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Klaatu Barada Nikto
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a most poweful internal linkmeme within the constraints of cult filmmaking.

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film _Army Of Darkness_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (part 3 of the _Evil Dead_ trilogy)

In order to destroy the book of the dead, the hero must memorize and say the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto". This is a tribute to _The Day the Earth Stood Still_atomjacked inventory cache. In that movie the internal linkalien instructs the girl to memorize and say the codewords "Klaatu Barada Nikto" to stop the robot from attacking. 

Klaatu & Gort

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film internal link_Tron_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache

In the very beginning, the main character sits in his cubicle, shortly before he gets internal linkdigitized into a games character. On the wall he has the text 'Klaatu barada nikto'. 


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film _Return Of The internal linkJedi_  (vhs/ntsc) atomjacked inventory cache (1983)(Episode 6 in the internal link_Star Wars_Imperial Starfleetsaga)

Klaatu: internal linkGreen face, brown "vest", shiny metal helmet (After Luke makes it to the top deck of Jabba's sail barge, he kills Nikto with the large laser, and the very next alien that shoots at him is Klaatu.)

Barada: Green, pudgy face, white shirt, orange bandana. (Holding a long "staff" standing behind and to the left of Chewbacca on the desert skiff, heading towards the Sarlacc pit.)

Nikto: Orange face w/ smallish horns, brown helmet and "tunic". (Just before C-3PO gives Luke and company a last chance to "beg for mercy", there is a close-up of Lando's face in his guard disguise and Nikto is behind and to the left of Lando & also behind and to the right of Lando when Luke and lando exchange nods, just before the excitement begins.)  

Klaatu... Barada... Nikto!

*Note: toy manufacturer apparently made a mistake in handing out respective weaponry

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psychedelic pop release s/t 12" by Klaatu (1976)

In August of 1976, the self-titled debut album by an unknown group called Klaatu was released to little notice. The following February Steve Smith, a writer for the Providence Journal in Rhode Island, wrote an article titled "Could Klaatu Be the internal linkBeatles? Mystery Is a internal linkMagical Mystery Tour." The article began the rumor that Klaatu was "more than likely either in part or in whole the Beatles." These conjectures, fueled by a series of articles in trade magazines like Billboard created a huge amount of hype and Capitol did nothing to deny or confirm the rumors. Throughout 1977, record sales soared and radio stations ran "Is Klaatu the Beatles?" promotions. Reportedly, some of the "clues" as to whether or not Klaatu were the Beatles included backward messages, Morse code, references to the group's identities in the song lyrics, and the word "Beatles" hidden in various places on the record jacket. After several months of conjecture, the group's identity was revealed at the end of year -- it wasn't the Beatles after all, it was Terry Draper (songwriter, vocalist, drummer), John Woloschuck, and Dee Long. Immediately, their record sales declined, and due to a backlash generated by the Beatles hoax their four subsequent albums failed to sell. The group broke up in 1981.
  • track _So Said The internal linkLighthouse Keeper_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache off of _Hope_ 12" (1977)
  • track _Perpetual Motion Machine_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache off of _Sir Army Suit_ 12" (1978)
  • track internal link_Dog Star_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache off of _Endangered Species_ 12" (internal link1980)

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    first mention of Klaatu in internal linkUsenet:

    From: C70:info-cpm (C70:info-cpm)
    Subject: Better things than Unix
    Newsgroups: fa.info-cpm
    Date: 1982-07-31 22:04:35 PST

    >From decvax!duke!uok!uokvax!mwm@Ucb-C70 Sat Jul 31 03:28:22 1982
        decvax!duke!uok!uokvax!jab at Ucb-C70,
        decvax!duke!uok!uokvax!bsteve at Ucb-C70
    Cc: uok!duke!decvax!ucbvax!info-cpm at BRL,
        uok!duke!decvax!ucbvax!info-micro at BRL
    Reply-To: decvax!duke!uok!uokvax!mwm at Ucb-C70
    Via:  Ucb-C70; 31 Jul 82 5:31-EDT
    Via:  Brl; 31 Jul 82 5:39-EDT
    Via:  Brl-Bmd; 31 Jul 82 5:47-EDT

    I got a request to describe the systems that I thought were much better than Unix and hope will be available by the time the hardware to run them reaches affordable prices. The following is my (belated) reply. I thought it of enough interest to be posted to the lists. My apologies to those who get it twice.

    Eden, smalltalk, etc. are representatives of the what I hope will be the next generation of operating systems. These systems are generically referred to as "object" based systems. Their primary characteristic is that they don't have file systems; everything in an object driven system is always in internal linkmemory, some memory is just slower than other memory.

    Some of the features these systems can display:

            1) user supplied object topologies
            2) dynamic linking to objects
            3) I/O redirection by name substitution
            4) Automated desktop style command internal linkprocessors

    These things imply some slick capabilities. User supplied topologies means that I can organize my `files' any way I please, using any naming convention I want. Dynamic linking to objects means that if a bug gets fixed in a library, I won't have to relink programs that use the internal linklibrary; they'll pick the new one up when I run them. Finally, I/O redirection by name means that you can do things like

            "run this program; when it asks for object klaatu, give it object barado instead"

    Similar internal linkmagic should apply to subroutine linkage, etc.

    Smalltalk is a internal linklanguage/system (similar to BASIC in the binding of the operating system and the language) developed by internal linkXerox, to be release to the public "soon". The Rossetta Corporation has an implementation of Smalltalk '76 on a z80. See the August '81 issue of Byte for internal linkinformation.

    Eden is a system being worked on by a group of people at the University of Washington. It is designed to run on 1 to 4 iAPX-432's (gulp) as part of a local internal linkethernet system. One of the aims of the Eden project is to build a good environment for doing CS research.  See the Proceedings of the internal linkEigth Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (December '81 OSR) for information.

    The etc include iMAX-432, being developed by Intel for the iAPX-432. This is the only object driven system currently available to the public. For information, check the Eigth SOSP mentioned above.

    In addition, I have been playing with the idea of putting some form of object driven system on my current (z80) hardware. It's not clear that such a thing is possible. The lack of a hard disk is particularly noticeable.


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