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Marjorie Cameron - Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome

Marjorie Cameron
This nOde last updated September 5th, 2003 and is permanently morphing...
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marjorie cameron - inaururation of the pleasure dome

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Marjorie Cameron is an influential poet, artist and actress who contributed greatly to the underground arts movement in California over the last thirty years. An advocate of Goddess worship since the '50s, her life story reads like a Tom Robbins novel. Her list of close friends and co-workers includes many key writers, film makers including Kenneth Anger, internal linkAnais Nin, and Louis Culling. An exhibit of her artwork was seized by LA Vice in the early '60s and became the battleground for California's first art vs. obscenity trials.   (She won.) She also appeared in some of Hollywood's best and most legendery  underground films. An enormously spiritual and accomplished woman who is today very reclusive -- due to the demands of her "sacred grandmothering" -- she was the center of the internal linkBabalon Working.

The elemental was a green-eyed, flaming redhead named Marjorie Cameron, (later of Kenneth Anger’s _Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1954) film, an artist of some renown and a primary force in the  New Age ‘Goddess’ movement). Cameron was only too happy to participate in internal linkJack Parson’s sex internal linkmagick and now Parsons could get down to the real business of the Babalon Working: the birthing of a "moonchild" or homunculus. The operation was formulated to open an inter-dimensional doorway,  rolling out the red carpet for the appearance of the goddess Babalon in human form, employing the  Enochian Calls [angelic internal linklanguage] of Elizabethan magus internal linkJohn Dee and the attraction of the sex internal linkforce of the duo’s copulation to this end.

- Richard Metzger 

Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome directed by Kenneth Anger
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