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Reality is binary green

The Matrix

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matrix (mtrks) noun
plural matrices (mtr-sz, mtr-) or  matrixes
1.A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained: "Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom" (Benjamin N. Cardozo).
2.The womb.
3.Anatomy. a. The formative cells or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth. b.  ground substance.
4.Geology. a. The solid matter in which a fossil or crystal is embedded. b. Groundmass.
5.A mold or die.
6.The principal metal in an alloy, as the iron in steel.
7.A binding substance, as cement in concrete.
8.a. Mathematics. A rectangular array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations. b. Something resembling such an array, as in the regular formation of elements into columns and rows.
9.Computer Science. The internal linknetwork of intersections between input and output leads in a computer, functioning as an encoder or a decoder.
the Network Information in formation

10.Printing. a. A mold used in stereotyping and designed to receive positive internal linkimpressions of type or illustrations from which metal plates can be cast. Also called mat2. b. A metal plate used for casting typefaces.
11.An electroplated impression of a phonograph record used to make duplicate records.

[Middle English matrice, from Old French, from Late Latin mtrx, mtrc-, from Latin, breeding-animal, from mter, mtr-, mother.]

matrix (noun)

mold: mold, matrix, mint
number: vector, matrix, tensor, quaternion
surroundings: medium, matrix
print type: flong, matrix


matrix (m'triks) noun
An arrangement of rows and columns used for organizing related items, such as numbers, dots, spreadsheet cells, or circuit elements. Matrices are used in mathematics for manipulating rectangular sets of numbers. In computing and computer applications, matrices are used for the similar purpose of arranging sets of data in table form, as in spreadsheets and lookup tables. In hardware, matrices of dots are used in creating characters on the screen as well as in print (as by dot-matrix printers). In electronics, matrices of diodes or transistors are used to create networks of logic circuits for such purposes as encoding, decoding, or converting internal linkinformation.  grid.

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Neo: "I thought it wasn't internal linkreal?"
internal linkMorpheus: "Your mind makes it real..."

lines sampled in internal link604 track _Fishbone_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Mumbo Jumbo

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"Hi. It's me. I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I internal linkimagine you can also feel me. You won't have to internal linksearch for me anymore. I'm done running. Done hiding. Whether I'm done fighting, I suppose, is up to you. I believe deep down, we both want this world to change. I believe that the Matrix can remain internal linkour cage or it can become our internal linkchrysalis, that's what you helped me to understand. That to be internal linktruly free, truly free, you cannot change your cage. You have to change yourself. When I used to look out at this world, all I could see was its internal linkedges, its boundaries, its leaders and internal linklaws. But now, internal linkI see another world. A different world where all things are possible. A world of hope. Of peace. I can't tell you how to get there, but I know if you can internal linkfree your mind, you'll find the internal linkway."

- original last monologue by Neo, in the end of the shooting script NOT used in the first _Matrix_

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Matrix Mechanics in internal linkQuantum Theory

German physicist Werner Heisenberg, developed a different mathematical analysis known as matrix mechanics. According to Heisenberg's theory, the analysis was not an equation but a matrix: an array consisting of an internal linkinfinite number of rows, each row consisting of an infinite number of quantities. Matrix mechanics showed that there were an infinite number of matrices that represented the position and momentum of an electron inside an atom.

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film _The Matrix_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1999)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich on Play It Again (1996)
are you a coppertop?
Norbert Wiener Matrix Reloaded - The Architect

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As they enter the Oracle's apartment, you see a rack of collectable spoons on the wall.
i am spoobender...

The music playing in the background is _I'm Beginning to See the internal linkLight_ MP3atomjacked inventory cacheby Duke Ellington.

Neo enters and finally understands the internal linkattention given to his age.  The Potentials are all little children.

The room feels at once like a Buddhist temple and a kindergarten class.  The children's heads are either shaved or thick with dreadlocks.  Some are playing, others meditating or practicing their gift.

Neo watches a little girl internal linklevitate wooden alphabet blocks.  A skinny BOY holds a SPOON which sways like a blade of grass as he bends it with his mind.

Neo crosses to him, sits.

The Boy smiles as Neo picks up a spoon and tries to imitate him.  Despite his best efforts, Neo cannot make it bend.


Do not try to bend the spoon that's impossible, instead only try to realize the truth.

Neo watches as it curls into a knot.


What internal linktruth ?


There is no spoon !


 There is no spoon ?


Then you will see that is not the spoon that bends, only yourself.

Neo nods, again holding up his spoon.

He concentrates.  The spoon begins to bend just as the Priestess touches his shoulder.

   The internal linkOracle will see you now.

