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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Selena

Jennifer Jason Leigh
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Jennifer Jason Leigh

 Real name
     Jennifer Lee Morrow
     Date of birth
     5 February 1962,
     Hollywood, California, USA.

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Twilight Zone - The Movie Vic Morrow

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"I'm naturally curious about other ways of being, but in life I'm too self-conscious to understand or investigate them.  In acting, I get free rein."

"Acting is a way for me to be with people."

"For me, choosing to act was a very personal thing, a way for a shy girl to communicate."

"I'm attracted to people who behave from their gut, because I don't. People who are impulsive and crude and violent and all these things that I am not by nature.  I'm very cerebral and quiet and shy."

"Maybe I'm internal linkdrawn to strange characters because my life is so boring."

"There's always been something beautiful to me about someone who internal linkdreams about something, desperately wants it, but has no talent for it.  There's something really painful and funny and moving about that."

"I'm one of those people who have nothing to say."

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Filmography as: Actress, Producer

Actress filmography

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sadie in Georgia
Filmography as: Actress, Producer

Producer filmography

  1.Georgia (1995)

Filmography as: Actress, Producer

Notable TV guest appearances

  1."Tracey Takes On..." (1996) playing "Paige" in episode: "Sports" 3/8/1998
  2."King of the Hill" (1997) playing "Amy"(voice) in episode: "I Remember Mono" 2/8/1998
  3."Waltons, The" (1972) playing "Kathy" in episode: "Pursuit, The" 1980

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