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Interplanetary Internet

Interplanetary Internet
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interplanetary (în´ter-plàn´î-tèr´ê) adjective
Existing or occurring between planets.

seven sisters... Modest Mouse - Moon & Antarctiica (2000)

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Let's view the galaxy as a being whose body is made up of stars similar to how a human body is made up of cells. internal linkInformation and energy is circulated throughout the galaxy similar to how oxygen and nutrients in the blood are carried to every cell in the body. It has been revealed that our Earth, as a part of this solar system, and most of the stars in our neighborhood; do not yet receive certain galactic internal linkfrequencies directly from the actual center of our galaxy. Much galactic information and energy is relayed through a "galactic center" to the stars and planets in the area of space that the galactic center is responsible for. The internal linkPleiades function as a galactic receiving and distribution center for the area of space which we live in. Our connection to the galactic is through the Pleiades. If we recognize that spiritual sustenance comes from the galaxy and that it comes to us through the Pleiades, then their popularity and place in the heart of many religious traditions makes more sense.

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if this this extends out into the solar system, then we are currently in the internal linkprocess of finally getting on-line into the galactic network.  i'm still not sure what the galactic network might be, but i have a feeling that it's definitely wireless, and uses internal linkquantum non-locality as a router.  is this what the internal linkMayans meant with internal linkHunab Ku?  the one giver of time and measure?  do the stars (internal linknodes) communicate using some sort of internal linkphotonic fiber optics?  what is the message?  what is radiating from the galactic center that internal linkresonates and bounces off different star systems?  and who is our direct neighbor? do you remember the elation when you first got on line?  when you first started using internal linkMosaic and saw that graphic file render on your screen for the first time in 1994?  i remember my first MPP-300atomjacked inventory cache baud modem that plugged into the joystick port of my internal linkAtari 1200XL prototypeatomjacked inventory cache back in 1983.  that tone, that handshake.  it opened a portal into internal linktime and space (literally - i crossed distances, i talked to people online using my screen and keyboard instantly, for free).  at the time it was an ordinary tv set with an RF switch box.  what kind of display internal linkinterface will i be using when i hear that screech and that Boom! as we get online and meet our galactic neighbors?  is that  what the music we are creating today is for?  are we searching for that right tone, that first handshake?  we are desperate to get online.  we are desperate to connect.  we are tired of wondering if we are a stand-alone species, a beige box with nothing to connect to.  - @Om* 7/21/00  

Mayan glyph Hunab Ku Atari 1200XL modulate then demodulate

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NASA Scientists Building Interplanetary Internet

Information in formation the Network

AP 22-JUL-98

GENEVA (AP) -- internal linkNASA scientists want to expand Cyberspace to outer space.

The idea is to go beyond the Internet site that many people around the world visited last year to follow the Mars Pathfinder's rover on the Red Planet, said Vinton Cerf, widely regarded as a "father" of the Internet.   "The internal linktime is now to think beyond the Earth,'' Cerf told INET '98, the annual meeting of the global Internet Society on Wednesday.  "There is now an effort under way to design and build an interplanetary Internet.''

The new system would directly link future astronauts in space with the Internet. Right now, NASA collects data by radio transmissions, then publishes internal linkinformation on the Internet. Cerf, a senior vice president for MCI Communications Corp., said he and other Internet experts have been working on the project with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory since last November. "This is quite internal linkreal," Cerf said. "The effort is becoming extraordinarily concrete over the next few months because the next Mars mission is in the planning stages now.'' NASA is planning a series of Mars missions at two-year intervals starting in internal link2001 that would lead up to astronauts landing on Mars. Cerf said the planners envision planetary internal linknetworks that look very much like the Internet on Earth. But he said something must be done to link the networks. A key problem are the great distances. It can take six hours to send a message from one planet to another, he said.  Cerf, co-inventor during the early 1970s of the so-called "TCP/IP," the basic building block of the Net, said the plan is to leave equipment in Mars' orbit. Cerf said the equipment to be put on the next mission will be designed to let computers talk to each other over the time lags caused by the vast distances of outer space.  The devices could be "an orbiting interplanetary gateway which serves future missions and allows us to recreate Internet on an interplanetary scale.'' One of the decisions that planners need to make is whether to add new domain name suffixes such as ".mars'' or ".earth'' to addresses for an interplanetary system, Cerf said. While the Internet continues to grow rapidly on Earth, "we still have a lot of work to do to cover the planet,'' he said.

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internal linkRoberto Matta - "Space Travel (Star Travel)", 1938   50.2 x 64.8 cm., Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
Space Travel (Star Travel)

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Several NASA officials have raised the idea of setting up high-bandwidth links to Mars, the internal linkmoon and other outposts in the solar system that could feed continuous video and other data back to Earth.

Luna (http://gww.luna.moon)

"We're going to build a network, a solar system Internet if you will," Goldin said, "a series of communication spacecraft that will relay information from planetary bodies back to Earth."

Money to begin work on a Mars Network would be drawn from the $250.7 million set aside in the 2000 budget for Mars exploration, according to budget documents. "Mars Network will develop communications capability to provide a substantial increase in bandwidth and connectivity from Mars to Earth," NASA said in a white paper on space science.

NASA said it would also work on the development of self-sustaining robotic networks, building on the success of the Mars Pathfinder probe.

The goal would be to create "self-tasking, self-repairing, internal linkevolvable networks of small, highly mobile rovers for 'internal linkvirtual presence' planetary science and exploration in challenging environments," the agency said.


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