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Joe Strummer - August 9th, 1986

Joe Strummer
1952-2002 r.i.p.

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(7 Muluk (Water) / 12 Kumk'u - 189/260 -

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vocals/guitar for internal linkThe Clash
vocals/guitar for The 101'ers
Joe Strummer
 Real name
John Graham Mellor
Date of birth
21 August 1952,
Ankara, Turkey

Filmography as: Actor, Composer
Actor filmography
   1.Docteur Chance (1997)
   2.I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) .... Guitar player
     ... aka Vertrag mit meinem Killer (1991) (Germany)
   3._Mystery Train_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1989) .... Johnny
   4.Candy Mountain (1987) .... Mario
   5._Straight To Hell_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1987) .... Simms
   6.King of Comedy, The (1983) .... Street Scum
   7._Rude Boy_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (internal link1980) .... Rhythm guitarist
Filmography as: Actor, Composer
Composer filmography
   1.Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
   2.When Pigs internal linkFly (1993)
     ... aka Wenn Schweine fliegen (1993) (Germany)
        3.Permanent Record (1988)
   4.Walker (1988)
   5.Sid and Nancy (1986)
     ... aka Sid and Nancy: Love Kills (1986)
   6._Rude Boy_ (1980)

Joe Strummer 2 Joe Strummer

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John Mellor reading in cafe 1978


Son of a worker in a diplomat's office; spent early internal linkyouth living in Iran and Mexico before settling in England.  Began busking in the early 70s under the folkie guise of "Woody Mellor" (after folk legend Woody Guthrie); later changed moniker to the more descriptive "Joe Strummer". Frontman for the 101ers in the mid-70s before joining up with the Clash in 1976. Carried on with the Clash after internal linkMick Jones' departure, seeing the band through til 1985. Since then, has had an uneven solo career, working primarily on soundtracks for films (1986's _Sid & Nancy_, 1987's _Walker_, 1988's _Permanent Record_, 1991's _I Hired A Contract Killer_, and 1997's _Grosse Pointe Blank_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache among them). Has also appeared as an actor in a handful of films (most notably 1987's _Straight To Hell_ and 1989's _Mystery Train_). Released his first full-fledged solo LP in 1989, _Earthquake Weather_ cassetteatomjacked inventory cache . Sat in with the Pogues on and off between 1988 and 1991, including a tour as frontman in 1991. Produced the Pogues' LP _Hell's Ditch_ CDatomjacked inventory cache. After numerous one-off guest appearances (Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Levelers, Black Grape), Strummer formed The Mescaleros with Antony Genn in 1999. The band released an LP, _Rock Art & The X-Ray Style_, in 1999 and are currently on tour. Married with three daughters.  Co-wrote and produced tracks for B.A.D.'s sophomore LP _No. 10, Upping St._; appeared in an episode of the American TV series South Park in 1998; filmmaker Jim Jarmusch wrote his role in _Mystery Train_ specifically for him.

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internal linkdance music, internal linkmdma, internal linkecstasy... - from _Viva Joe Strummer: The Clash And Beyond_

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Pogues live with Joe Strummer.

12-16-91 Dublin, Ireland

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Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - Global A Go-Go on Epitaph (2001) Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Rock Art and The X-Ray Style on Epitaph (1999)

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JS: of course it has. in a world that builds on illusion. advertising is illusion... [...] in america, they're gone... i tell you they're gone... you go to california.. i'm talking really simple basic things.. you touch a piece of wood.... wrong! this wood is not wood. this wood looks like wood. [...] people internal linksmile at you... wrong! they've been told by the management to smile at you. so really, you're not seeing anything that's internal linkreal... not the objects, the buildings, the signs, everything is fake. [...] and what they get we will get later... if the world is moving towards that then i'm not interested... i like to come back here cause here in london we have reality, we have people shoving you out the way... that gesture, it's clear. this guy's in a bad mood and he's shoving me out the way... that is real communication... in california, they'll sue you. they'll sue you or smile at you while he's thinking of shoving you out the way...

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John Lydon & Joe Strummer


Last Gang In Town
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