 Spoon Boy internal linksmiles.
I Am Spoonbender - Sender-Receiver on Gold Standard Laboratories (1998) The Spoon Wizard - Believe Or Suffer on Functional (2002)


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Matrix, The (1999)

Directed by
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski

Writing credits
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski

Genre: Action / Thriller /internal linkSci-Fi

Tagline: On April 2nd, the Fight for the Future Begins

Plot Outline: A computer internal linkhacker suddenly learns from mysterious rebels that his whole internal linkreality is not what it appears to be at all

Cast (in credits order)
Keanu Reeves  ....  Thomas A. Anderson/Neo
Laurence Fishburne  .... internal linkMorpheus

Carrie-Anne Moss  ....  Trinity


Hugo Weaving  ....   Agent Smith
Joe Pantoliano ....   Cypher/Mr. Reagan
Gloria Foster  .... internal linkOracle
Marcus Chong  ....   Tank
Julian Arahanga   ....  Apoc
Matt Doran  ....   Mouse
Belinda Mcclory   ....   Switch
Ray Anthony Parker  ....    Dozer (as Anthony Ray Parker)
Paul Goddard ....   Agent Brown
Robert Taylor  ....   Agent Jones
Marc Gray   ....    Choi
Ada Nicodemou   ....  DuJour
Denni Gordon  ....   Priestess (as Deni Gordon)
Rowan Witt  ....     Spoon Boy
Bill Young  ....   Lieutenant
David O'Connor  ....  FedEx Man
Jeremy Ball ....   Businessman
Fiona Johnson  ....   Woman in Red
Harry Lawrence ....   Old Man
Steve Dodd   ....  Blind Man
Luke Quinton  ....   Security Guard
Lawrence Woodward  ....   Guard
Michael Butcher ....  Cop Who Captures Neo
Bernard Ledger  ....   Big Cop (as Bernie Ledger)
Robert Simper  ....  Cop
Chris Scott   ....    Cop

Andy Wachowski   ....  Window cleaner
Larry Wachowski  ....   Window cleaner

 Directed by
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski

Writing credits
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski

Produced by
Bruce Berman
Dan Cracchiolo
Carol Hughes
Andrew Mason
Richard Mirisch
Barrie M. Osborne
Joel Silver
Erwin Stoff
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski

Original music by
Don Davis

Cinematography by
Bill Pope

Film Editing by
Zach Staenberg

Mali Finn
Shauna Wolifson

Production Design by
Owen Paterson

Art Direction
Hugh Bateup
Michelle McGahey

Set Decoration
Lisa Brennan
Tim Ferrier
Marta McElroy

Costume Design by
Kym Barrett

Shun-Yee Yuen  ....  assistantinternal linkkung fu choreographer (as Eagle Yuen)

Woo-ping Yuen  .... internal linkmartial arts instructor

MPAA: Rated R for sci-fi violence and brief language.

Runtime: USA:136 / UK:136 / Australia:136 / Germany:136 / Japan:136
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: DTS / internal linkDolby internal linkDigital / SDDS
Certification: USA:R / UK:15 / Germany:16 / Hong Kong:IIB / Italy:T / Netherlands:16 / internal linkAustralia:M / Norway:15 / Portugal:M/12 / Spain:18 / Sweden:15 / internal linkNew Zealand:M / France:U

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Black Lung - The Disinformation Plague TRS-80 - Backup 01 on Invisible (2001)

Tabla Beat Science - Tala Matrix cover
_Audiomaze_ _Tala Matrix_

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Theologue by Alex Grey

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"_The Matrix_ (1999) is structured by questions of multiplicity, internal linktime as the multiplicity of the eternal return, and subject as the kind of multiplicity that one finds suspended over the fracture of time. Deleuzo-Guattarian multiplicity is an assemblage that changes internal linkdimensions and mutates constantly, according to its own lines of fight. internal linkReal time is not concerned with the passing present, it starts when the present stops, it affects itself not with itself, but with becoming, and emerges as pre-time from a fracture between times.


Repetition is the power of the rhythmic idea that produces differences/internal linkintensities/disparities as its own excess. As the repetition of the future it has nothing to do with the return to the past. It begins with metamorphosis and forgetting - "Chaosmos" - a between internal linkchaos and order where structures form and internal linkdissolve. It is subject to its own rhythms that account for the intensities and original differences produced by repetition. In this complex the subject is the fracture between the virtual (idea/multiplicity) and the actual (individual/multiplicity) and the folding of one into/over the other. The human subject/identity is being suspended over the fracture of time.

The idea is repetition, Intensity produced by varying its metric. Leaving no internal linkmemory behind, but passing back through chaos/oblivion, and re-emerging from the "crack/fissure time (ideas congregate in the fractured space and emerge from its environs, and the idea also "interiorizes" the crack/fissure and its satellite constituents) through the internal linkfiltering screen of remembrance. It is correspondingly inherent of the predicate at issue and an absolute opening - the outside - because of its Mobius topology. Inside out, thinking ahead of itself, leaving itself behind, encountering internal linksingularities, it draws and binds and strategically diagrams the thinking line, folding the point.

