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James Clerk Maxwell
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Maxwell, James Clerk

Maxwell (màks´wèl´, -wel), James Clerk
British physicist who made fundamental contributions to internal linkelectromagnetic theory and the kinetic theory of gases.

Maxwell, James Clerk

Maxwell, James Clerk (1831-1879), British physicist, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, who explained the properties of electromagnetism. Maxwell was the first professor of experimental physics at the University of Cambridge. Expanding on the research of British scientist Michael Faraday, Maxwell demonstrated the mathematical relation between internal linkelectric and magnetic fields. He also showed that internal linklight is made up of electromagnetic internal linkwaves. The unit of measuring magnetic internal linkflux, the maxwell, was named in his honor. Maxwell also developed the kinetic theory of gases, which explains the physical properties and nature of a gas, and he investigated color vision and thermodynamics.

Generators - electricity

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James Clerk Maxwell showed that light - the ultimate symbolic manifestation of divinity - was itself only a certain range of internal linkfrequencies that happened to stimulate the two photosensitive internal linkorbs lodged in the human skull.  Certain advanced solutions of his equations also suggested the existence of a parallel cosmos, a mirrored universe where electromagnetic waves move backward in internal linktime.
 - Erik Davis - _Techgnosis: Myth, internal linkMagic & Mysticism In The Age Of internal linkInformation_atomjacked inventory cache 
Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information by Erik Davis

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"Nothing is too wonderful to be internal linktrue." - James Clerk Maxwell

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The spectrum that Maxwell discovered was and continues to be internal linkinfiniteinternal linkubiquitous, instantaneous, and cornucopian.  Infinite internal linkwave action, not the movement of inert masses, is the internal linkfoundation of telecosmic physics.  It is ushering in an age of boundless bandwidth beyond the internal linkdreams of most prophets still confined to the copper cage or hiding behind beachfront barricades.  This expanding wavescape is the most fertile frontier of the internal linkinformation economy.  In its actions are the essential character of the coming economics of abundance and increasing returns, not scarcity and monopoly.

- Geoge Gilder - _Telecosm_

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