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intention (în-tèn´shen) noun
1.A course of action that one intends to follow.
2.a. An aim that guides action; an objective. b.  intentions. Purpose with respect to marriage: honorable intentions.
3.Philosophy. A concept arising from directing the internal linkattention toward an object.
4.Medicine. The internal linkprocess by which or the manner in which a wound heals.
5.Archaic. Import; meaning.

[Middle English entencioun, from Old French intention, from Latin intentio, intention-, from intentus, intent, from past participle of intendere, to direct attention. See intend.]

Synonyms: intention, intent, purpose, goal, end, aim, object, objective. These nouns refer to what one intends to do or achieve. Intention simply signifies a course of action that one proposes to follow: It is not my intention to argue with you. Intent more strongly implies deliberateness: The executor tried to comply with the intent of the testator. Purpose strengthens the idea of resolution or determination: "His purpose was to discover how long these guests intended to stay" (Joseph Conrad). Goal may suggest an idealistic or even a remote purpose: "Black Power . . . is a call for black people to begin to define their own goals" (Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton). End suggests a long-range goal: It has been said that the end justifies the means. Aim stresses the direction one's efforts take in pursuit of an end: The aim of every performing artist is to achieve perfection of execution. An object is an end that one tries to carry out: "The chief object of the English was to establish . . . a great empire on the Continent" (Macaulay). Objective often implies that the end or goal can be reached: "A major objective [of political liberalism] is the protection of the economic weak" (Wayne Morse).


intent (în-tènt´) noun
1.Something that is intended; an aim or a purpose.
2.Law. The state of one's mind at the internal linktime one carries out an action.
3.Meaning; purport.

1.Firmly fixed; concentrated: an intent gaze.
2.Having the attention applied; engrossed: The students, intent upon their books, did not hear me enter the room.
3.Having the mind and will focused on a specific purpose: was intent on leaving within the hour; are intent upon being recognized.

- idiom.
for all intents and purposes or  to all intents and purposes
In every practical sense; practically: To all intents and purposes the case is closed.

[Middle English entent, from Old French, from Medieval Latin intentus, from Latin, an extending, from intentus, attentive to, strained, from past participle of intendere, to direct attention.  intend.]
- intent´ly adverb
- intent´ness noun

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for me, it is a constant evaluation and re-evaluation of objects and contexts, balanced with intentions.  a piece of art may be beautiful, but can be outweighed by a countering intention.  for me personally, if ego is the motivation, then the work is negated, no matter how technically or aesthetically perfect.  the concept is called into question with the internal linkcyberpunk ethic:  the most beautiful things arise out of struggle and limitation.  one can easily throw money and power at something to create something beautiful quite easily, which to me is an ugly situation.  the most valued object is that which was not intended to be beautiful, but simply formed out of struggle. an example would be the bedroom music producer, just like the fanzine revolution of the eighties in light of desktop publishing.  personal web pages as opposed to Time/Warner and Disney websites.   since we are all human, i do acknowledge that our intentions are far from perfect, but i will definitely make a choice regarding the matter.  a good tactic is to not expect perfection, and also to "keep things special".   what i mean by this is that if we overexpose ourselves to our favorite situations, like drug use or anything else, we may find that politics and ego creep in and the internal linkmagic is lost.  by keeping a slight distance, one can prolong a good thing.   non-flyered, non-advertised internal linkTAZ in the desert over clubs and flyered candy raves...  no matter how well Keoki or Sasha may mix, the internal linkrelevancy is lost because their intent is feeding ego, and the result is a well paid job.  gimme internal linkNick Taylor over any dj with "skillz".  if the artist reeks of bad intentions, i won't even give it a chance.  to me, paying internal linkattention (the new currency in the internal linkinformation economy) to great art with bad intentions is a waste of internal linktime.  i don't use the excuse of how great something is anymore.  if i smell a rat, i don't bother.  that's how the internal linkmemeinternal linkflows...

 - @Om* 9/4/00

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Spectrum - Forever Alien on 3rd Stone (1997)

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Over the course of my readings, I constantly wondered how nature could be devoid of intention if it truly corresponded to the descriptions biologists made of it.

One only had to consider the "internal linkdance of the chromosomes" to see internal linkDNA move in a deliberate way.  During cell division, chromosomes double themselves and assemble by pairs.  The two sets of chromosomes then lineup along the middle of the cell and migrate toward their respective pole, each member of each pair always going in the direction opposite to its companion's.  How could this "amazing, stately pavane" occur without some form of intention?

