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Gordon Cooper

Gordon Cooper
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internal linkLOS ANGELES -- Astronaut Gordon Cooper, one of the original seven internal linkMercury astronauts, has confirmed the existence of a mind control program administered by internal linkNASA in the 1950's and 1960's involving gifted American schoolchildren.

The astronaut's revelation was made during a July 19th interview by host Mike Siegel on the popular, late-night radio program, Coast to Coast.

During a discussion that primarily internal linkfocused on Cooper's beliefs that extraterrestrial beings are visiting planet Earth and that some internal linkUFO's are internal linkalien spacecraft, Siegel asked Cooper: "Who were the space kids?"
UFOs over China in 1974

Cooper answered that "the space kids were children with exceptional mental abilities run through a kind of MK program, like the things that are coming out now."

He went on to describe how NASA's mind control program emphasized cultivation of the children's internal linkpsychic abilities and that it involved telepathy, remote viewing, and out-of-body-experiences (OBE's).

Cooper's remarks generally support the claims of a growing cadre of Americans, now in their thirties, forties, and fifties, who are
recovering internal linkmemories of unusual classes that they were enrolled in as young children during the advent of the Space Age.

These "study groups" included speed reading lessons that enabled students to comprehend entire passages at a single glance, the use of learning machines to teach them vast amounts of information, card games and other situational exercises involving clairvoyance, and seminars in the guided internal linkimagination that forms the basis of remote viewing.

It is believed that NASA's mind control program was directed at preparing children who would later be able to communicate with the non-human intelligent species that humanity might encounter in space.

This thesis is supported by the fact that one experiencer remembers being tutored in a hieroglyphic alphabet that author Fritz Springmeier has identified as a set of "intergalactic symbols" developed by NASA for the purpose of communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations.

The accounts of some individuals suggest that in some cases, the children involved were given drugs to enhance memory and learning and were physically spun on table top-like devices to induce the internal linkaltered state of consciousness associated with OBE's.

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Cooper was going to go to the internal linkmoon, but Alan Shepherd went instead, and then the Apollo program was cancelled. Cooper was going to go to Mars, too.  Few Americans even know that NASA was well along on plans for a manned Mars mission, with a landing projected for 1981.  Cooper was in line for commander of the mission. It would have been a nuclear powered spacecraft, assembled in earth orbit after parts were sent aloft on a series of Saturn 1-Bs. The nuclear engines were ready. A lot of the spacecraft was ready.  They were still working on the lander and then that program was cancelled, too.  "By Senator Proxmire. The worst enemy America ever had."

Theinternal linkUFO sighting: It was in 1951 over Germany.  He and several other pilots were flying F-86 jets --  "We were super-sonic,  barely,"  -- when they looked up and saw what appeared to be a large group of "double lenticular shaped" aircraft, classic flying saucers, flying  in formation.  "These craft were much higher than our plane could go, though I couldn't tell how high. They were going faster too, but I couldn't tell how much faster." Over the next two or three days, he and other pilots saw "several hundred" of these craft.  "They flew formation maneuvers very much like our own squadron would internal linkfly." He and the other witnesses were uniformly convinced they were seeing a technology that wasn't human.

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featured in the film internal link_The Right Stuff_  (1983) atomjacked inventory cache, played by Dennis Quaid.

In one scene, Gordon Cooper travels to internal linkAustralia to monitor the first human to orbit Earth (John Glenn) from a communications link in the outback.  There, he tells the Aborigines that he is an "astronaut", to which he gets a reply... "oh, you too?"

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