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Kundalini ascent...


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kundalini (kĸn´de-lę´nę) noun
Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated, as by the practice of yoga, and channeled upward through the internal linkchakras in the internal linkprocess of spiritual perfection.
[internal linkSanskrit kuNdalinė, from feminine sing. of kuNdalin-, coiled, spiral, from kuNdalam, ring, internal linkcoil.]

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"The activation of Kundalini does not always occur from practicing Kundalini Yoga, etc. ... It has been known to erupt spontaneously in those people on the verge of major spiritual breakthroughs, regardless of their ideas of how enlightened they are."

internal linkAntero Alli

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"Kundalini is the origin of primordial sound, hence Muladhara chakra has  been called 'the birthplace of all sounds'. There are four states of sound:  from gross to most subtle, these are Vaikhari (sound manifested in form),  Madhyama (sound in its subtle form), Pashyanti (sound in which the view of  the universe is undifferentiated form) and Para (unmanifest sound). Vaikhari  is the level of audible sound produced by the striking together of two  surfaces, or the plucking of a string.  Madhyama (from the Sanskrit word for  'medium') is the transition stage between heard sound and inner vibration.  With Pashyanti, the sound is heard only by the spiritually-awakened aspirant; and by the time the Para stage (from the Sanskrit word for  'transcendental' or 'beyond') is reached, sound has passed far beyond the  audible. Para lies deeper than ordinary silence; it is an inner decibel that  is experienced as the unrealized root-sound, or sound-potential. It is sound  with practically no vibration, which has an internal linkinfinite wave-length. It is Para  which corresponds to Kundalini Sakti."...

"When Kundalini awakens, the aspirant listens to cosmic sound. When the Kundalini leaves Muladhara, he hears the chirping of a cricket; when she crosses to Svadhisthana, the tinkling of an anklet; in the Manipura, the  sound of a bell; at the Anahata, the music of a flute, and finally, when  Kundalini crosses to Visuddha, the cosmic sound internal linkOm, the first manifestation  of internal linkSiva-Sakti as Sonic Consciousness. The proper knowledge and understanding  of Sonic Consciousness leads to the attainment of Supreme internal linkConsciousness."...
Shiva Darshan - Awakening

"The presence of the syllable Om within the inner internal linktriangle of Ajna [the internal linkthird eye], the sixth chakra, is a clear indication that the associated symbolism is of that origin, the beginning of all things and also of their  end. Om is in equal measure the sonic vibration from which all things  emerge, and that into which they must eventually be reabsorbed at the end of  the cosmic cycle."...

'Anja, meaning 'command', the sixth chakra, situated between the eyebrows in  the subtle body. A major chakra, the centre at which consciousness goes  'transpersonal'.'

"The wisdom centre (Ajna) shines with the light of Cosmic Consciousness and  reveals the universe in its unified wholeness of being. But in doing so it  does not blot out the infinite richness of multicloured variations of the  cosmic theme. It embraces infinite multiplicity in a flash of intuition and  the infinite stream of internal linktime in an eternal now."

- _Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy_, by Ajit Mookerjee.

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"Through Yoga it is possible to transcend the genetic code to complete freedom (svatantrya). After untying the Knot of Brahma [first chakra, muladhara] one moves beyond the attachment to the world of names and forms and after untying the Knot of Vishnu [heart chakra, anahata] one moves beyond the attachments caused by emotional ties to traditions and commitments that appear as loyalty to a particular order. The individual egointernal linkdissolves here and the will of god prevails. One no longer feels responsible  to the particulars of the world of names and forms, fully comprehending its illusory nature. One understands lila (divine play) and acts out his role  without further creating seeds of karmas that will bring one back to this  world of internal linkmaya. One begins to hear anahad naad (anahata nada, the cosmic  sound) and shrutis (cosmic internal linkfrequencies); shrutis are heard by yogis and then delivered to the world in the form of internal linkmantras; organized as a unit, the shrutis constitute the body of the Veda.

As stated above, the Vishnu Granthi is difficult to untie because of its  connection with the genetic code. This is one reason for the creation of the  institution of asceticism called sannyasa in India. By entering this order  one becomes dead in the social sense; his new birth begins in a spiritual  order, and he is called 'twice-born'. The family of the person entering  sannyasa is supposed to perform all of his funerary rites. This enables the  aspirant to free himself from the deep ties of genetic code. Initiation  given to the aspirant at this time helps him to untie the Vishnu Granthi."

[Rudra Granthi being the third eye/ajna]

- _Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation_, Harish Johari.

