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Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw
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This unique group of plants are natives of internal linkAustralia.  They are so named because of the intriguing shape of the flower which mimics a kangaroo's paw.

The Bush Gems varieties are colorful hybrid breeding lines which internal linkevolved from the internal linkimagination and breeding skills of the late Dr. Merv Turner, during the 1970's.  He foresaw the possibility of introducing the unique color and character of the Australian Bush to the world.

The Bush Gems kangaroo paws are an example of "high tech" horticulture.  They are propagated exclusively through plant tissue culture techniques and have been bred for vigor, disease resistance and free flowering.  As a result, these rare plants once confined to a small area of Western Australia, are now appreciated throughout the world.

Kangaroo Paws are hardy and adaptable flowering plants ideal as garden speciments, a spectacular as group plantings in a landscape and intriguing as container plants.  Fresh or dried they make an excellent cutflower.

Bush Nugget is a hardy medium sized variety with strong flower stems up to 24" high.  The outstanding bright yellow flowers with a red base and stem occur mostly early Spring through Summer.

Position - Full or part sun position with well drained soils.  Protect from heavy frosts.  Ideal in patio tubs.

Care - Uset a regular slow release fertiliser, Superphosphate or lime should not be applied.  Keep moist in dry conditions to encourage growth.  At other times water sparingly.   Remove spent flowers at their base to encourage new flowers.  As the plant grows it will form a spreading clump.  Keep the centre free of foreign plant material.  Older plants will benefit by the annual removal of any damaged leaves close to their base.  Containerised plants should be repotted at least every two years and the older parts of the clump discarded.  Cut flowers close to the plant base.  Flowers can be used fresh or hung upside down in a bunch and dried.  Pests and diseases are not considered a problem, but watch for slugs, snails and some browsing animals.

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attracts internal linkhummingbirds

striking woolly flowers in red, purple, internal linkgreen or yellow

exposure - internal linksun
growth -  slow
cold hardiness - 25F
internal linkwater - tolerates drought
average height - 3ft

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