In biology, this question is simply not asked.  DNA is "just a chemical," deoxyribonucleic internal linkacid, to be precise, biologists describe it as both a molecule and a internal linklanguage, making it the internal linkinformational substance of life, but they do not consider it to be conscious, or alive, because chemicals are inert by definition.

How, I wondered, could biology presuppose that DNA is not conscious, if it does not even understand the human brain, which is the seat of our own consciousness and which is built according to the instructions in our DNA?  How could nature be conscious if our own consciousness is produced by nature?

- Jeremy Narby - internal link_The Cosmic Serpent: DNA And The Origins Of KNowledge_atomjacked inventory cache p. 137-138

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"....even if one is not a writer one still can write, but writing is transformed from a literary action into a internal linkshamanistic action. What decides the subject and the development of a book is not the mind of the writer but rather ainternal linkforce that the shamans consider the basis of the universe, and which they call intent. It is intent which decides a shaman's production, whether it be literary or of any other kind. ...a practitioner of shamanism has the duty and the obligation of saturating himself with all the internal linkinformation available. The work of shamans is to inform themselves thoroughly about everything that could possibly be related to their topic of interest. The shamanistic act consists of abandoning all interest in directing the course the information takes. Don Juan used to say, "The one who arranges the ideas that spring from such a well of information is not the shaman, it is intent. The shaman is simply an impeccable conduit." For Don Juan writing was a shamanistic challenge, not a literary task. "

from an interview with Carlos Castenada

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What internal linkpets seem to pick up is intentions.  They pick up when people are about to go away on holiday even before they've started packing.  They pick up when people want to take them to the vet, and will often hide.  Dogs often pick up when they're going to be taken for a walk.  Dogs can be trained to respond not just to words and whistles, but even to internal linksilent, mental commands.  Many dogs and cats seem to know when a person they are bonded to has died, even when this happens far away.  They seem to be sensitive to changes in the field that connects them to their people.  This field is affected by the activities, emotions and intentions of their people - whether they're coming back or going away, whether they've died, whether they're in pain or trouble, whether they want to play.  The animals seem to be picking up not specific messages but rather general changes in the tension of the field...

internal linkRupert Sheldrake - _The internal linkEvolutionary Mind_

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boundary dissolution... 5 MEO DMT

Cyber-culture, music, internal linkpsychedelicsinternal linkfeminism, ecology, the new spirituality, all of these concerns could profit and strengthen themselves by appealing to a visual internal linklanguage, a new way of internal linkprocessing what is heard. This is what I think art in the 20th century has unconsciously been striving for, ever since jazz and cubism and throughout the internal linkevolution of 12-tone row, abstract expressionism, rock'n'roll, pop-up internal linkvirtual reality -- all of these schools of art and technological innovations in the art-making process are setting us up to be able to see what we mean at some point in the future.  And this will deliver us essentially into the equivalent of a telepathic society. Now, you may have internal linkimagined telepathy as something different, you may have imagined it as one person speaking and another person hearing the thought composed, but this isn't it. Telepathy will be nothing more than seeing what the other person intends -- seeing meaning.

internal linkTerence McKenna
Terence McKenna...the force will be with you, always... Marshall McLuhan

