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gravity (grÓv┤ţ-tŕ) noun
1. Abbr. gr. Physics. a. The natural internal linkforce of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body. b. The natural force of attraction between any two massive bodies, which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. c. Gravitation.
2. Grave consequence; seriousness or importance: They are still quite unaware of the gravity of their problems.
3. Solemnity or dignity of manner.
[French gravitÚ, heaviness, from Old French, from Latin gravitÔs, from gravis, heavy.]

Science, 265 B.C.

Archimedes (see 265 B.C.) has discovered ("Eureka!") the law of specific gravity while sitting in his bathtub: a body dropped into a liquid will displace an amount of liquid equal to its own weight. He considers his ingenious mechanical contrivances beneath the dignity of pure science.

gravitational wave

gravitational wave noun
A hypothetical wave that is held to propagate the force of gravity and to travel at the speed of internal linklight. Also called gravity wave.

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It seems more likely to me that all this complexity is better directed toward the end of the cycle when, after billions of years of internal linkevolution, everything finally comes together. internal linkAlfred North Whitehead proposed this same idea. He said that history grows toward what he called a "nexus of completion." And these nexuses of completion themselves grow together into what he called the "internal linkconcrescence." A concrescence exerts a kind of attraction, which can be thought of as the temporal equivalent of gravity, except all objects in the universe are drawn toward it through time, not space.
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Alfred North Whitehead Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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track _Gravity_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkMoss Icon off of internal link_Moss Icon/Silver Bearing_ split 12"atomjacked inventory cache on Vermin Scum as well as _Lybernum_ CD

Moss Icon - Lybernum

internal linkwaves caress the foamed shore below. internal linkresonating ultrasonic through the cliffs of their sound.  the sun's shine is poured all around, drying the leaves and such.  there is something about here, and it does me good.  where we have color, eyes and movement, where sound is understood.  we have living respiration, a breath echo vibration.  solid internal linksun inspiration and ground where forebears stood.  here I am going, and here I will stay.  I have a body to do my moving, to find my home wood.  I am here to see tomorrow.  I am here to breathe today.  there is a rust nailed floor boarded with ancient oak wooden planks that rock and creak.


Words eye. internal linkSingularity.  you did not sing and I would not internal linkdream.
you are the shade breeze.  you are the shade.  you are the shade breeze blowing.  the movers of the stream.  Words eye.  stops breath withholding the heart within its rib cage and it stops for a internal linkmoment.  Waves caress the foamed shore below, resonating ultrasonic through the cliffs of their sound.  I was hoping that you would make it, and I'm happy that you could.  I was hoping that you would make it.  I am happy that you could.  And I will see you again.

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record label Gravity.


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  • Due to gravitational effects, you weigh slightly less when the internal linkmoon is directly overhead.

    2001 - gravity all relative

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    The Great Pyramids Of Giza
    De-Phazz - Detunized Gravity CD on Mole Listening Pearls (1997) The VSS - Nervous Circuits on Honey Bear (1997)
    Snow Patrol - Songs For Polar Bears on Jeepster (1998) Folk Implosion - One Part Lullaby (1997)
    Minus 8 - Beyond Beyond on Higher Ground (1998)

    Unlimited Gravity - _Neck Check_

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    internal link604 release internal link_Eighth Flight - Gravitation_ compilation CD on internal linkFlying Rhino

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    the "rolling uphill illusion".  things may not seem to be how they appear:

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