Reality now would appear to exist in "ainternal linkmoment", a internal linksynergy of kaleidoscopic instants producing a mutable location - a proliferation of magnificent signs bathed in the internal linklight of their absence of explanation. Time can run simultaneously on different levels and at alternative speeds and directions."

FROM: the matrix: what is bullet time?
by Adrian Gargett, Ph.D.

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references to internal link_Through The Looking Glass_ by internal linkLewis Carroll:

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references to internal link_Neuromancer (1984)atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkWilliam Gibson

Neuromancer William Gibson


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_Matrix: Reloaded_

Neo: And why would a program be deleted?
The internal linkOracle: Maybe it breaks down. Maybe a better program is created to replace it - happens all the time, and when it does, a program can either choose to hide here, or internal linkreturn to The Source.
Neo: The machine mainframe?
The Oracle: Yes. Where you must internal linkgo. Where the path of The One ends. You've seen it, in your internal linkdreams, haven't you? The door made of internal linklight?
Neo: [nods]


Architect: The function of the One is now to return to the Source, allowing a temporary dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program. After which, you will be required to select from the Matrix internal link23 individuals - 16 female, 7 male - to rebuild Zion. Failure to comply with this internal linkprocess will result in a cataclysmic system crash, killing everyone connected to the Matrix, which, coupled with the extermination of Zion, will ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race.
Neo: You won't let it happen. You can't. You need human beings to survive.


Councillor Hamann: Almost no one comes down here, unless, of course, there's a problem. That's how it is with people - nobody cares how it works as long as it works. I like it down here. I like to be reminded this city survives because of these machines. These machines are keeping us alive, while other machines are coming to kill us. Interesting, isn't it? Power to give life, and the power to end it.
Neo: We have the same power.
Councillor Hamann: I suppose we do, but down here sometimes I think about all those people still plugged into the Matrix and when I look at these machines, I.. I can't help thinking that in a way, we are plugged into them.
Neo: But we control these machines, they don't control us.
Councillor Hamann: Of course not, how could they? The idea's pure nonsense, but... it does make one wonder just... what is control?
Neo: If we wanted, we could shut these machines down.
Councillor Hamann: Of course... that's it. You hit it! That's control, isn't it? If we wanted, we could smash them to bits. Although if we did, we'd have to consider what would happen to our internal linklights, our heat, our air.
Neo: So we need machines and they need us. Is that your point, Councillor?
Councillor Hamann: No, no point. Old men like me don't bother with making points. There's no point.
Neo: Is that why there are no young men on the Council?
Councillor Hamann: Good point.
Neo: Why don't you tell me what's on your mind, Councillor?
Councillor Hamann: There is so much in this world that I do not understand. See that machine? It has something to do with recycling our internal linkwater supply. I have absolutely no idea how it works. But I do understand the reason for it to work. I have absolutely no idea how you are able to do some of the things you do, but I believe there's a reason for that as well. I only hope we understand that reason before it's too late.


internal linkMorpheus: Everything begins with choice.
Merovingian: No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without. Look there, at that woman. My God, just look at her. Affecting everyone around her, so obvious, so bourgeois, so boring. But wait... Watch - you see, I have sent her dessert, a very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It starts so simply, each line of the program creating a new effect, just like poetry. First, a internal linkrush... heat... her heart flutters. You can see it, Neo, yes? She does not understand why - is it the wine? No. What is it then, what is the reason? And soon it does not matter, soon the why and the reason are gone, and all that matters is the feeling itself. This is the nature of the universe. We struggle against it, we fight to deny it, but it is of course pretense, it is a lie. Beneath our poised appearance, the internal linktruth is we are completely internal linkout of control. Causality. There is no escape from it, we are forever slaves to it. Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it, to understand the `why.' `Why' is what separates us from them, you from me. `Why' is the only real social power, without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me, without `why,' without power. Another link in the chain. But fear not, since I have seen how good you are at following orders, I will tell you what to do next. Run back, and give the fortune teller this message: Her time is almost up. Now I have some real business to do, I will say adieu and goodbye.


Architect: Hello, Neo.
Neo: Who are you?
Architect: I am the Architect. I created the Matrix. I've been waiting for you. You have many questions, and though the process has
internal linkaltered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo some of my answers you will understand, and some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also the most irrelevant.
Neo: Why am I here?
Architect: Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the Matrix. You are the eventuality of an
internal linkanomaly, which, despite my sincerest efforts, I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably... here.
Neo: You haven't answered my question.
Architect: Quite right. Interesting. That was quicker than the others.

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