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Hunab Kuhunab ku - vortex technology

This nOde last updated April 11th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(13 K'an (Corn) / 7 Pohp - 104/260 -

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internal link604 Distributor Hunab Ku

Yucatecan "giver of movement and measure."

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Information in formation Sol

In his 1987 book, internal link_The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology_internal linkJose Arguelles describes the internal linkMayan calendar. This included both a 365-day  solar calendar called the Haab, as well as a 260-day sacred calendar called the internal linkTzolkin, which was supposed to be based on galactic rotation. Thus, each day would would have a distinct date in each calendar.

Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles I Ching DNA

Arguelles interprets this calendar as part of what he calls a 'radiogentic game board' that relates to both the internal linkI-Ching and the 64-unit internal linkDNA code. Here is some of what Arguelles says:

Let us assume the galaxy to be an immense organism possessing order and internal linkconsciousness... it consists of a complex of member star systems each coordinated by the galactic core, Hunab Ku ... the dense internal linkpulsating galactic heart emits a continuous series of signals ... a internal linkmatrix of internal linkresonance - a vast gallactic field of intelligent energy whose primary on-off pulsations provides the basis for four universal internal linkwave functions: a transmitting of informational function; a radiative or internal linkelectromagnetic function; and attractive or internal linkgravitational function; and a receptive or psychoactive function. It is important to bear in mind that the internal linkinformation communicated from one system to another must pass through the star of the receiving system. It is the star, of which our internal linksun is an example, that mediates the internal linkKuxan Suum ("galactic walkie-talkie lifeline") between Hunab Ku, the gallactic core, and the planet internal linkevolving into conscious reflective intelligence.

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track _A Huge Ever Growing internal linkPulsating internal linkBrain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (loving u): Live Mix mk 10_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkThe Orb off of _Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cache on Island (1991)  
The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

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According to Martinez, the Maya came to the  mathematical certainty of the existence of cosmic internal linkconsciousness which they named "Hunab Ku", sole dispenser of measurement and movement, to whom they attributed the mathematical structuring of the universe. This divinity they represented by a circle in which was inscribed a square, just as did internal linkPythagoras. The Maya believed that their supreme divinity functioned through a principle of dynamic dualism, or polarity...by which, through the agency of the four elements, air, fire, internal linkwater, earth...the  whole material world was engendered...To the Maya, the earth was not a corpse, it was neither dead nor inert, but a living entity internal linkimmediately tied to the existence of man.

-  Peter Tompkins in _Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids_ 


Gaia Node Philik K. Dick

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The problem of theodicy or the existence of entropy becomes explained as a severing of communication. The goal of Earth is not merely to join all human minds into one internal linkGaian planet-mind; it's ultimately to shatter the "Black Iron Prison" and rejoin this internal linkgalactic network, reducing the entropic (internal linkKali Yuga-like) state in which it's currently in.  internal linkPhilip K. Dick even hints that this might mean the triumph over death. Some biologists think organisms acquire genetic errors throughout their lifetime (whether through "wear and tear" or some preprogramming or both), and that death results when the errors so overwhelm the "signal" or code of the organism that it can no longer maintain itself in dynamic homeostasis. The inability of the body to function shuts off blood to the brain, and thus the "code" of the personality or identity of the person is extinguished as well. Death is the extinguishing of internal linkinformation (but sexual reproduction and culture preserve some of it, in the form of genes and internal linkmemes.)

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atomjacked poster - Drive Like Jehu to Hunab Ku

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Whether it dies or not, I've learned enough astronomy to discover something that's completely changed my view of cosmology. This is that the idea that there are principles of self-organization acting on astronomical scales seems really to be true. During the last ten years or so, people who study galaxies have discovered evidence that internal linkfeedback effects and mechanisms of self-organization are indeed happening at the level of the galaxies; they are, in fact, essential for galaxies to form stars. They're also necessary to the existence of spiral galaxies. The idea that a galaxy is a self organized system more an ecology than a nonliving clump of stars and gas has become common among astronomers and physicists who study galaxies.  

feedback and iteration...

