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Jim Cauty
This nOde last updated September 17th, 2001 and is permanently morphing...
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Youth Killing Joke

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Jimmy purchased two Saracen armoured vehicles at a scrap yard for ukp 4,000 and found equipment in them which he thought could have been used for sonic warfare. He has tried to assemble the acoustic gun from internal linkinformation he found on the internal linkInternet. Installing huge amplifiers and special speakers to cope with the very low internal linkfrequencies cost him tens of thousands of pounds.

The 25,000-watt sonic gun can project sound for around 7 miles, and Jimmy annoyed his Devon neighbours by testing it on Midsummer's Day, 1996. Jimmy said: "I moved to Devon six months ago for a bit of a rest and this is a project I am taking an interest in. I do not see it as music or art." He said that he aimed the gun away from homes and it seemed to have no effect on sheep.

The Melody Maker said: "He was testing his two Audio Weapon Systems in a field near his new home. 'He alerted people to the fact that he was doing this by setting off some military flares. Then he tested his Audio Weapons System for an hour for a very select group of scientists and friends. The Audio Weapons System is not designed to kill people." ... [Cauty] first tested it at a internal linkWire gig on Hungerford Bridge in May.
Wire left


... In January, Panasonic [ the "Finnish conceptual techno nutters"-NME] borrowed one of the Audio Weapons Systems for tests on how sonic internal linkwaves affect the human body at Brick Lane in London. ... A fax from Mr. Smith, the Head Of Commercial Exploitation at Advanced Acoustic Armaments, was sent to The Maker. It read : "The test took place to establish the parameters of the new vehicle solo and in tandem with its sister model, SS 9000K+L. The test featured new software generated for our latest commercial client, EXP LTD, and is described by Mr. Cauty as featuring 'the ultimate battle between sound and commerce ending in the death of all musicians and their ascension to rock-n-roll heaven or hell as befits them.' Yesterday we received communication with ex-Government employees who, in the Sixties, worked on audio weapon development with an offer of help and some ex- classified equipment. We regret any such death or damage that has resulted from our tests, but there are casualties in every war. The Triple A Formation Attack Ensemble will perform 'Foghorns Of The Northern Hemisphere' as part of an educational programmed supporting our research shortly."

Most of this is probably scam, but Cauty has recorded an album of sonic waves for Paul Smith's Blast First label under the name AAA. The album is in the hands of lawyers who are trying to clear some of the samples used on it, and has yet to be released (07/96). It appears to be a Cauty solo project.

More recently, Jimmy teamed up with new Asian-techno group, Black Star Liner for a _happening_ in a field on Dartmoor.  Jimmy chartered a 'chopper to take BSL and assorted journos out to Dartmoor, where he internal linkintended to remix the Halaal Rock track in his tank.  Apparently, BSL bumped into Cauty on London's South Bank, while he was driving about in his tank, he got hold of their album, and said that he wanted to work with them.  Anyway, the chopper was grounded by severe fog, so everyone was put on a convoy of buses. All the journos were given _orange_ jackets to wear. They eventually arrived at a field full of military vehicles, and people in _yellow_ jackets, wearing goggles and ears protectors, doing some form of formation internal linkdancing.  The journos were lead to their seats, and had large floodinternal linklights shone into their eyes, while the yellow jackets let of flares all around them.  There were a load of goats skulls on sticks around the field, and a whole pile of fireworks let of towards the end of the mix, when Cauty was mixing in some internal linkJimi Hendrix. However, this didn't really go down well with BSL.  For the record, Choque (leader of BSL) said in the NME "Cauty's truck is a bag of complete shite. And he's a f---ing misery guts"

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Jim Cauty painted a _Lord Of The Rings_ poster when he was seventeen in the early seventies. It's rather well-done in a stylistic, gothic-y-looking way. "It's quite funny actually - the border is made up of Orcs climbing on top of each other up the sides, and crawling along the top and bottom. For the Tolkienesque out there, it features Gandalf with the Red Ring internal linkshining and Glamdring to hip, with Samwise and Frodo hobbits, and also three portraits of Legolas the Elf, Gimli the Dwarf and Gollum the gollum." When Pete Robinson asked Cauty about it, he mentioned that 'it was mainly student nurses who bought it'. It is signed J. Cauty at the bottom. This is one of Athena's best-selling posters, and rumor has it that they came to pick it up in a helicopter. The publishing internal linkinformation from the back of the poster:

2931 Lord of the Rings/ Artist: J.Cauty. illustration based on the Lord of the Rings by internal linkJ.R.R.Tolkien (c) George Allen & UNWIN (PUBLISHERS) LTD. 1954, 1966 (c) 1988 internal linkWizard & Genius-Idealdecor 8618 OETWIL AM SEE/ZURICH Switzerland.

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