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jinni or jinnee also djinni or djinny (jn, j-n) noun
plural jinn also djinn (jn)
In Moslem legend, a spirit capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising internal linksupernatural influence over people.
[Arabic jinn.]

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Creatures that are half-human and half-demon from pre-Islamic times. Originally, they were spirits of nature that caused madness in humans.  They differ not much from humans: they reproduce, they have the same bodily needs, and they die, although their life span is much longer.

The Arabic word jinn, which means "spirit"", is neutral--some of the jinni serve Allah, while others do not. The Arabs believed the jinni often took the form of ostriches, or rode them. Dalila, Samson's treacherous mistress, rode and ostrich.

There are five orders of genies: the Marid (the most powerful), the Afrit, the Shaitan, the Jinn, and the Jann (the least powerful).

Jinni can do good or evil, are mischievous and enjoy punishing humans for wrongs done them, even unintentionally. Thus accidents and diseases are considered to be their work. They are composed of fire or air and they can assume both animal and human form. They exist in air, in flame, under the earth and in inanimate objects, such as rocks, trees and ruins. In the stories of the "Thousand and One Nights" a jinn often inhabits an old, battered oil lamp. After rubbing the lamp three times, it will appear and grants the holder of the lamp three wishes. A fourth wish will undo the previous three.

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Djinn chairs designed by Olivier Mourgue, 1964-65. Can be seen in the space station interior in the 1968 film internal link_2001: A Space internal linkOdyssey_ DVDatomjacked inventory cache. Made of a steel frame covered with nylon stretch jersey fabric over rubber and foam. Manufactured by Airborne in France.
Djinn chairs...

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The internal linkinformed use of internal linkentheogenic, internal linkconsciousness-enhancing plants and drugs presents a direct and powerful challenge to any system that seeks to spoon-feed the masses with false ideals of nationalism, racism, sexism or pre-digested religion, and this is precisely the reason they have been criminalized. One does not go back to being led around by the nose once the fullness of one's humanity is realized, nor to eating pap once the full pleasures of eating are learned; besides, we need roughage or we fill up with our own waste. Expanded consciousness is one genie that can't be put back in the bottle and we're better off for it.

The cat is out of the bag. Pandora's box lies open.

  Clark Heinrich, "Last Word" in Strange Fruit

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Echinopsis Djinn - at the Huntington Library
internal linkEchinopsis Djinni

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