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Stonehenge memorial with Mt. Hood backdrop

Maryhill, Washington
This nOde last updated December 2nd, 2001 and is permanently morphing...
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Stonehenge Memorial at Maryhill, WA.   88 miles East of Vancouver, WA, off of the 84 Highway.

From Pendleton, travel west on Interstate 84 then follow along the Columbia River.
Near Biggs, take Highway 97 North for 10 miles to Goldendale, Washington, and visit Maryhill Museum of Art and the nearby Stonehenge memorial. Head west on Highway 142 and return to Oregon at The Dalles.

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Maryhill Stonehenge

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I flew into Portland Airport and rented a car for the two hour drive along the Columbia River. internal linkMedicine Drum  - _Supernature_  atomjacked inventory cache was blaring out of the stereo and it fit the scene perfectly.  it was a quiet, subdued vibe all the way, passing by immense Multinomah Falls and "the bridge of the gods" in stunning bright white.  i spent four hours at this site taking photos and observing the handful of others that came by that day to take a look.  what a great site this would be for a party.  nothing but one convenience store there... i left, visisted the museum built by Sam Hill (who also built the monument) - @Om* 6/24/00

Journal Entry:

03/31/98 6:49 am
flight 507 to portland
reading internal linkRichard Dawkins - _River Out of Eden_atomjacked inventory cache
rental car to maryhill, wa. to stonehenge replica site
above the clouds - clear sky - portland forecast as same as l.a. partly cloudy 40deg. drizzle

 8:52 am
landing on runway internal link21-3

10:19 am
seth @ enterprise
waterfalls/medicine drum - soundtrack is perfect for drive alongside  the large columbia river

orchards - pink

11:55 am
at the site
15 inner stones
heel stone in the middle
5 arch stones one layer outward
Maryhill Stonehenge


30 stones one more layer outward
30 outer v. slabs/30 horiz slabs

cw left facing from alter

louis leidl
03/05/1894 - 10/14/1918

evan childs
07/14/1893 - 09/30/1918

robert f. graham
02/29/1896 - 04/17/1917

dewey v. bromley
07/15/1898 - 04/13/1918

william o. clary
10/10/1884 - 01/04/1919

carl a. lester
10/06/1888 - 03/15/1918

edward lindblad
03/25/1899 - 09/15/1918

harry gotfredson
05/06/1894 - 07/30/1918

john w. cheshire
06/13/1890 - 02/05/1918

james henry allyn
04/12/1897 - 07/15/1918

robert f. venable
09/27/1898 - 05/21/1917

charles auer
07/17/1894 - 06/06/1918

james d. duncan
07/15/1897 - 06/16/1917

2:44 pm
seems like the five arches are missing the overhang

1:35 pm

Pieces worth noting:

_Horse Capture_ by John Buck 1991
_Naga Stand Guardian Series_ by James Lee Hansen 1971
_Tokensender_ by James Lee Hensen 1982
internal link_Dance_ by Michael Dennis 1994
_The Seductress_ by Michael Dennis 1995
_Columbia Blade_ by Frank Boyden 1991
(these were sculptures near the front entrance)

(loud cackling possibly peacocks)
 - yes indeed - peacocks roaming about

The Musician by Edwin Howland Blashfield

research - Sam Hill and internal linkJapan
research - Loie Fuller/Sam Hill avant garde dancer

petroglyphs near Celilo Falls behind Dalles Dam

untitled by Michael Pratt

research - Eliane Bonabel - inventor of the mannequin

_Why Die?_ (x2) 1996 by Melissa Weinman

research - internal linkchess
 (biggest collection of chess boards and pieces from all over the world)

_A Wish For The Beloved _ by Soo Kim Gordon

research - image of internal linkLoie Fuller and her dance troupe in front of the internal linkSphinx

 4:02 pm
bridge of the gods 14

burgerville in camus - nkotb high
 (this was noted as a lot of mallrats type trash hangout)

friendly people on hawthorne

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