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from the Greek dictionary:
2888 kosmokrator {kos-mok-fat'-ore}

from 2889 and 2902 ; n m

AV - ruler 1; 1

1) lord of the world, prince of this age
1a) the devil and his demons

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It was the guiding Souls or Spirits of the Seven Sacred Planets -- let us call them Seven, because H. P. Blavatsky wisely enough when she wrote disguised or hid the truth about the Twelve -- it is their guiding Souls which are the Kosmokratores, or World-Builders, so often mentioned by the old Greek philosophers. It was these Kosmokratores who builded our world, our entire planetary chain. In just the same way and following the same rule of action, our own planetary chain, including our own globe thereof, is a Kosmokrator or World-Builder aiding in the building and guidance of some other septenary (or duodenary) planetary chain: action and interaction everywhere throughout the Universe: everything interlocked and interworking. All the planetary chains, from the beginning to the end of the Solar Manvantara, or Solar World-Period, co-operate in the solidary work of building each others' respective structures, and infilling each other with the respective characteristic energies and radiations particular to and belonging to each such formative unit or Kosmokrator.

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If we now turn to Iranian tradition we find that various Zoroastrian texts, including the Bundahishn, speak of world history beginning 9000 years before the traditionally accepted date for the coming of its great prophet, Zoroaster, in 588 BC.

This gives a date of 9588 BC. It was at this internal linktime, so one text states, that the faith's dualistic deities, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, were born from "the fire of the air" and "the internal linkwater of the earth" -- cryptic references once again to fire and flood during the age of Leo.

The twin deities vie for superiority over heaven and earth, a battle that is only settled when Zoroaster is said to have vanquished the daeva-worshipping Magi priesthoods during his own life-time. Ever since this time the `Good Spirit', Ahura Mazda, has ruled supreme.

Did all this imply that the ancestors of the Iranian god-kings had first inhabited their mythical homeland, known as the Airyana Vaejah, the Iranian Expanse, around 9585 BC? Give or take a few centuries, this date was remarkably close to the timeframe in which the internal linkEgyptian Elder culture would appear to have broken up.

Since the Airyana Vaejah is equated with the Kurdish highlands, might this tradition also record the arrival in the region of those Elders who went on to establish the proposed Watcher culture?

According to Iranian mythology, the dualistic forces of Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu were born to a supreme being known as Zurvan, who symbolised `internal linkinfinite  internal linktime'. In the Roman cult of the god Mithras, which developed from primary Iranian sources, the concept of `infinite time' was symbolised by a lion-headed deity.

Statues depicting this leonine figure show the twelve signs of the zodiac on its chest and a snake curling up over the top of its mane. Although the deity is not identified by name (although it is occasionally linked with Aeon, a gnostic god of time), scholars of Mithraism describe it as a kosmokrator, the controlling intelligence behind the phenomenon of internal linkprecession.

To find a lion-headed kosmokrator that originated in a tradition that saw world history as having begun in 9588 BC, during the Age of Leo, was impossible to ignore. Could it be possible that although knowledge of the precessional cycle was understood by the Elder culture of Egypt, later cultures who inherited this tradition failed to comprehend its mechanics. So instead of Leo making way for the age of Cancer, and then Gemini, and then Taurus, the symbol of the lion became the one and only kosmokrator, or guardian of infinite time, in much the same way that the Great Sphinx became a precessional time-marker on the plateau at Giza.

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internal link604 release _Deck internal linkWizards: Goa Gil - Kosmokrator_ on Psychic Deli (1996)
Kosmokrator Aldous Huxley
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