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"To the present there has been little systematic clinical study or scientific investigation of the Kundalini phenomena, although certain discrepancies between the classical descriptions of Kundalini experience and modern clinical findings have led Western researchers to propose a 'physio-kundalini' model to account for their observations. This concept has been derived from a model proposed by Itzhak Bentov, an American researcher who approached the problem of internal linkaltered states of internal linkconsciousness through studies of the effects of vibration-frequencies on human physiology.

That a sequence of unusually strong physiological reactions accompanies the rise of Kundalini we already know from Tantric texts, from which we also learn to expect a series of unusual psychological changes. Most meditators understand these to be the effect of the meditation process and so are not unduly alarmed. However, among non-meditators or among socio-cultural groups who do not have access to internal linkinformation about Kundalini energy, similar reactions may be triggered off by environmental stimuli. The experiements of Bentov show that exposure to certain mechanical  vibration, internal linkelectromagnetic internal linkwaves or sonic vibration can be responsible. The resultant symptoms, presented for medical attention, have not till recently been fully recongnized or understood for what they are. It is Itzhak Bentov who in his various experiments indicates that far from being a neurotic aberration, these 'kundalini' states indicate an alteration in consciousness linked to alterations in bodily rhythm and bio-magnetic field.
Information in formation

Bentov's observations (using ballistocardiogram) of the seated subject engaged in deep meditation reveal a rhythmic sine wave pattern.  He attributes this to the development during the course of meditation of a 'standing wave' in the aorta, the main artery from the heart, that is reflected in rhythmic motion of the body. This internal linkresonating internal linkoscillator -the heart aorta system- in turn 'entrains' further bio-oscillators -the brain, the cerebral ventricles and the sensory cortex of the brain- which together effect a modification of the cerebral magnetic field.  This co-ordinated system activates a travelling stimulus, an oscillating 'current', in the sensory cortex tissue, which is finally polarized to a point where each hemisphere of the brain produces a internal linkpulsating magnetic field. Bentov writes: 'This magnetic field -radiated by the head acting as an internal linkantenna -interacts with the internal linkelectric and magnetic fields already in the environment. We may consider the head as simultaneously a transmitting and receiving antenna, tuned to a particular one of the several resonant frequencies of the brain.'  Bentov suggests that the 'kundalini' effect may be regarded as part of a development of the internal linknervous system: 'We can postulate that our magnetic 'antennae' will bring in internal linkinformation about our extended system -the planet and the internal linksun- and will allow us to interpret geophysical phenomena and signals to better advantage.'"

'Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy',
by Ajit Mookerjee.
Destiny Books, 1982.

Carl Gustv Jung
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Ah, I was, about three weeks ago, I was handed a book, called "Secrets of the Golden Flower" by Richard Wilhelm with an introduction by internal linkCarl Jung.  Richard Wilhelm did the eastern translations for Jung.  This book was written in 1931, and it's been translated and been reproduced, and published several times since then, I guess it's now in paperback because some people are getting paperback copies now.  Anyway, it verbatim describes this sound.  And it says in the book it seems to all be about this sound, the "hu".  Well we are the  hu-man.  The man who can hear the sound.  Okay?  This is about the "hu", the sound.  And that it says in there that you get this energy in your pelvis, and that it can be developed where it literally will take your whole body up over your head and everything.   And when it finally is at a state of perfection that it will feel like there is a columnof internal linklight coming right out the top of your head.

          I think the word that most people use for it is the kundalini.  But that's what it is.
          --David Hudson, Dallas presentation

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internal linkTAZ - Kundalini Faeries -  A Lucid Experience
DJ's Frank'E (internal linkKox Boxinternal linkPsychopod), Andre (internal linkTIP), Tristan (TIP / internal linkFlying Rhinointernal linkTwisted Rec.)

Location: near Copenhagen, DENMARK 

Kundalini Faeries - A Lucid Experience

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Although the internal linkSanskrit word "Kundalini" originated in India, this dramatically regenerative internal linkprocess has been recorded in nearly every culture and religion in the world. The transformational energy the yogis call "internal linkshakti" (the risen Kundalini) is alternately known in other traditions as Holy Wind, Serpent Fire, Vital Winds, Seiki (mystical internal linkJapanese), mana loa (Hawaiian Kahunan), Lung (pronounced "loong," this is the internal linkTibetan term which literally translates as "wind"), the greater kan and li (esoteric Chinese), huo (internal linkTaoist ) and tumo or Dumo Fire (Buddhist). These metaphoric names describe the tremendous internal linkrushing, burning, spiralling and internal linkwavelike physical sensations of the aroused spiritual energy. When the Kundalini rises, these sensations may be subtle and pleasurable, or they make strike with unexpected gale internal linkforce, literally thrashing the body around like an internalized hurricane. And Kundalini is renowned for setting the body ablaze with incandescent inner heat. (When I was experiencing this, I had uneasy thoughts of spontaneous human combustion.) The Buddhist tumo literally translates as "fierce woman."

