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I Am Mark Pesce - 23

Mark Pesce
This nOde last updated October 12th, 2002 and is permanently morphing...
(12 Caban (Earth / 10 Yax (Green) - 77/260 -

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inventor of VRML (internal linkvirtual reality modeling internal linklanguage)

For Pesce, the astounding growth of the internal linkNet over the last decade can mean only one thing: internal linkTeilhard's   internal linknoosphere is striving to know itself. In the capstone address before a VRML World Movers conference, Pesce explained that the noosphere, having saturated the internal linkelectrical communication technologies of the pre-internal linkdigital age, has begun to turn inward, ingesting "all human knowledge and all human experience." Using complexity-theory lingo, Pesce explained that sometime in the early 1990s, the internal linknetworked noosphere began an irreversible internal linkprocess of self-organization. "The first of its emergent properties was the World Wide Web, for it first internal linkconcrescence, Pesce pointed to the astronomical growth rate of the Web: "How else to explain a process that internal linkmagically began everywhere, all at once. across the length and breadth of the Internet?" He called this phenomenon "the Web that ate the Net," and predicted that a similar transformation lies in the near future, when the Web will unfold into a three-dimensional cyberspace, courtesy of VRML or some other 3D Net protocol. "VRML is the porthole cut into the noosphere, the mirror which lets the seer see our self."'
- Erik Davis - _Techgnosis_atomjacked inventory cache

the Internet Generators
the Network Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information

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"I'm not sure that I believe that the internal linkInternet physically exists. I don't know about it. It's invisible to me all of the internal linktime anyway.  I'm not sure that in fact it's not simply a way that we're all magically believing that we're communicating with each other."

 - Mark Pesce, creator of VRML, concluding a talk given at Esalen with internal linkTerence McKenna, 1998.

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12/20/01 - witnessed Mark Pesce present a short film on the internal linkBurning Man experience at Who's Cafe located in internal linkLos Angeles.  the talk was part of a presentation for new media arts.  other topics included external linkelectricsheep.org, Joyce Campbell re: mold photography, analog vinyl internal linkgrooves.

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