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Kuxan Suum
This nOde last updated January 23rd, 2002 and is permanently morphing...
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The road to the sky leading to the umbilical cord of the universe.  Through skilled use of the Kuxan Suum, the internal linkMaya would act as mediators between internal linkHunab Ku, the galactic core, and the internal linkevolving intelligence of a local star system.  But while it may be easy enough to internal linkimagine information being transmitted through the Kuxan Suum, like internal linkwaves propagated through a tin-can walkie-talkie, what about space travel?  According to the _Mayan Factor_, space travel is internal linkinformation - information transmitted through the principle of internal linkharmonic resonance.  We are information.  The universe is information.  Information, like number, is ultimately a internal linkresonant property of mind.
mayan glyph... Hunab Ku
imagination manifests realities... Information in formation

Information is energy structured according to the receiver for which it is internal linkintended.  The limiting of form-bearing aspect of information does not conceal the fact that the container is in-formed by a quality of energy.  We hear music, "sound-waves propagated through space," and someplace within we experience an emotional charge.  A transduction has occurred - a transformation of sound, one kind of information, into emotional energy, another kind of information.


All energy possesses transductive wave properties.  All wave property is susceptible to being transmitted resonantly as internal linkfrequency overtones. A coherent cycle of frequencies is an octave, and in all octaves any tone can be sounded to produce its overtones in other octaves.  Add to this the fact that any wave property can be transduced from one form to another through a particular medium, such as internal linkquartz crystal, and you have the basic principles underlying harmonic resonance.

As we are only now beginning to discover, internal linkDNA, the genetic code, - the code of life - possesses a wave character infrastructure.  This implies that between the cells of the body there is a universal system of communication operating at speeds ranging between those of sound and internal linklight.  As we als know, the DNA code corresponds to a whole number formula which represents a binary progression to the 6th power - 2, 4, internal link8,  16, 32, 64 - producing 64 six-part code words or codons.

internal linkJose Arguelles - _The Mayan Factor_

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The Mystery Of The Thirteen Skulls
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