Kundalini has been called the lifeforce -- the vital, animating current within all creation. The energy of Kundalini has been used everywhere in the world for healing and accessing spiritual experience. The Greek philosopher, mathematician and physician internal linkPythagoras knew it as pneuma, which, according tointernal linkmetaphysical researcher Mary Coddington, "came from a central fire in the universe and provided man not only with his vitality, but his internal linkimmortal soul." The Turkish genius and founder of neurology Galen, born in 129 A.D., also spoke of pneuma. (Mary Coddington, _Seekers of the Healing Energy_)

Hippocrates seemed to be aware of it as well; he referred to it as vis medicatrix naturae. To the French philosopher Henri Bergson, it was the . The brilliant physician Paracelsus, born in 1493, was convinced of "a healing energy that radiates within and around man like a luminous sphere," says Coddington. "This force, which he called archaeus, could operate at a distance and was able both to cause and cure disease."

In a book entitled _Comte de Gabali_s, published in Paris three hundred years ago, the Abbe N. de Montefaucon de Villars was quite familiar with Kundalini: "The primordial internal linkelectricity or solar force, semilatent with the aura of every human being, was known to the Greeks as the Speirema, the serpent coil; and in the Upanishads, the sacred writings of India, it is said to lie coiled up like a slumbering serpent." (_Kundalini for the New Age_)
electrical generators... central nervous system...

The Flemish chemist Jan Baptista van Helmont internal linkperceived magnetic fluids emitting from the body; in the 1800's, Mesmer described this phenomena as a mobile fluid which could be influenced for healing purposes. The famous psychic internal linkEdgar Cayce, Coddington notes, "described a internal linkflow of energy in the body that is shaped like the figure internal linkeight, with the lines crossing at the solar plexus." And D.D. Palmer, who is credited with internal linkfounding chiropractic medicine, identified a life energy which was also to be found in "that Intelligence which fills the universe." He named it the "Innate." Says Coddington, "This Innate was the power that kept the automatic system functioning, and it expressed itself through the internal linknervous system."

This lifeforce or energetic expression of the divine is known by many names in other cultures. The Mexican internal linkHuichols call it kupuri, the Dakota Indians speak of wakan; the Hurons of oki; the Algonquian of manitou; the African Sotho of moya; the Bantu of nzmbi; the internal linkAustralians of joja; the Dajak of Indonesia of petara; the Batak of Sumatra of tondi; the Eskimos of quaumaneq, the Hebrews of ruach; the Chinese of chi or ki.

Traditionally, the Hindus regard Kundalini as the divine mother, the earth goddess indwelling in all form and phenomena. The Sanskrit word kundalin, according to mythologist internal linkJoseph Campbell, means "that which is coiled or spiral in nature." Charles Breaux says that this "refers to the spiral patterns of energy found throughout the natural world, from the internal linkDNA molecule to the shape of galaxies." (from _Journey Into Consciousness_)
DNA Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

internal linkTheosophist G.S. Arundale tells us that the verb kund means "to burn" and is significant in relation to the fiery aspect of Kundalini. He goes on to say that kunda refers to a hole or a bowl -- "Here we are given an idea of the vessel in which the Fire burns." And kundala represents a coil, spiral or ring, which expresses the way the inner fire unfolds. "Out of all these essential derivatives," says Arundale, "the word Kundalini is born, giving creative femininity to the Fire, Serpent-Fire as it is sometimes called, the feminine creative power asleep within a bowl, within a womb, awakening to rhythmic movement in upinternal linkrushing and downpouring streams of Fire." (_Kundalini: An Occult Experience)

In her analysis of internal linkTeilhard de Chardin's work, religious scholar Beatrice Bruteau says that Teilhard often equates the primal energy of the universe to a devouring divine fire: "It is... pointed out by science in the form of the various energies of the world, from nuclear internal linkfusion in the stars, to life, to soul. In all these ways, `See, the universe is ablaze!' he cries. Fire is, for Teilhard, the internal linkarchetypal energy; it represents the ultimate energy of which all other energies are special manifestations... Everything is illumined and animated from within by this divine Fire. god is in the world as `a universal transparency aglow with fire.'" (from internal link_Evolution Toward Divinity_)

In what sounds suspiciously like a description of the awakened Kundalini, Bruteau continues: "For we ourselves are now the fuel of this living flame... We must open our arms to `call down and welcome the Fire.' It is not enough to contemplate this 'super-substantial, personal Fire which solicitously preserves what it consumes. We must resolutely give ourselves to it as food."

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the music of the earth... the music of the sun and the stars... the music of yourself...
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