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Hakim Bey
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internal link_Temporary Autonomous Zones_ (TAZ)   atomjacked inventory cache -  Ontological Anarchy And Poetic Terrorism

Autonomedia Press
internal linkImmediatism

A psychic paleolithism based on High-Tech - post-agricultural, post-industrial, "internal linkzerowork," nomadic (or "Rootless Cosmopolitan") - a internal linkQuantum Paradigm Society - this constitutes the ideal vision of the future according to internal linkChaosHail ErisTheory as well as "Futurology" (in the internal linkRobert Anton Wilson/internal linkTimothy Leary sense of the term).

Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid Timothy Leary's finger

Steam Engine

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Bey oninternal linkBill Gates

     For example. Is he the leader of this thing or is he just pushed forward on the wave of some kind of techno-economic development and if it was not Bill Gates it would be someone else.

internal linkRobert Anton Wilson likes to quote: "When it is steam engine time it steam engines." - internal linkCharles Fort. Like when it is time to rain it rains. When it is time for steam engines some vast IT produces the steam engine. In fact we know plenty of examples where the same scientific discovery is made simultanously by five or six people within minutes around the world. Not because of some internal linkJungian internal linkarchetypal anima floating around but because science got to that point. And five or six people were smart enough to realise it right away. There is also the point that the first  working steam engine was actually built on an incorrect scientific theory, if I am not  mistaken. It was made by someone who thought he was doing one thing but actually did something else alltogether and it just happened to be a steam engine. That happens plenty of   times too.

The problem with internal linkconspiracy theory is to believe that there is one particular group of human beings who are in control of my destiny. That's a philosophical extreme to which I don't  wanna go.  On the other side it's obvious that people do conspire. That there are conspiracies, secret forces behind outward political shows of power.  It is clear that there is not one single known politician in America who has any real power at all. They are simply working for big corporations and economic interests like oil, or the global market itself. The best model is, that there are many, at least several conspiracies and that they interlock, that they compete, that they melt into each other, that they separate from each other. If we wanna know what's going on, if we wanna understand history as it is happening we should know something about these conspiracies.  Again critical consciousness is a useful tool here.

- _Hakim Bey Talks With Users of Public Netbase 3/18/95_

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"...only in Classical Physics does Chaos have anything to do with entropy, heat-death, or decay.  In our physics (Chaos Theory), Chaos identifies with internal linktaoTao, beyond both yin-as-entropy & yang-as-energy,, more a principle of continual creation than of any nihil, void in tthe sense of potentia, not exhaustion. (Chaos as the "sum of all orders.") "From this internal linkalchemy we quintessentialize an aesthetic theory.  Chaote art may act terrifying, it may even act grand guignol (xref release by internal linkJohn Zorn _Grand Guinol_ CDatomjacked inventory cache), but it can never allow itself to be drenched in putrid negativity, thanatosis, schadenfreude (delight in the misery of others), crooning over Nazi memorabilia & serial murders.  Ontological Anarchy collects no internal linksnuff films & is bored to tears with dominatrices who spout french philosophy ("Everything is hopeless & I knew it before you did, asshole. Nyahh!")
 - Hakim Bey - internal link_TAZ_atomjacked inventory cache
TAZ by Hakim Bey

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There is this issue of how do you start to create a change within the system. An important element that has been overlooked. For example a musician, who creates a piece of music and puts it on a record himself, the responsibility is always kind of finished once he got it on record, if he goes up far. He doesn't seem to realize that going from spiritual to material, you must follow the internal linkflow of your commodity - if you like - right to the people you wanna give it  to. And that is something that is very important to the future of changing the way the creativity is mediated. In particular when you internal linkfocus on creative things that have the ability to wake people up, internal linkTrance-forms of music for instance. It's the same with creating anything. Am  I gonna give it to Sony for a deskjob, or am I gonna try to create my own independence? I  have seen a lot of people who have been getting a record label together, they get a lot of artists on their label and when the day comes to pay this artists they do not pay these artists. This is happenning with Techno, actually a lot of the artists have suddenly realized that, once again a   music scene is created of the back of the underground musicians who never got paid for what  they did. Bringing music back to what it originally was.

Here we are at this great revolutionary music, where we use crystals and internal linkelectricity to create  soundenergy. We have suddenly got this massive change in music, where you can use any sound you want in the world. And you've broken the mould that the piano set up, and you suddenly enter into a realm of pure internal linkfrequency again - rhythm and frequency, from which to  build a new structure. But where is our reference point in the western world? Where is that reference point for why I'm gonna make this kind of music? And that's why the internal linkfilter becomes cloudy and thats where it's important to attain an independent internal linknetwork for musicians and creative people.

- from _Hakim Bey talks with users of public netbase March 18, 1995_

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internal link_TAZ_ CDatomjacked inventory cache by Hakim Bey and internal linkBill Laswell on Axiom (1994)

Hakim Bey - TAZ\ Bill Laswell
  • track _Primordial Uncarved Block_ by Tribes Of Neurot (offshoot of Neurosis) off of _Silver Blood Transmission_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Release (1995)

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    "Art tells gorgeous lies that come true."   - Hakim Bey -  _Temporary Autonomous Zone_

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    "The paleolithism of the future (which for us, as mutants, already exists) will be achieved on a grand scale only through a massive technology of the internal linkImagination, and a scientific paradigm which reaches beyond internal linkQuantum Mechanics into the realm of Chaos Theory & the hallucinations of Speculative Fiction.

     ~ ~ Hakim Bey, _Temporary Autonomous Zones_

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    "In more traditional worlds ... I've noticed that people remain much more attuned to the internal linklanguages of gesture; where there's no TV & "nothing ever happens", people watch people, people read people... I never knew this till I lived in Asia. Here in America, people react to you most often on the basis of the idea you project—through clothes, position (job), spoken language. In the East one is more often surprised to find the interlocutor reacting to an inner state; perhaps one was not even aware of this state, or perhaps the effect seems like "telepathy". Most often, it is an effect of body language."

    -  Hakim Bey

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