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hypertext (hì´per-tèkst´) noun
Computer Science.
A computer-based text retrieval system that enables the user to provide access to or gain information related to a particular text.
Information in formation


Hypertext, in computer science, a metaphor for presenting internal linkinformation in which text, images, sounds, and actions become linked together in a complex, nonsequential web of associations that permit the user to browse through related topics, regardless of the presented order of the topics. These links are often established both by the author of a hypertext document and by the user, depending on the internal linkintent of the hypertext document. For example, traveling among the links to the word  iron in an article might lead the user to the periodic table of the elements or a map of the migration of metallurgy in Iron Age Europe. The term hypertext was coined in 1965 by Ted Nelson to describe documents, as presented by a Computer, that express the nonlinear structure of ideas, as opposed to the linear format of books, film, and speech. The term hypermedia, more recently introduced, is nearly synonymous but emphasizes the nontextual components of hypertext, such as animation, recorded sound, and video.


hypermedia (hì'per-mê`dê-e) noun
The integration of any combination of text, graphics, sound, and video into a primarily associative system of information storage and retrieval in which users jump from subject to related subject in searching for information. Hypermedia attempts to offer a working and learning environment that parallels human thinking- that is, one in which the user can make associations between topics, rather than move sequentially from one to the next, as in an alphabetic list. For example, a hypermedia presentation on navigation might include links to astronomy, bird migration, geography, satellites, and radar. If the information is primarily in text form, it is regarded as hypertext; if video, music, animation, or other elements are included, the information is regarded as hypermedia.

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It has taken several decades for these technologies take root, and many of us are used to the way they work. But the people I met at my first rave in early 1990's San Francisco claimed they could experience this same boundless, hypertext universe without the use of a computer at all. For them, cyberspace can be accessed through drugs, internal linkdance, spiritual techniques, internal linkchaosHail Eris! math, and pagan rituals. They move into a state of consciousness where, as if logged onto a computer, the limitations of internal linktime, distance, and the body are internal linkperceived as meaningless. People believe that they move through these regions as they might move through computer programs or video games--unlimited by the rules of a linear, physical internal linkreality. Moreover, they say that our reality itself, aided by technology, is about to make a wholesale leap into this new, hypertextual internal linkdimension.

internal linkDouglas Rushkoffinternal link_Cyberia: Life In The Trenches Of internal linkHyperspace_ (1994)atomjacked inventory cache

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Psychick Warrios Ov Gaia - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves

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We're looking at these creative records here, in this hypothetical crate of records. You ever read Umberto Eco or--what's the writer from South America? internal linkBorges! Most of their narrative structures are again hypertext--where the surface narrative is a shimmering kind of mirage and you fall into it. Sound is like that. I was trying to deal  with that with my sound.

 - Paul D. Miller aka internal linkDJ Spooky

Jorge Luis Borges DJ Spooky
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