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lotus also lotos (lo´tes)  noun
1.a. An aquatic plant (Nelumbo nucifera) native to southern Asia and internal linkAustralia, having large leaves, fragrant, pinkish flowers, a broad, rounded, perforated seedpod, and fleshy internal linkrhizomes. b. The edible seed, leaf, or rhizome of this plant. c. Any of several similar or related plants, such as the internal linkwater lilies Nymphaea caerula or N. lotus.
2.A representation of any of various lotuses or similar or related plants in internal linkEgyptian or classical sculpture, architecture, or art.
3.Any of several leguminous plants of the genus Lotus.
4.Greek Mythology. a. A small Mediterranean tree or shrub whose fruit was eaten by the lotus-eaters. b. The fruit of this plant.

[Latin lotus, name of several plants, from Greek lotos, perhaps of Semitic origin.]


Lotus, common name for any of a genus of plants of the legume family, and for certain members of several unrelated genera. In Greek legend, the lotophagi (lotus-eaters), those who ate the fruit of the lotus tree, forgot their friends and homes and lost all desire to return to their native land. It is not certain what specific plant may have been referred to. An unrelated genus of the water lily family provides the sacred lotus of Buddhism (Nelumbo nucifera). The Egyptian lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) and the Egyptian water lily (Nymphaea lotus) were both represented in ancient Egyptian art.
Scientific classification: The genus Lotus belongs to the family Leguminosae.

lotus (noun)

drug: lotus, nepenthe, kef


lotus-eater (lo´tes-ê´ter) noun
1. Greek Mythology. One of a people described in the Odyssey who fed on the lotus and hence lived in a drugged, indolent state.
2. A lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury.

Lotus Development Corporation

Lotus Development Corporation, American computer software company founded in 1982, a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company develops, markets, and provides support services for computer software and internal linkdatabases for both home and business use. Its first product was the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program. Other products include software that connects mainframe computers to applications on personal computers, business and financial internal linkinformation products, advanced word and document processors, global financial information and analysis software, and business graphics programs. Lotus was founded with eight employees and $1 million in venture capital; by 1990 sales revenues totaled almost $700 million. In 1995 Lotus was purchased by IBM.

Water Lily

Water Lily, common name for a small family of aquatic flowering plants, and for its representative genus. The family includes about 70 species. The leaves often float on the water's surface, maintaining their position, even if the water rises, by continuing stalk growth. Water lilies typically grow in quiet waters covering deep oxygen-poor soils. Members of the representative genus, with floating leaves, are also called lotus. The family also contains the gigantic lilies of the Amazon (genus Victoria).

The lotus-lily family contains one genus, with two species: the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which is sacred to Buddhists, and the American lotus (Nelumbo lutea). The two species constituting the hornwort family are often grown in household aquariums. The water-shield family contains some species that are used as aquarium plants.

Scientific classification: Water lilies make up the family Nymphaeaceae of the order Nymphaeales. The representative genus of the family is Nymphaea.

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lotus position

lotus position (lÖ´tes pe-zîsh´en) noun
A cross-legged sitting position used in yoga.

[From its resemblance to a lotus.] 

Levitation through Lotus position

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filminternal link_Star Wars: The Phantom Menace_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1999)

The Rebe Alliance

On the latest, Qui internal linkGong is the Chinese art of raising internal energy (the internal linkforce) and a internal linkDjinn is an arabic spirit, hence Qi Gon Jinn. Padme is internal linkSanskrit for Lotus, as in theinternal linkmantra  internal linkOmAum... Mani Padme Hum, Amidala sounds suspiciously like Amida, one of the internal linkJapanese names for Buddha, and Nabu is internal linkSumerian for Saturn.

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Prisoner - Lotus 7 Dragonfly on Lotus Bud in Echo Park - atomjacked July 20th, 2002

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internal link604 entity Lotus internal linkOmega
Members: Francesco Damato, Fillippo Scrmizzi

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