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Llama in a taxi - photo by Inge Morath (1957)


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llama (lä´me) noun
1.A domesticated South American ruminant mammal (Lama glama) related to the internal linkcamel, raised for its soft, fleecy wool and used as a beast of burden.
2.Any of various other mammals of the genus Lama, such as the alpaca and guanaca.

[Spanish, from Quechua.]


Llama, long-eared South American ruminant that is domesticated from the guanaco (Lama guanicoe). The llama (Lama glama) is usually white, blotched with black and brown. Male llamas have been used as beasts of burden in the Andes Mountains of internal linkPeru and Bolivia for more than 4000 years. Females, which give birth to one or rarely two offspring every two years, are raised for their flesh and for their milk. The wool of both sexes is used in the weaving of textiles and rope.
Scientific classification: The llama belongs to the family Camelidae.

llama (noun)

beast of burden: internal linkcamel, dromedary, llama, ship of the desert

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llama drama in Sun City, AZ - local news

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  • 604 release  _Llamas on Lavazza/Herbsuperb_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache by Little Blue Men on Spiral Trax (1998)
  • chamber pop entity The High Llamas
  • internal link604 track internal link_Lunar Llamas_ by internal linkManmademan off of _Lovetechnology_ 12"x3 on internal linkFlying Rhino (2000)
    Manmademan - Lovetechnology

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    Llamas are reported to be inquisitive, friendly animals.  A llama greeting is marked by softly blowing on each other.  According to animal experts, a soft blow to a person is the llama's way of saying hello.

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    Machu Picchu - Llama

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    external linkJeff Minter aka "Yak" - Owner of Llamasoft and author of such videogame internal linkanomalies as _Attack Of The Mutant internal linkCamels_...he likes strange furry mammals...

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    Requires: Winamp v2.xx
    internal linkEaster Egg:

    1. Start Winamp 2.xx
    2. Type nullsoft slowly, pressing ESC after every L.
    3. Do it using the default skin.
    4. You'll see this message:"It really whips the llama's ass"
    5. They at Nullsoft say there are 3 other Easter Eggs

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    internal linkUsenet: alt.animals.llama

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