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Net of Jewels
Indra's Net

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Indra (īn“dre) noun
A principal internal linkVedic deity associated with rain and thunder.

The Rig-Veda has about 250 hymns to Indra.  Indra's Net is a net with a jewel at each intersection, each jewel reflecting all the other jewels of the net.  Indra's Net is a symbol of the internal linkinternet, and can symbolize other interconnected systems, even internal linkMany-Worlds of lattice spacetime.

As the being whose thunderbolts reveal the internal linklight of the internal linksun and release internal linkwaters to internal linkflow to the ocean, Indra could symbolize the Vela X supernova.

the Internet

the Network

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"...particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to 'contain' one another. In Mahayana Buddhism, a very similar notion is applied to the whole universe. This cosmic internal linknetwork of interpenetrating things is illustrated in the Avatamsaka Sutra by the metaphor of Indra's net, a vast network of precious gems hanging over the palace of the god Indra. In the words of Sir Charles Eliot:

Tao Of Physics by Fritjof Capra

In the Heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object and in fact IS everything else. "In every particle of dust, there are present Buddhas without number.'   The similarity of this image with the hadron internal linkbootstrap is indeed striking. The metaphor of Indra's net may justly be called the first bootstrap model, created by the Eastern internal linksages some 2,500 years before the beginning of particle  physics."
internal linkFritjof Capra - _The internal linkTaoTao Of Physics_atomjacked inventory cache

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The soul weaves Indra's net.

Following the anatman doctrines of Buddhism, the Virtuals insist that any fixed notion of self, even the Universal Self, is an illusion. At the same time, the ngHolos emphasize that the self and the world are constantly produced, that the cosmos is both internal linknetwork and void. The allusion here to the Hindu myth of Indra's web, which the ngHolo's fused with the image of the universe as pictured in the Avatamsaka Sutra: an infinitely nested and interrelated monadology in which each internal linksingularity reflects and embodies a boundless totality.

The Virtuals did not deny the conventional self, but rather filled it with space and emptiness. They call this "weaving the net." Like a net, the conventional self or ego is something we toss into the internal linkinfinite potential of reality in order to "catch" our karmic desires, but it too is composed of emptiness. If the net is too thick and tightly-wound, it will retain everything, for there is no void to escape into, and everything will become very heavy and egocentric. If the net is too loose and weakly bound, it will not function--larger catches will break its threads, and the smaller will escape. We never stop weaving the net or trawling the world of potential. Newly woven patterns catch new fish. Of course, the net of the self relates to the larger Jewel-Net. For the ngHolos, the internal linkfractalinternal linkmandalas of the looms were the keys to maintaining the conventional self while weaving them into this larger pattern of multiplicity.

- selections from the notebooks of Lance Daybreak, curated by Erik Davis in _Shards Of The Diamond internal linkMatrix_

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internal linkcats already see it

One way of thinking about it is to compare it to one of those mirrored disco balls, which sends out thousands of reflections off of everybody and everything in the room. The mirrored disco ball is the transcendental object at the end of internal linktime, and those reflected twinkling, refractive internal linklights are religions, scientific theories, gurus, works of art, poetry, great orgasms, great souffles, great paintings, etc. Anything that has, in internal linkNietszche's phrase, the "spark of divinity within it," is in fact, referent to the original internal linkforce of the spark of all divinity unfolding itself within the confines of three-dimensional space.

internal linkTerence McKennainternal link_Timewave Zero And internal linkLanguage_atomjacked inventory cache

Friedrich Nietzsche Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always the transcendental object at the end of time...

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On April 19, 1942, chemist internal linkAlbert Hofmann of Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland, mixed up a compound he hoped would be a new and better cure for headaches.  Not knowing he had inhaled a great deal of the fumes, Hofmann got on his internal linkbicycle and started to peddle home for lunch.  He began to notice strange sensations.

Albert Hoffman Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

She had the eyes of a saint... A 10-internal linkdimensional universe cracked into a 6-dimensional universe and a 4-dimensional universe.  There were gold ornaments and silk curtains and heavy incense: it hurt like a bastard.  Wild technicolor Maui trees and shrubs everywhere as Mother Superior raised the steel yardstick again - Uncle Mick understood with the same mathematical certainty that an egg within an egg gave birth to a internal linkquantum jump, huge lumbering reptiles.  These internal linkSun-Kings walking across the Brooklyn Bridge hiding behind a bush going cluck-cluck-cluck - the inertial system changes back to that damned swamp with the internal linkfrogs - he could see every black-head, every wart, every bead of sweat.  Art works considered "pagan" bowed to Rev. Yoshikami and came down the stairs to New York 1959... "he wears thick goggles and a kind of scuba-diving suit"...they help \us to understand our hallucinations better. Dr. Hofmann got off the bicycle, a Wilde surmise dawning upon him: Each man spills the drink he loves.  According to one school of thought, much in favor among practised meditators, there is no beginning, no ending, no linear progression,, only an unbounded net of jewels each of which reflects and contains the reflection of each of the others.

internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - _A Net Of Jewels_ from internal link_Cosmic Trigger Volume 2_atomjacked inventory cache

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Flare - Grip CD on Sublime (1996)

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"We may compare the structure of the totality of natural law to an object with a very large number (in reality internal linkinfinite) of sides, having facets within facets, facets reflecting facets, facets consisting of mosaics of facets, etc.  To know what the object is, then, we must have a large number of different  kinds of views and cross-sections.  Each view or cross-section then contributes to our understanding of many aspects of the object.  The relationships between the views are, however, equally important, for they serve to correct the errors which arise as a result of regarding one or a limited number of views as a complete representation of the whole object; and they also indicate qualitatively new properties not apparent in the separate views (as two plane views of a scene taken from different angles permit us to infer its three-dimensional character).  We see, then, that while each view and  cross-section may vary depending on our own relationship to the object, we can obtain a closer and closer approximation to a concept of the real nature of the object by considering more and more views and cross-sections and their relationships.  This concept, then, becomes less and less dependent on our own relationship to the object as the number of views and cross-sections is increased."

_Causality & Chance in Modern Physics_ - internal linkDavid Bohm

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...consider _Three Spheres II_, in which every part of the world seems to contain, and be contained in, every other part: the writing table reflects the spheres on top of it, the spheres reflect each other, as well as the writing table, the drawing of them, and the artist drawing it.  The endless connections which all things have to each other is only hinted at here, yet the hint is enough.  The Buddhist allegory of "Indra's Net" tells of an endless net of threads throughout the universe, the horizontal threads running hrough space, the vertical ones through internal linktime.  At every crossing of threads is an individual, and every individual is a internal linkcrystal bead.  The great internal linklight of "Absolute Being" illuminates and penetrates every crystal bead; moreoever, every crystal bead reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net - but also every reflection of every reflection throughout the universe.


_Three Spheres II_ by MC Escher

- Douglas Hofstadter - _Godel, internal linkEscher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid_ (internal link1980)

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external linkIndra's Net

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