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Jaz Coleman
Jaz Coleman
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"Anyone who's not a philosopher is an asshole."

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"internal linkNew Zealand is a holy place. Oh yes, there are many mysteries about New Zealand. From New Zealand man will learn to farm the sea beds again, and to heal the land--permanent agriculture, and agrarian-based economy. These are the politics that I believe in. That's why I live there."

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Jaz Coleman 1996

Jaz Coleman is said to have the most diverse career in the music industry, internal linkoscillating between the white heat of internal linkKilling Joke and the Symphony Orchestras of the world. Brought up in a family of academia he studied piano and violin from the age of six and at internal linkeight was admitted to sing for the Addington Palace Choir. By 10 he had sung in many of the great cathedral choirs of England and achieved the most prestigious accolade for a chorister, the Saint Nicholas Award. By 14 his prizes included the Gold Medal at the Bath International festival, the Rex Watson Festival challenge cup at the Cheltenham festival and Grade 8 with distinction for the violin.
Killing Joke - Youth, Jaz, Geordie

In 1979, aged 17, Jaz founded the Post internal linkPunk experimental group Killing Joke whose world tours and many recordings have influenced a whole generation of contemporaries such as internal linkNirvana, Pearl Jam, Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Jaz has written for artists ranging from Enigma to internal linkMetallica.

In 1982 Jaz began composition and orchestration studies that led him (five years later) to Minsk in Byelorussia and Leipzig in DDR and later still to study with Hungarian master Dr. Peter Saunders. In 1989-90 Jaz began a study of quarter tones and instrumentation of Arabic music at the Cairo Conservatoire and in the studies of the celebrated composer Ammar El Sherie. This period culminated in the album Songs From The Victorious City which was composed with Ann Dudley (Art of Noise, The Crying Game, Phil Collins) and recorded with the awesome Arabic violinist Aboud Abdul Al and the Master Arabic Musicians of Cairo for TVT/China Records.

Completed in 1991, Symphony No 1, "Idavoll" and "Fanfare For The Millennium" were the first large scale Orchestral works. They are performed by conductor Peter Scholes and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in a recording produced by Chris Kimsey (producer of seven Rolling Stones Albums). The album is scheduled for release on the classical RCA Victor label in 1996. Symphonic Rolling Stones (1994) featuring Mick Jagger was recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra, and was an internal linkimmediate hit, making No 2 on the Billboard Classical charts. Jaz has also worked with various European avantgarde musicians (Can DAF, New Order, Neubaten, Young Gods, internal linkKraftwerk etc.) on the film Friespiel. Other commissions have included film scores for Weird Science and Showgirls which are presently on worldwide release.

Currently Symphonic internal linkPink Floyd  has spent 26 weeks at the top of the Billboard classical charts. In November the Auckland Philarmonia Orchestra (Jaz is their resident composer) will perform the world premier of this highly successful work. Also being performed that evening will be Pacifica an internal linkambient internal linkimpressions piece for String Quartet which is scheduled for release through BMG in October 1996.

In a collaborative multi-media venture with Roger Dean, a visual and aural interactive quest has been completed and is ready for release on CD Rom. Symphony No 2 Onyx forms the heart of this extraordinary work which Jaz calls a game. It is due for release at the end of 1996.

Jaz is currently collaborating with Philip Glass on the production of Symphony No 3 "Requiem For A Modern World" which was composed for two choirs and a full orchestra, it will be sung in five internal linklanguages. Jaz has described this as a sum total of his life up to this internal linkmoment in internal linktime. It expresses his deep belief in loving compassionate supreme being. The premier of this composition will be performed by the Auckland Philarmonia Orchestra in March 1997 New Zealand.

The internal linkAustralian Olympic Committee has commissioned Jaz to write a Symphonic theme for the Australian Olympics in the year 2000. In January 1997 Jaz is producing, composing and arranging an ambient Aboriginal collaboration with the Australian Orchestra.

Jaz Coleman has toured the world from internal linkIceland to Australia many times and recorded in London, Cairo, New York, Berlin, Cologne, Auckland and Wellington.

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The Sugarcubes

Drummer Siggi Baldursson (born Sigtryggur Baldursson, October 2, 1962) was a member of Theyer, whose most prominent international moment came in 1982, when they recorded with internal linkYouth and Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke.

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_Us And Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd_  orchestrated by Jaz Coleman and internal linkYouth of internal linkKilling Joke
Us And Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd
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