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Spherical Harmonics
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harmonic (här-mòn´îk) adjective
1.Music. a. Of or relating to harmony. b. Pleasing to the ear: harmonic orchestral effects. c. Characterized by harmony: a harmonic liturgical chant.
2.Of or relating to harmonics.
3.Integrated in nature.

1.a. A tone in the harmonic series of overtones produced by a fundamental tone. b. A tone produced on a stringed instrument by lightly touching an open or stopped vibrating string at a given fraction of its length so that both segments vibrate. Also called overtone, partial, partial tone.
2.A wave whose internal linkfrequency is a whole-number multiple of that of another.
3. harmonics (used with a sing. verb). The theory or study of the physical properties and characteristics of musical sound.

[Latin harmonicus, from Greek harmonikos, from harmonia, harmony. See harmony.]
- harmon´ically adverb


Harmonics, series of subsidiary vibrations that accompany a primary, or fundamental, wave-motion vibration, most notably in musical instruments. Harmonics result when the vibrating body, for example a stretched string or an enclosed air column, vibrates simultaneously as a whole and in equal parts (halves, thirds, fourths, and so on), producing wave frequencies that are in simple ratios with the fundamental frequency. Harmonics contribute to the ear'sinternal linkperception of the quality, or timbre, of a sound.

In musical sound the full-length vibration produces the fundamental tone (first harmonic or first partial), which is usually perceived as the basic pitch of the sound. The subsidiary vibrations produce faint overtones (second and higher harmonics or partials). As the series progresses, the vibrating segments become smaller, the frequencies higher, and the musical pitches closer together.

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The universe, believe it or not, is nothing other than a giant musical instrument with a very special but predictable pattern of harmonically related internal linkoscillations which determine the structure of everything from galactic clusters to subatomic particles. The single axiom of the Harmonics theory is that ... the universe consists of a wave which develops harmonics and each of these internal linkwaves does the same.

 - Ray Tomes - _Cycles In The Universe_

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     A sinudoidal component of an internal linkAC voltage that is
     multiple of the fundamental waveform


     Regularly appearing distortion of the sine wave
     whose frequency is a multiple of the fundamental
     frequency. Converts the normal sine wave into a
     complex waveform.


     A cancellation internal linkprocess: harmonics at the output
     of a circuit are inverted and fed back in their
     opposite phase.

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My suggestion is that at every stage the proper order of operation of the mind requires an overall grasp of what is generally known, not only in formal, logical, mathematical terms, but also intuitively, in images, feelings, poetic use of internal linklanguage, etc. (Perhaps we could say that this is what is involved in harmony between the 'left brain' and the 'right brain'.) This kind of overall way of thinking is not only a fertile source of new theoretical ideas: it is needed for the human mind to function in a generally harmonius way, which could in turn help to make possible an orderly and stable society.

internal linkDavid Bohm - _Wholeness And The Implicate Order_ 

Wholeness And The Implicate Order by David Bohm

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Galactic Harmonics is a grand discipline occupied with the examination of the underlying patterns and themes present in all levels of material existence. From the subatomic to the cosmic,  these recurring patterns can be found in everything from particle interaction to social dynamics to the unfolding of the universe itself.   When viewed through the internal linkmagical internal linkfilters of physics and mathematics, we can begin to see that the universe at its most basic level is nothing more than an immense pattern-generating function. We are just one small part of the universal pattern, but each tiny particle of our being mirrors the vast complexities of the entire universe. When we study without, we also study within.   By relating key concepts to meditative states, it is my hope that meditation and practice will instill a sense of how integral each of these concepts are to the actual physical internal linkprocess of life. Naturally, we will start at the beginning, but as we move forward each new concept will compliment the last and continue to build until there is no beginning and no end, only patterns and cycles.

- James Kent - _The Galactic Harmonic Primer_

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During the mid-internal link1980's, art historian internal linkJose Arguelles came to the well-publicized conclusion that August 16, 1987, would be a very special day.  The ancient internal linkMayan and Aztec calendars, he said, foretold an alignment of celestial objects on that date that would bring about a five-year period of peace and spiritual cleansing in preparation for a twenty-first-century visit by otherworldly beings.  On the appointed day, hopeful enthusiasts gathered at widely scattered "sacred sites" from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia to old ruinns in internal linkNew Mexico, ready and willing to be reborn.  Some believed internal linkalien spaceships might appear or Jesus Christ might return.  No sensational events occurred.  However, within the next five years, the cold war ended, the Berlin Wall came down, the rebirth of tribal gatherings with music and internal linkdance - raves - was born.  that special date was called The Harmonic Convergence.

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