "Zebra," a hypothetical gaian intelligence that we can't see because it disguises itself as the whole environment.

internal linkRobert Anton Wilsoninternal link_Cosmic Trigger III_atomjacked inventory cache

Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

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"The universe is the communion of internal linksubjects, not a collection of objects." - _The internal linkDream Of The Earth_ by Thomas Berry

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We're just part of the internal linkprocess of turning mountains into computers.

"A pair of coevolutionary creatures chasing each other in an escalating arms race can only seem to veer out of control. Likewise, a pair of cozy coevolutionary symbionts embracing each other can only seem to lead to stagnant solipsism. But Lovelock saw that if you had a vast internal linknetwork of coevolutionary impulses, such that no creatures could escape creating its own substrate and the substrate its own creatures, then the web of coevolution spread around until it closed a circuit of self-making and self-control."

"...if Earth is reduced to the size of a bacteria, and inspected under high-powered optics, would it seem stranger than a virus? Gaia hovers there, a blue sphere under the stark internal linklight, inhaling energy, regulating its internal states, fending off disturbances, complexifying, and ready to transform another planet if given a chance."

- internal linkKevin Kelly - internal link_Out Of Control_

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Interview with Grant Morrisson, author of _The Invisibles_

Grant Morrisson

THE PULSE: Are you religious, if so how do your beliefs mirror internal linkscience fiction?

Okay ... I've had 24 years of occult experimentation and a "internal linkcontact" experience in Kathmandu in 1994 which brought me to a point where my own experiences and the lessons I'd learned became much more meaningful, real and important to me than some old book that was written a long time ago by people no more special than me or anyone else. My beliefs are firmly grounded in nuts and bolts internal linkreality but probably sound strange because of the sci-fi style language of biology etc.

So based on my own experience, I've come to the conclusion that the individual human body is no more, no less than one of the billions of skin cells we lose every day. Each of those cells was once bursting with internal linkyouth and health before it lived its allotted span, shriveled and then fell as dust. Now, if a skin cell became conscious and forgot that it was only a internal linktemporary and recyclable part of a much larger living body, it too would no doubt feel the same existential trauma experienced by all living, sentient creatures. It would fear its own demise as we do, because it would have forgotten its purpose and function within a larger context and become trapped in the illusory yet painful cage of individuality.

Like skin cells or perhaps more like immune cells, we as individuals are all part of one immense intelligent living creature which has its roots in the Cryptozoic era and its living tendrils - including us - probing forward through the untasted jelly of the 21st Century. The body of this vast and intelligent lifeform - the biota as it's known - is still in its infancy and still at the stage in its life cycle where it must consume the planet's resources like a internal linkcaterpillar on a leaf. What looks like environmental destruction to us is, I believe, the natural acceleration of an impending metamorphosis; just as a caterpillar gorges itself to power its transformation into a butterfly, so too does the biota consume everything in its path, in preparation for its own imminent transformation into adult form.

Quite soon now, possibly within ten years even, the infant creature in the body of which we are all merge cells will awaken to its true nature, the concept of individuality will vanish overnight, as the internal linkimaginary walls separating our minds collapse, we will realise there is only one mind, and our mega-maggot will metamorphose, leaving the planetary cradle and the four internal linkdimensions of spacetime to be born at last as a fully-formed adult creature designed for existence in a higher dimension fluid continuum or internal linkinformational supermembrane. As immune cells inside this gigantic, living, tree-like body that's currently huffing and puffing its way towards maturity, it's our job to do everything we can to keep the larva healthy and developing normally. That's if we want to be born as adults into internal linkhyperspacetimelessness and quite frankly, I fancy the idea.

That's my religion and it didn't come from a book and it's not based on my blind faith but on my own direct experience of and conversation with my "God." "Grant" is an immune cell in the body of "God" - the biota - does its thinking and its sensing through tiny, self-replicating cell-creatures like me and you and all the other examples of life on earth. All life is the same life. All thoughts are the same thought. No one dies at all, except in the way that a baby has to "die" for a child to be born and the child has to "die" for the adult to be born. That's all death is at every stage - scary transformation. And, although individual "bodies" seem to wither, fall away, and be lost, internal linkconsciousness remains as a function of the biota.


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