Then there is the phenomenon of non-ordinary, or what I call visible language and this is very interesting to me. This is where technology, virtual-reality, internal linkcybernetics, human-machine interfacing can actually make an impact and explore a frontier. Visual language is a transormation of the physiological impulse towards syntax into a final product, speech, which is not heard with the ears, but beheld with the eyes. It's very interesting that all our metaphors of clarity of speech are visual metaphors. We say, 'I see what you mean, he spoke clearly.' This means that at the organismic level we associate a higher signal clarity with visual input, and on internal linkDMT and other tryptamine psychedelics you actually experience the field of language both heard and self generated as something that is visibly beheld. Its almost as though the project of communication becomes high-speed sculpture in a conceptual internal linkdimension made of internal linklight and intentionality. This would remain a kind of esoteric performance on the part of internal linkshamans at the height of intoxication if it were not for the fact that electronics and electronic cultural media, computers, make it possible for us to actually create records of these higher linguistic modalities. In other words its possible to imagine a virtual reality that was driven by a speech operated synthesizer where the various parts of ordinary speech adjectives, modifiers, subjects and objects were interpreted by the cybernetic environment as topological manifolds of various shapes so that speech would then generate a visibly beheld topology and its possible to imagine a future world where in setting up marriage contracts or in negotiating corporate takeovers, in areas where clear communication, clear expression of intentionality was very important, that people would actually go into the virtual reality to use the visible language because its capacity for conveying intent would be much greater than ordinary spoken language. It's not for nothing that Plato connected up the notion of the Good, the True, and ultimately, the Beautiful. The beautiful of those three concepts is the primary concept because it is visibly beheld, because it is seen. This is the great convincing power of the psychedelic experience. That it ultimately appeals to us through the sense that we value most. That we existentially relate to as the most authentic and that is the visual. Visible language is a kind of telepathy because if i make a statement in visual language and then you and I regard my statement, we are somehow, in the act of regarding, made one. Because meaning is not being created out of interiorized dictionaries which we each consult in the privacy of our own  mind but rather meaning is a visible manifold in the public domain. Meaning goes public and the differences between people then decline toward being insignificant. Its a kind of final confirmation of the internal linkMcLuhan apotheosis and i think visible language is coming. Life in the imagination is to be the life of creativity carried on through these virtual environments driven by
linguistic engines.

_Ordinary Language, Visible Language and Virtual Reality_  by Terence McKenna

.......Sometimes meaning is a palpable thing: like liquid being poured through cracking ice, language moves ahead of its intent; it encloses its object and gives you almost a reverse casting of the thing intended. There are many ways for words to fit themselves over the contours of intentionality. - Terence McKenna

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In studying mathematics, I saw structure derived directly from intent. Everything in math is created by intending it. As one of my math teachers said, math is built on twin internal linkfoundations of motivation and internal linklanguage. In Don Juan's world, the conscious application of intent is also fundamental. Don Juan said that we are heirs to intentions formulated long ago, including the intentions of ancient Greek mathematicians. We assemble a Euclidean world, even though that view is so limiting that it consistently interprets only a tiny fraction of our sensory input.

- _Mappinig Awareness_ by Lawrence Au

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track _Remember_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache by Deep

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Meters and Indicators:

a good way to gauge internal linkresonating intentions is to check response mechanisms.  if any experience garners a superficial reaction such as: "but why?"  or "you need to get a life...", is usually a good indicator that you are doing something right.  those that claim you are "wasting" internal linktime have already made up their minds about what is meaningful(less) in their own lives: such as advancing in one's career, earning wage slavery meal tickets, pursuing the goals of the "alternative cool" (e.g. traveling as an end, as opposed to a means, jet set bohemia, etc.).  anything outside of their personal internal linkreality-tunnel construct is "wrong" because you are not living by their own rules.   if something is taking up your "precious" time and you are satisfied with it, no matter what the external responses are of their ego trips, then your intentions are pure and worth its own reward.  the reason why they would elevate their ego above you and your pursuits is to justify their own insecurities about what is meaningful to them, which they learned through culture, parents, television, or whatever external sources of command that they chose to absorb and exist by. - @Om* 10/29/01

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Self-reference mathematically and as internal linkwave function is the indicator of self-awareness. Iteration perfected as the place where a wave form, can re-enter itself
non-destructively is the mathematics of self-reference. Spin or pattern can reference self with no resistance or fear in the perfect geometry where the re-entry incident curvature is internal linkGolden Mean. Pure intention is the test for symmetry or shareability which cyles of phi or recursion permit. Getting phy-sical is permission to touch. Thus the geometry of intended or aimed spin direction reveals the Golden nature of pure intention itself. The most angles from which a wave can approach a common concentric center is indexed by the geometric condition of the perfect fractal. In 2D this re-pents, and 3+D systems it is dodecahedral (internal linkDNA, Earth Grid and Zodiac fit this same internal linkfractal.) This is the idealized physics for "E Pluribus Unum", the ultimate and perhaps only way, many become one.   Shareability perfected for waves is fractal: internal linkinfinitely spin dense, infinitely internal linkinformation dense, infinitely internal linkcompression dense, and infinitely "aware".  - Dan Winter

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Music is the one thing in which there is no use trying to deceive others or make false pretenses. - Confucius

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