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Master Musicians of Jajouka live

Master Musicians of Jajouka
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The internal linkLaswell undertaking [in Jajouka] was a project within the realms of World Music, but it was no exercise in tokenism. It relates to the rap/internal linkdance crossover album that Laswell had done with internal linkBurroughs, _SEVEN SOULS_, and it relates to Laswell's own band of maverick avant gardeists, Material. Enthusing about what he managed to get down on tape, the morning after the night before, Laswell spoke of the recording sessions: "There are moments when you can actually hear the sounds and the instruments changing into music. It's right there on the tape...it's a different energy. Also, I found if you internal linkfocus on the bass drum, and keep listening to what he's doing, you almost black out. He's the one holding it together, with internal linktime moving all around. He's the central point." Perhaps the whole point about that particular music is that time moves around, not traveling according to some linear pattern. It's hard to know what Gysin would make of it all. What would he have thought of Mick and Keith, two middle-aged family men, finally getting around to finishing something they had started 20 years before? He would undoubtedly have noticed the fact that a covenant entered into a different world was, at last, being honoured. The follow-up work done by Laswell, a scholarly and serious musician on the cutting edge of his field, served to complete an ambitious agenda dreamed up in the 60s, which had ended in tears.

-- from "man from nowhere - storming the citadels of enlightenment with william burroughs and brion gysin" by J. Ambrose/T. Wilson/F. Rynne. 

Bill Laswell

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Jajouka is a small village in the foothills of the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, where Great Pan is still honored. Transcending time, space and religion, and traveling from ancient internal linkEgypt through numerous  cultures wearing various names, he survives in Jajouka not only as a myth, but as internal linkreality - in the Master Musicians of the Pipes of internal linkPan.

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"The Master Musicians are a special caste exempt from farm work.  The sons and grandsons of Master Musicians, they have done nothing else since birth and perhaps before.  While they differ widely in age and appearance, they all have the mark of the professional, of someone who does what he does superlatively well.  Musicians are internal linkmagicians in Morocco, and they bear the mark of the conjurer, the magic man.  They are evokers of the djenoun internal linkforces, spirits of the hills and the flocks and above all the spirits of music."

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Members of the group, who speak Arabic, adopt the surname "Attar", which translates as "the internal linkperfume maker".
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