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Jose Arguelles

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(11 Et'znab (Flint) / 11 Xul (Dog) - 258/260 -
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"Then, as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity. The Earth itself will be illumined. A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar internal linkauroras in a single brilliant flash. Like an iridescent rainbow, this circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as the external projection of the unification of the collective mind of humanity. In that moment of understanding, we shall be collectively projected into an internal linkevolutionary domain that is presently inconceivable."

- Jose Arguelles - internal link_The Mayan Factor_, pp. 195-196.

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The fact is, way deep down, everybody knows their own vibrations, and they know what they vibrate to. And as everybody also knows, they have got to keep feeling those good vibrations. By it's nature, a vibration is a internal linkfrequency wave. Your frequency wave is a form, because any frequency that vibrates for any amount of internal linktime can be mapped. It can be drawn on a graph. The mapping of any frequency is its form. In fact, all geometrical forms are mappings of different frequencies. A circle is one frequency pattern, a square is another, and a internal linkhexagon still another.

When you get together with someone, either your wave-forms mesh or they don't. Or maybe they just neutralize each other. So it's not just chemistry. The chemistry is just the juicy stuff that happens once the wave-forms have registered each other.

What all this means is that even though each individual wave-form is slightly different from every other wave-form, there is a common denominator, a wave-form model that is encoded in the internal linkTzolkin, the galactic constant.  As the galactic constant, the Tzolkin encodes internal linklight frequencies, crystalline frequencies and genetic frequencies.  Light frequencies are internal linkelectromagnetic energy patterns.  Crystalline frequencies describe the elements and forms of matter.  Genetic frequencies refer to organic life patterns. Of course they are all intermixed. Take humans for example. As beautiful as we think they are, their beauty is really the result of a particular combination of 64 internal linkDNA codons. These codons are the amino acid "code words" of the genetic code. These little six-part structures come together to create the twisting internal linkdouble-helix patterns that we associate with DNA. These patterns, in their particular combinations, contain the internal linkinformation that translates into what we think is our physical beauty. "If your humans would stop taking credit for your beauty," Uncle Joe told me once, "then your beauty would really shine!" Naturally the DNA code is described as having its own vibratory structure. Our genes vibrate. So whatever our particular genetic combinations may be, they determine our particular wave-forms. Yet, despite apparent differences, and our imperfections, everyone is made up of the same stuff. Each one of us contains the very same code that describes the pattern of all the other wave-forms.  The internal linkMayans say, "In Lake'ch," "I am another yourself." We are all the same human. In and through myself I know you and you know me. Sounds like a good reason to be tolerant and compassionate, doesn't it? Not only is each human its own unique wave-from but all of humanity is a single wave-from. We could think of humanity as a wave that is moving and growing in internal linktime. And of course the Earth is its own wave-form, as the internal linkSun and solar system are their own wave-forms, and the galaxy itself is one big crystal wave-form that encompasses and recapitulates all the lesser wave-froms. internal linkWaves within waves. Waves giving rise to waves. Everything in motion within the galactic ocean. Yes the galactic ocean! Did you ever stop to think about it? Beams and rays emitting sparkling prismatic drops of electromagnetic spray, star systems, planets, mineral formations dazzling in color and shape, and the life forms -- innumerable waves, writhing and twisting their way through geometries of time, filing every possible space with ingenious constructs, thought forms, wavelengths -- seeking and surfing their way back along the Zuvuya to the source... Now, if all of these wave-froms are regulated by the interdimensional galactic constant, the Tzolkin, it means that your own wave-form is ultimately the echo of the galactic wave-from. But an echo -- isn't' that the same as a internal linkmemory? ... The acceleration-synchronization beam which the Maya came here to measure is regulated by the galactic constant, the Tzolkin. That means that the beam's different internal linkfrequency ratios of the interdimensional 260-unit Tzolkin. That also means that all the wave-forms affected by the beam, including those of your dog and your cat, are also regulated by the Tzolkin. Like a cosmic tapestry weaving itself through your sense experiences, the beam textures your wave-forms with patterns from the Tzolkin!

-  _Surfers Of The internal linkZuvuya_

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In his 1987 book, internal link_TheMayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology_, Jose Arguelles describes the Mayan calendar. This included both a 365-day  solar calendar called the Haab, as well as a 260-day sacred calendar called the internal linkTzolkin, which was supposed to be based on galactic rotation. Thus, each day would would have a distinct date in each calendar.

Arguelles interprets this calendar as part of what he calls a 'radiogentic game board' that relates to both the internal linkI-Ching and the 64-unit internal linkDNA code. Here is some of what Arguelles says:

Let us assume the galaxy to be an immense organism possessing order and consciousness ... it consists of a complex of member star systems each coordinated by the galactic core, internal linkHunab Ku ... the dense pulsating galactic heart emits a continuous series of signals ... a internal linkmatrix of internal linkresonance - a vast gallactic field of intelligent energy whose primary on-off internal linkpulsations provides the basis for four universal wave functions: a transmitting of informational function; a radiative or internal linkelectromagnetic function; and attractive orinternal linkgravitational function; and a receptive or psychoactive function. It is important to bear in mind that the internal linkinformation communicated from one system to another must pass through the star of the receiving system. It is the star, of which our internal linksun is an example, that mediates the internal linkKuxan Suum ("galactic walkie-talkie lifeline") between Hunab Ku, the gallactic core, and the planet internal linkevolving into conscious reflective intelligence.>

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During the mid-1980's, art historian Jose Arguelles came to the well-publicized conclusion that August 16, 1987, would be a very special day.  The ancient Mayan and Aztec calendars, he said, foretold an alignment of celestial objects on that date that would bring about a five-year period of peace and spiritual cleansing in preparation for a twenty-first-century visit by otherworldly beings.  On the appointed day, hopeful enthusiasts gathered at widely scattered "sacred sites" from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia to old ruinns in internal linkNew Mexico, ready and willing to be reborn.  Some believed internal linkalien spaceships might appear or Jesus Christ might return.  No sensational events occurred.  However, within the next five years, the cold war ended, the Berlin Wall came down, the rebirth of tribal gatherings with music and internal linkdance - raves - was born.  that special date was called The internal linkHarmonic Convergence.
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