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Isis (ì´sîs) noun
An ancient internal linkEgyptian goddess of fertility, the sister and wife of internal linkOsiris.


Isis (ì´sîs)
The upper Thames River in south-central England in the vicinity of Oxford. The name is used locally and in literature.


Isis (ì´sîs), nature goddess whose worship, originating in ancient Egypt, gradually extended throughout the lands of the Mediterranean world and became one of the chief religions of the Roman Empire. The worship of Isis, together with that of her brother and husband, OSIRIS, and their son, internal linkHORUS, resisted the rise of Christianity and lasted until the 6th cent. A.D.

Great Mother of the Gods

Great Mother of the Gods, in ancient Middle Eastern religion (and later in Greece, Rome, and W Asia), mother goddess, the great symbol of the earth's fertility. As the creative internal linkforce in nature, she was worshiped under many names, including ASTARTE (Syria), CERES (Rome), CYBELE (Phrygia), DEMETER (Greece), ISHTAR (internal linkBabylon), and ISIS (Egypt). The later forms of her cult involved the worship of a male deity (her son or lover, e.g., ADONIS, OSIRIS), whose death and resurrection symbolized the regenerative power of the earth.

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Johannes Heil - Isis and Osiris 12inch on JH (2002)


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In ancient Egypt, ,the spring harvest festival, held to honor the goddess Isis, began on March 20.  Isis was a deity-of-all-trades, worshipped not only as mother goddess and enchantress but also as protector of the dead and patroness of seafarers.

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"Renowned for her skillful use of witchcraft and internal linkmagic, Isis was particularly remembered by the Ancient Egyptians as 'strong of internal linktongue', that is being in command of words of power 'which she knew with correct pronunciation, and halted not in her speech, and was perfect both in giving the command and in saying the word' [Sir E. A. Wallis budge, Egyptian Magic]. In short she was believed, by means of her voice alone, to be capable of bending internal linkreality and overriding the laws of physics."
     - internal linkGraham Hancockinternal link_Fingerprints of the Gods_atomjacked inventory cache 

Fingerprints Of the Gods by Graham Hancock
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