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Man Ray - Indestructable Object
Man Ray
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Ray, Man

Ray, Man
American artist. A founder of internal linkDada in New York, he is known for his photographs, paintings, sculpture, films, and later experiments with internal linksurrealism.

real name: Emmanuel Radnitzky

Ray, Man (1890-1976), American painter, photographer, and leading figure in the artistic avant-garde in Paris of the  1920s. He was born in Philadelphia, studied at the National Academy of Design in New York City, and held his first  one-man show of paintings in 1912. With his friend, the French painter internal linkMarcel Duchamp, he helped to found the New  York City Dada group in 1917. Under Duchamp's influence, he began to work with new materials and techniques, for example, painting with an airbrush on glass and other surfaces. His "internal linkready-mades" such as his flatiron with tacks  projecting from the bottom called The Gift (1921, Museum of Modern Art, New York City) were made from everyday  manufactured objects. He also pioneered in kinetic works, which have moving parts. Going to Paris in 1921, he  developed “Rayographs,” abstract images made by placing objects on light-sensitive surfaces. He also became  involved in surrealism and made art films, including L'Étoile de Mer (1928). The expressive possibilities of  photography interested him increasingly, and in California from 1940 to 1946 he taught the subject. In later years in  France, he experimented with new ways of making color prints, and he published an autobiography, Self Portrait  (1963).

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Liberation on Road Cone (2001)


It has never been my object to record my internal linkdreams, just the determination to realize them.
Man Ray (1890-1976), U.S. photographer. Julien Levy exhibition catalogue, April 1945. Quoted in: Neil Baldwin, Man Ray Introduction (1988).

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Antonin Artaud photo by Man Ray

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NIN - Closer - indestructable object

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Devo - Mongoloid/Jocko Homo 7inch on Booji Boy Records (1977) Devo diving gear Devo - Man Ray Music

Juno Reactor - Transmissions
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