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Innovative Program
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Pat Smear and Darby Crash of The Germs were both fortunate enough to be admitted to an experimental program, the Innovative Program School,  a satellite school located on the campus of University High in Santa Monica. Designed for students who  didn t fit in  to the regular curriculum, the student body included many outcasts and miscreants who would soon form part of the original L.A. internal linkpunk scene. The regular campus included students like future Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler and Michelle Bell, who would eventually front Vagina Dentata, a post-Germs band which featured Pat on guitar. Uni High alumni from the past included such luminaries as Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Kim Fowley and Frank Sinatra Jr.

Pat Smear: "It was like a combination of Scientology and EST Therapy. The first day called "Basic Training",  where they yelled at you and said you were assholes for internal linkeight hours, and you had to bring a parent with you. If you survived you got to this special school. The teachers were all internal linkLSD types, one math teacher was like one of the top mathematicians in the country, and he used to take students on camping trips and have sex orgies with young boys, all kind of stuff like that occurred. The big thing was that the teachers were right, you were never supposed to question anything that they said or told you to do, which of course, we did. We carried around copies of the book "Helter Skelter" like it was a bible, and told everyone I was jesus and he (Darby) was god. We had our little group of LSD friends, and Darby and I started convincing them that the teachers weren't right, and we got all these followers that rebelled. One of them was the head of the school's son, so that didn't help matters. Darby's deal was that he'd get his diploma if he never came back to the school, mine was to go to continuation school of campus. The student council just decided to kick us out of the program, and Lucky Lehrer was on the council!!!   He ended up internal linkdrumming in the Circle Jerks and then for the Darby Crash Band, like he went full circle."

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book _Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times & Short Life Of Darby Crash & The Germs_
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