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loops of energy

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loop (l¡p) noun
1.a. A length of line, thread, ribbon, or other thin material that is curved or doubled over making an opening. b. The opening formed by such a doubled line.
2.Something having a shape, order, or path of motion that is circular or curved over on itself.
3.internal linkElectricity. A closed circuit.
4.Computer Science. A sequence of instructions that repeats either a specified number of times or until a particular condition prevails.
5.A type of loop-shaped intrauterine device.
6.A flight maneuver in which an aircraft flies a circular path in a vertical plane with the lateral axis of the aircraft remaining horizontal.
Electrical generators

looped, looping, loops verb, transitive
1.To form into a loop.
2.To fasten, join, or encircle with loops or a loop.
3.To internal linkfly (an aircraft) in a loop.
4.To move in a loop or an arc.
5.Electricity. To join (conductors) so as to complete a circuit.
6.To add or substitute (words) in a film by altering the sound track.

verb, intransitive
1.To form a loop.
2.To move in a loop: "The couple looped constantly around the international social circuit" (Walter Isaacson).
3.To make a loop in an aircraft.

[Middle English loupe, probably from Middle Irish lúb (perhaps influenced by Middle English lep, basket).]


looped (l¡pt) adjective
1. Formed into or having a loop or loops.
2. Slang. Intoxicated; drunk.


loop (l¡p) noun
1. A set of statements in a program executed repeatedly, either a fixed number of times or until some condition is true or false.  See also DO loop, FOR loop, internal linkinfinite loop, iterative statement.
2. A pair of internal linkwires that runs between a internal linktelephone central office and customer premises.

Space: Form: Circularity: simple circularity
loop (noun)

loop, figure internal linkeight, convolution
bow, knot
ringlet, curl, kink, hair
circlet, bracelet, armlet, torque, finery
crown, coronet, regalia
corona, aureole, halo
wreath, garland, headgear
collar, neckband, necklace, choker, neckwear
band, cordon, sash, girdle, cummerbund, belt
baldric, bandoleer, girdle
lasso, lariat, halter
circular vortex... spinning, spinning...

Other Forms
fastening: button, buttonhole, eyelet, loop, internal linkfrog
halter: lasso, lariat, loop
contraception: the pill, IUD, internal linkcoil, loop, diaphragm, French letter, condom, rubber, sheath
outline: circlet, band, loop
curve: figure eight, loop
orifice: grommet, ring, loop
circuition: figure eight, loop
internal linkvortex: smoke ring, loop
circuit: circuit, roundabout way, longest way, circuitous route, by-pass, detour, scenic route, loop, loop line, divagation, digression, deviation
jewelry: rope, string, necklet, necklace, beads, pearls, choker, chain, watch chain, albert, loop
handle: ear, loop

loop (verb)

be curved: curve, swerve, bend, loop, camber, wind, arch, sweep, sag, swag, give, give in the middle, hang
make curved: loop, curl, kink, internal linkwave, perm, crinkle
meander: meander, loop, snake, crankle, internal linktwist and turn, zigzag, corkscrew

looping (adjective)

convoluted: winding, looping, twining, anfractuous, sinuous, tortuous, flexuous

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That is, rather than describing the world by saying where each particle is, we describe it in terms of how loops are knotted and linked with one another. This approach to quantum theory was invented by another friend Carlo Rovelli and myself, and also by the very interesting Uruguayan physicist Rodolfo Gambini.

Albert Einstein the Network

The main result of this work is that at the internal linkPlanck scale, which is twenty powers of ten smaller than an atomic nucleus, space looks like a internal linknetwork or weave of discrete loops. In fact, these loops are something like the atoms out of which space is built. We're able to predict that just as the possible energies an atom can have come in discrete units when one probes the structure of space at this Planck scale, one finds that the possible values the area of a surface or the volume of some region can have also come in discrete units. What seems to be the smooth geometry of space at our scale is just the result of an enormous number of these elementary loops joined and woven together, as an apparently smooth piece of cloth is really made out of many individual threads.

Furthermore, what's wonderful about the loop picture is that it's entirely a picture in terms of relations. There's no preexisting geometry for space, no fixed reference points; everything is dynamic and relational. This is the way internal linkEinstein taught us we have to understand the geometry of space and internal linktime as something relational and dynamic, not fixed or given a priori. Using this loop picture, we've been able to translate this idea into the internal linkquantum theory.

- Lee Smolin

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feedback and iteration = self awareness
does this apply to electronic internal linkdance music?

...the Godelian strange loop that arises in formal systems in mathematics (i.e., collections of rules for churning out an endless series of mathematical truths solely by mechanical symbol-shunting without any regard to meanings or ideas hidden in the shapes being manipulated) is a loop that allows such a system to "internal linkperceive itself", to talk about itself, to become "self-aware", and in a sense it would not be going too far to say that by virtue of having such a loop, a formal system ACQUIRES A SELF."



...an "I' comes about - in my view, at least - via a kind of internal linkvortex whereby patterns in a brain miror the brain's mirroring of the world, and eventually mirror themselves, whereupon the vortex of "I" becomes internal linkreal, causal entity.  For an imperfect but vivid concrete analogue to this curious abstract phenomenon, think of what happens when a TV camera is pointed at a TV screen so as to display the screen on itself (and that screen on itself, etc.) - what in GEB I called a "self-engulfing television", and in my later writings I sometimes call a "level-crossing internal linkfeedback loop."

When and only when such a loop arises in a brain or in any other substrate, is a PERSOn - a unique new "I" - brought into being.  Moreover, the more self-referentially rich such a loop is, the more conscious is the self to which it gives rise.  Yes, shocking thought this might sound, consciousness is not an on/off phenomenon, but admits of degrees, grades, shades.

- preface to _Godel, internal linkEscher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid_ by Douglas Hofstader

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Looper - The Geometrid on Sub Pop (2000) I Am The World Trade Center - Out Of The Loop
Merzbow - Amlux on Important (2002) Ooioo - Feather Float on Polystar (2001)
Ikue Mori - Garden on Tzadik (1996) RAC - Diversions on Warp (1994)
Looptroop - A Modern Day City Symphony on David and Goliath (2001) Nanloop Vol. 1 compilation CD on Disco Bruit #004 (2002)
O Yuki Conjugate - Peyote on Projekt (1991)

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