Thus, it seems to me quite likely that the concept of self-organization and complexity will more and more play a role in astronomy and cosmology. I suspect that as astronomers become more familiar with these ideas, and as those who study complexity take internal linktime to think seriously about such cosmological internal linkpuzzles as galaxy structure and formation, a new kind of astrophysical theory will develop, in which the universe will be seen as a internal linknetwork of self-organized systems.

- Lee Smolin

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F (evening), SA (morning), 10 PM-1 AM
external linkKPFK
HOST(S): Fidel Rodriguez
EMAIL: 2012@divineforces.org

"divine internal linkforces radio: escape the internal linkmatrix-this is real hip-hop." A critical thinking hip-hop internal linkedu-tainment show derived from indigenous principles of conduct and morality. Based in internal linkLos Angeles "divine forces radio" travels throughout the world covering internal linkcensored and inspirational stories that educate and bond the human race closer together. Hosted and produced by fidel rodriguez with DJ's Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies, Counterstryke of CAL Cutterz, Breeze, and the Aurator. "divine forces radio" internal linkfocuses on inspirational hip hop music blended with interviews and internal linkinformation that internal linkseek the root of internal linktruth in a internal linkrogue state.
Divine Forces Radio - Hunab Ku

Feel the vibe in the circle of Divine Forces
Steady teaching rhythm, poetry and
internal linkmental resource courses
With a lot of
internal linkfeedback and very little distortion
Let peace and freedom reign in greater proportions
And all ties to
internal linkBabylon will now be severed
And well truly celebrate movement and measure
Swallow the red pill and watch fools blindly chase monetary pleasures
internal linktake the blue and your days will be cloudy never
Because there are two types of people in the world
And its been like this for so long it feels like forever
There are some who pay more to eat less and those who have no food whatsoever
And every president seems to deem welfare a big flop
While biotech firms breed a new crop of genetically modified hip hop
Selling death and disease and claiming its nutritious
But our
internal linkdrum beats bang so loud that we still call them seditious
We are guided like the universal
internal linkwater
One with the Creator-- the supreme mother and father
Taking hip hop culture one step farther
And for the record--- fuck the foreign offense policy of this country
Bitter superpower meets sweet super poverty
The goal of exploitation has become redundantly clear
A cloth made from globalization is what x-cowboy terrorists are dying to wear
And its easy to wash us down in our own fears
We've been conditioned like this for years and years
Walk through a Wal Mart world with a unique idea and everyone will stare
Mind illumination is too bright for Reptilians to bear
We stay up all night perfecting beats and rhymes made to tear
internal linkDown the walls built with the mortar of a hypocrisy that tends to slant
Take a stance and wage a new battle for the proletariat
Cause at the present moment the devils wet dream is in full effect
And true peace is what the Pentagon tries to circumvent
So you better check
What your seeds are learning when you leave the job of babysitting up to the TV
Market led deregulation of our airwaves is making it hard to breathe
Cookie cutter programming sprinkled with greed
100 plus channels divided by 5 corporations on that damn cable
Equals virtually no diversity
Cause it seems like theres no press thats really free from tyranny
So we take the airwaves back to gain liberation and sanctity
For life
CEOs attempt to market and sell back your strife
But we are Pacifists buying the
internal linkdream of Conscientious Objectors
Birthing thoughts of liberation with help from our ancestors
Quit injecting our seeds with hormones so they'll grow faster
internal linkWake up
Because while we're busy playing our Playstations
They're manufacturing consent for war in Third World Nations
Using 21st century slaves to build phallic toys that are anti-creation
And 9-11 was just another case of the
internal linkchickens coming home to roost manifestation
And there are patriots ingesting political propaganda as their only information sources
tune in to feel the vibe in the circle of Divine Forces
Steady teaching rhythm, poetry and mental resource courses
With a lot of feedback and very little distortion


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internal link_Time Equals Art_

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